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    Deliver My Letter! [Job]


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    Deliver My Letter! [Job] Empty Deliver My Letter! [Job]

    Post by Zalck 24th June 2015, 4:57 pm

    Alito rushed to the address on the job request. Magnolia was bustling with people, no doubt due to the very subject of his request- a Celebrity was in town. Selene, the magic dragon, was famous across the land for her amazing Molding Magic- from many different elements! People would flock from across the land to see her perform her amazing magic, making ice, fire, rock, or water sculptures that capture both beauty and power. He wouldn’t be surprised if she also happened to be a competent wizard, skilled in her own right. She was also one of the most beautiful women Alito knew existed.

    Sidetracked by his thoughts on Selene, Alito realized he had just passed the home of his client. He immediately turned around, and knocked on the door very loudly. Just as it was opening, Alito shouted “I am Alito Yoke, Super-Heavy Champion, Lamia Scale Mage, at your service! I have come to in answer to your job request!”

    The man, who was easily flustered, fell backwards from the shock. He was lanky, wearing modest clothes and glasses covering his eyes, Alito finished opening the door, ducked through the entrance, then helped the man to his feet. “I’m sorry, I did not mean to surprise you.”

    “No, no. It’s quite alright. That usually happens when I open the door…” The man trailed off, but lead Alito into his front room. The house was quaint, nothing too special about it. “I am Abador, but most people just call me ‘that guy’ or ‘hermit A.’ As you can see… I’m not so good with people.”

    Alito realized he was towering over the man, which might explain why Abador was quivering. He fell to a knee, but still was just a little taller than the man. “How may I be of service to you, Abador?”

    Obviously the man wasn’t too keen on people so he shoved an envelope towards Alito. “Take this to Selene. Don’t give it to her manager, that guy just rips up anything I try to send. I knew her when we were little, back when she was Samantha… My little Sammy... I taught her to use Molding Magic. But… I just want to see her again!” He shouted this last part out, like he was bursting to get it out but didn’t want to say it.

    Alito took the envelope, then stood, preparing to leave. “Say no more. It is not I to question the burning soul’s passion, but I shall be the messenger, bringing two bodies displaced in time back to a shared present.” Although the man seemed confused, he understood and nodded. Alito left, heading towards the auditorium where Selene would be performing tonight.

    As Alito got closer, he noticed the crowds were thicker. Luckily, his towering stature discouraged some from standing directly in his way, but he still had to weave through many others. Small girls who were engrossed with the show they would see tonight, men looking at pictures in magazine, remarking on Selene’s, or rather Samantha’s, beauty. Alito neared the performing hall, noticing where the crowd stopped. He saw a line of security keeping fans at bay, protecting what appeared to be a back door. Alito also noticed that they were wearing plain black shirts, not at all dissimilar from the one he was wearing.

    Alito quickly formulated a plan and rushed through the crowd. As he neared, he didn’t feel nervous, but confident. He knew that looking confident and being steadfast would get you far, especially when lying. He approached the line, and the crowd seemed to split for him, obviously mistaking him for one of the security guards.

    As he got to the line, one of the guards smirked and called out. “Hey, you there! You the replacement for this shift?” Alito did not respond initially, creating a story in his head. As he approached the man’s smirk faded, and a scowl replaced it. “Hey big guy, what do you think you’re doing?

    “Excuse me, I’m on another task right now. I was on the inspection team, checking the safety of the ground around the hall. I have important information to report to HQ.” Alito looked the man dead in the eye, using his stature to intimidate the guy.

    “I ain’t heard of no inspection squad. What are you talkin’ about?” The security guard responded.

    “Magnolia is not an ordinary town, now is it?” Alito replied. “Or should I tell HQ about how you would not let me give them important information on a safety oversight?”

    The man’s eyes opened wide in worry, and he immediately stepped aside. “Right, right. Of course I wouldn’t. Go ahead, sir.” Alito continued along past the crowd and made it into the hall. Phase 1 was complete, but he had no idea what would be waiting for him on the other side of that door.

    Apparently, it was nothing. The halls backstage were barren, with little direction on where to go. Alito took a path, and continued along it. He followed sounds, simply nodding at anyone he met, his simple disguise as a security guard still working. Eventually, he met the hub of halls, with one sign stating ‘Greenroom.’ He continued along that hall until he found the room, with two exceptionally large men standing outside the door.

    Alito approached the men, who eyed him very suspiciously. Once he approached the door, both stood in front of it to block his way. “You know the rules. No one sees Selene. Not even us. Where’s your badge, buddy?”

    Alito stepped back. Obviously physical intimidation would not work for him here. “I have a delivery for Selene. I was given expressed orders to give it directly to her.”

    “Oh yeah, orders from who?” The second man replied. “And I still don’t see a badge.”

    Alito took another step back as the two stepped towards him. “Uh… It was the man upstairs?” Alito replied, a slight waver in his confidence. “A Super Heavy Champion values his defence! Requip! Super Heavy Tower Greatshield!” A magic circle appeared above him, and his shield came crashing down to the ground. He grabbed it with both hands, as the men punched right into it. “I am sorry men, but you cannot stand in the way of love between two wayward souls!” Alito brought the shield close to his body, then swung it, striking both of the men. They flew to the side, both down for the count. “Well, it appears your bark was worse than your bite!”

    Alito returned the shield, and looked at his handiwork. The men were unconscious on the floor, and though he had bought some time, eventually someone would come down this hall. He opened the door, and immediately he could see the beautiful women sitting in a chair, facing a mirror. It was Selene, the Magic Dragon.

    Before Alito could say anything, Selene was standing, her fists in a stance of power. “Ice Make: Crystal Cage!” Alito had no time to move before he found himself trapped in a cage, barely large enough for him to stand. “Bloody fiend! Did you think the guards were actually here for my safetly? I am the Magic Dragon! I can defend myself from the likes of you, easy!”

    Alito was caught off-guard by the woman's demeanor, but that would not stop him from completing his mission. “I have a message for you, from someone-”

    “I care not for your words!” She shouted. “You’ve only pissed me off! Wasted some of my precious magic before the show! I’ll see you in court for this!” She turned, returning to her chair. Alito waited a moment, until he was sure she was quiet.

    “The letter is addressed to ‘My Little Sammy.”

    Silence filled the room, and Selene slowly turned. “Sammy?” She questioned. “Could it be… Abador?” She slowly moved towards Alito, taking the letter from his hands. She quickly ripped it open and began reading it, smiling as small tears of joy came to her eyes. “Oh, stupid Abador. You could have just come yourself.”

    Immediately, the cage dissolved, leaving Alito free. His back was a little sore for stooping for so long, and he stood to his full height. “I’m sorry or the fuss. I just could not let two souls be separated any longer. I saw the love in his eyes when he spoke of you.”

    Selene just smiled. “You must be a wizard, huh? He hired you?” Alito nodded. “He doesn’t need to pay you. Here, have some jewels for your troubles. I’ll be sure to see him after the show. Run off now, before security decides to hunt you down!” She said the last part with a wink, and then returned to her seat.

    Alito left the room to find the two men still down, and just continued out the way he came, passing as a security guard once again.

    His contact had been fulfilled, and he had brought two lost souls back together.

    How could this day possibly get any better?

    Job Complete!

    Just used magic once for a little more exciting story, so I won't do an overview here.


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