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    Deliver my Letter, Lamya style

    Alivya Tarrin
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    Deliver my Letter, Lamya style Empty Deliver my Letter, Lamya style

    Post by Alivya Tarrin 23rd September 2015, 8:13 pm

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    Warm, that was to be an understatement. Seeing how the official last day of summer had officially come and gone it was no longer supposed to be hot right? Wrong. It was boiling hot outside. The heat was bearing down on the girl as she walked along the street trying as much as possible to stay in the shade. Honey was in the bun that she had made on the back of her head his ears looking like that of a bow. Finally dodging inside of a store to escape the heat the celestial mage sighed and smiled. It was relaxing and cool inside. But her time of relaxation came to a shattering halt as she turned a corner and full blown ran into a person. Her teeth gritted and closed her eyes as she tried to keep her darkside from coming out and in the process of that the young woman did not notice that she hadn't hit the ground but had been swooped up by the arms of the person whom she had run into. When she didn't feel the harsh ground against her hands the purple haired girl opened her eyes and looked up at the person whom had caught her. It was a tall slender guy.

    Kevin. Kevin was his name. He was nice kind and gentle a little on the shy side, but that was not all bad. She had found out that he too was not originally from Magnolia but a nearby village and was wanting to give a letter to a famous person whom was coming to town. They had been best friends when they were younger and he had grown up to love her, but she had a dream and that drove them apart. Lamya could only nod, she didn't know what love was but it sounded nice. It also seemed like he was in town to give her a letter, a love letter to be exact but he hadn't gotten a ticket and could not get into the show.

    "I can do it for you." The words slipped from the girls lips before she could stop herself from saying it. At this the man's eyes lit up and he handed her the letter telling her that he put his trust in her and counted on her. Now she was stuck. Lamya looked down at the letter and sighed. Moving to get up the mage exited the store and walked down the street towards the stage of the singer. She didn't need to get in while the show was going on, she could get in before. Approaching the building she suddenly came to a halt, it was surrounded by security. Why, why was fate trying to make her life difficult. Looking back at her bun Lamya pulled Honey from his resting place and on her shoulder where he nuzzled into her.

    Walking to a spot around the corner of the building where there were no guards Lamya put Honey on the ground and gave him the letter. "Deliver this to the main singer tonight please. I'll give you a treat when you get back." The bunny nodded excitedly and took off through a crack in the building.


    Lamya waited no more than an hour and a little white fur ball came and nuzzled at her hand. With a gentle smile the woman picked up her bunny and placed a swift kiss on the top of his head before putting him back on her shoulder. "Good job. I am so proud of you. I hope that the two can meet again. It's sad that because of her dream they couldn't be together." With the letter delivered the girl and her bunny walked off down the street. They were once again bodies in a mass.

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