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    The Cosmic Slayer


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    The Cosmic Slayer Empty The Cosmic Slayer

    Post by Cr1tikal 28th August 2016, 8:45 pm

    Username: Aiyana Dominatus
    Secondary Magic Name: Cosmic Slayer
    Evidence of Accomplishment: Mythical VIP Custom Slayer Lacrima
    The cosmos is unending. But in a world that looks to the stars someone thought to try and take them under control. This group figured out how to allow one control of the cosmos, to draw power from it, and to use that power as they saw fit. The magic allows them to manipulate the elements(Light and Darkness) and objects of the cosmos, no matter the mixture, though restraint must be used lest they destroy everything in the process. While they themselves have nothing to fear, they must be mindful to keep the ones they care for safe from the damage that they may deal.

    The magic has a mix of things it can do, ranging from healing to damage, and allows them to always exist; even if there is nothing left to exist in. The user, upon entering force when using this element, turns into a cosmic dragon instead of a humanoid form. This form may also be used outside of force, but never in combat when done this way. This form is not considered an actual dragon when considering damage.

    The Dragon Form:
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    - Omnilocked: The user is able to reside beyond space, time, duality, probability, nothingness, etc., as the user is able to survive on the outside of all. They cannot be affected even by temporal paradox or reality warping.
    - Reach for the stars: Able to manipulate the elements and objects involved in the magic, as well as eat the elements/objects involved no matter what they might be mixed with without taking damage.

    - Eating of a cosmic body may cause issues if she is not careful. (Pray she does not eat our sun by mistake!)
    - Heartburn from eating light, cold chills from eating darkness.
    - Most of the active spells are damage oriented.

    Slayer Stuff:
    General rule on slayers:

    All slayers receive the following:
    ♦ 10% Buff to physical stats(strength, speed etc)
    ♦ 10% Buff to senses(hearing, smell etc)
    ♦ The ability to enter force after consuming enough of the element
    ♦ The ability to consume their element to regain MP
    ♦ A resistance to their element shown by the following chart:
    ♦ 2 ranks above: 0%
    ♦ 1 rank above: 10%
    ♦ Same rank: 25%
    ♦ 1 rank below: 30%
    ♦ 2 ranks below: 50%

    Unique Abilities:
    • The Cosmos Protect; The user of the magic's body is fortified by the cosmos, covering her in an invisible layer of the elements involved. This layer is as strong as, and as durable as, her rank.
    • Cosmic Debris; The user of the magic is surrounded by an invisible cosmic field that blocks a chunk of the damage that they would take. 25% damage reduction.

    D-Rank Spell Name: Cosmic Binding
    Rank: D
    Duration: Passive
    Cooldown: Passive
    Type: Supportive
    Description: The user of the magic absorbs the power of the cosmos at all times. Every turn they recover 2% of their MP.

    C-Rank Spell Name: Flare of Light
    Rank: C
    Duration: Instant
    Cooldown: 3
    Type: The power of a star is used to bring forth a solar flare in a 25 meter radius around her. This deals a full rank of damage to enemies around her while also leaving vulnerable to the next attack that hits them.
    - Instant AoE burst where enemies hit take 25% more damage from the next attack that hits them.
    - Secondary part of the spell is useless in large fights, where an enemy may be struck with low damage and waste the vulnerability.
    - Shorter range than the average AoE.

    B-Rank Spell Name: Darkness Imprisons
    Rank: B
    Duration: 3
    Type: Offensive
    Description: The darkness of the cosmos is used to envelop someone when she touches them, holding their entire body in a vice-grip that requires 2 ranks of spell damage to escape from. Deals .5 rank of damage per turn.
    - Bind with decent damage over time.
    - Can be broken out of by damaging the darkness. (120)
    - An ally can be trapped if touched by mistake.

    A-Rank Spell Name: Cosmic Form
    Rank: A
    Duration: 7
    Cooldown: 8
    Type: Elemental Body
    Description: The user of the magic takes on a cosmic form, getting rid of the physical aspects of themselves to become a mix of light, darkness, and other elements of the cosmos, to keep themselves safe from physical damage while still fighting.
    - A form to make themselves immune to physical attacks, while still able to fight.
    - Spells and magical attacks can still strike.
    - Attacks that damage cosmic objects deal 25% more to the user when in this form

    S-Rank Spell Name: Cosmic Roar
    Rank: S
    Duration: Instant
    Cooldown: 10
    Type: Offensive
    Description: The pain and suffering from across the cosmos is funneled into a single roar made by the user of the magic. When released, the roar envelops an entire 100 meter radius around the user and strikes at all that are considered enemies. Deals 1.5x rank of damage.
    - Long range, high damage, attack.
    - Costs 40% more than a normal S rank spell to cast
    - Very long cooldown

    S-Rank Signature Spell Name: Cosmic Relief
    Rank: S
    Duration: Instant
    Cooldown: Once per post
    Type: Supportive
    Description: The strength of the cosmos is pulled into either the user, or an ally if they choose, and uses the energies to heal them for a full rank of damage.
    - Instant Heal
    - No special effects, healing
    - Useless if no one, including herself, is topped up or not taken damage.


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    The Cosmic Slayer Empty Re: The Cosmic Slayer

    Post by That Adopted Kid 4th September 2016, 7:33 pm

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