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    Deliver My Letter Please~


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    Deliver My Letter Please~ Empty Deliver My Letter Please~

    Post by Cr1tikal 29th July 2015, 12:27 pm

    Aiyana didn't quite understand the job she was on now. A man in Magnolia Town wanted her to deliver a letter to one of the most popular celebrities in Fiore. Once that was apparently his childhood friend, as well as his love interest. With that person coming to this very town the young woman felt it would have just been easier for him to just get a backstage pass or something so he could meet her in person. 'Ah well, for six hundred jewels I guess I can't really complain about such an easy job.'

    The bandaged mage was heading towards the large building the celebrity was to be performing in soon. Knowing that, fans had flooded the area and made it hard to move anywhere. The crowd was useful for such a short girl, allowing her to hide from security as she moved her way through the crowd of, mostly, taller people of both genders. It didn't take long for the Lamia Scale mage to make it to the doors of the building, only to find that security was blocking off all entry from them. 'Well, THIS makes things interesting.'

    Making her way through the crowd again, the young woman made her way to a side of the building that had no people, or security, around to see her. Waiting a few moments to make sure no one would show, counting to ten in the process, the lady would stretch forth an arm upward. A bandage shot out, and up, to latch onto a ledge about ten feet above her. Using the bandage to climb, the Lamia Scale mage made her way up to find the ledge held a window to a small conference room inside. It wasn't hard to force the window open, in fact it hadn't even been locked. Who would expect someone to be able to climb a ten foot wall with nowhere to grasp onto? She quietly let herself down onto the floor of the conference room, the fall being nothing to her with the girl's favorite hat on.

    Quietly moving to the door, she placed an ear against its cold surface to try and listen for anyone on the other side. When she was sure there was no one out there, the door slowly opened up. She was glad for the well oiled parts to the door, as a creaking door would have surely given her away to anyone that may be passing close enough. The young woman walked the long way around, traveling through a multitude of doors, as she made her way to where she supposed the back rooms would be for the actors and such.

    Her hunch appeared to correct as she turned a corner and almost ran into the back of a lady slightly taller than her. Remaining as quiet as possible, Aiyana walked backwards around the corner until she heard the sound of footsteps going in the opposite direction. She peeked around the corner, and seeing no one in the hallway there started moving quickly to read the names across the doors. It took a bit for her to find the right one, and placing an ear to the door would allow her to know that the room was empty. Another slowly opened door would reveal a very lavish room that would put royalty into a jealous fit. Not wanting to stay longer than she needed, for the sake of not stealing something and getting caught, the woman decided to make her escape the easy way. There was silence as the short girl back-tracked her way back to the same window. Using a chair in the room, she climbed her way up to it and dropped down the other side; making full well the window was closed so there was no suspicion on how she had gotten into the place.

    With her objective completed for the job Aiyana made her way to the poor saps place of residence so she could claim the small rewards for her stealthy delivery of the man's letter. She really wish she could have read the thing. There were so many things that could have been said in that letter and now she would never know what it said. Ah well,' she thought as she knocked on the door, awaiting an answer that would be the job's creator with her pay. The door was quickly answered, a handsome man about a foot taller than her opening the door to look her in the eyes with anticipation radiating from him.

    ”You delivered it? She'll be able to read what I wrote when it's found?”

    ”Left it on the table in her dressing room. It'll be the first thing she sees when she sets herself down in there.”

    ”Thank you so much! I know it's not a lot, but here's the six hundred jewels as per the job contract. Thanks again, for all the work you had to do for this.”

    Aiyana reached a hand out so the man could place the bag of jewels into it before the man dropped his hand back down to rest at his side. The Lamia Scale mage didn't count the jewels, the man seemed honest enough to trust that he wouldn't cheat her out of the money he owed her for this.

    ”It was no problem. Probably one of the easiest jobs I've had to do yet.” With that said they parted ways. The man closing the door quietly as she turned around to start her way back to Hargeon Town, and her home in Lamia Scale.



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    Deliver My Letter Please~ Empty Re: Deliver My Letter Please~

    Post by Hikachu 30th July 2015, 10:34 pm

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