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    Deliver My Letter! (Job)


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    Deliver My Letter! (Job) Empty Deliver My Letter! (Job)

    Post by Elijah 9th July 2016, 9:15 am

    Job info:

    Magnolia town, a place Elijah had wanted to once destory, to wipe out every living being in it's limits. But now, he was there to deliver a letter of a man, wanting to give it to his long lost love. Destiny does have some weird turns, but the man was incredibly content with this. All the weight from his past life was gone from his shoulders, a new magic ran in his veins and his looks had gone through a much needed make over. That magma magic was really heating up way too much.

    Arriving by the house he had to show up to, Elijah brushed off any dust from his shoulders and pushed open the small door, loudly asking if someone was in. A man with a small stature ran towards him, holding a letter, that had small pink hearts on it. It's look made Eli gringe a bit, this was a bit too much now wasn't it. They hadn't seen each other for ages from what the man knew, and now this to introduce him back into her life. It seemed like it wouldn't work, but the man really wasn't sure, he had only attracted the bad kind before, and those girls only cared about how mad you were. His shoulder's shuddered, when the thought ran back to Janneline and their time together or Laycie for that matter, both were quite the devils, fun at the time, but now, he'd mostly likely try to lock them up.

    After grabbing the letter, the man headed off to the stage where this so called celebrity was to start performing. He already knew the front door or the back door wouldn't work, these events were guarded fiercely, so to not let anything happen to the idols people have, their deaths would be horrific to most. The man knew all this from experience, but he also knew what his new magic was capable of. Walking near a chain link fence, the man bit into it, chewing away quite a large part of it, to create a hole big enough for him to fit into. It was a bit much to eat, but at least he was closer now.

    The man ducked down and crawled to a window, that was luckily opened, peaking inside he couldn't believe his luck, the girl inside was the one he had to deliver the letter to, but to save the man from before from horror, he broke open the letter, folded it into a paper airplane and sent it flying towards the girl, she'd get it for sure now. A job well done, also, a locked area well bailed out of from.

    Elijah made his way to claim his jewels which the man paid him happily, enjoying the fact that the letter had been delivered. Thankfully he had no idea how it had been delivered, something that would most likely come up when the girl comes to visit him. Hopefully the paper airplane didn't fly into the girl's eye or something ,well, not Elijah's problem right now.

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