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    Too easy[Private job]


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    Too easy[Private job] Empty Too easy[Private job]

    Post by Raiza 22nd August 2015, 11:49 pm


    How does one even go about delivering a letter to some high class celebrity? Well, easy enough that once Raiza was assigned bribed with jewels to do this job, he quickly made easy work of the idea, pushing himself through the crowd and observing everything that went on. So they're going to be singing today huh? Thats who this celebrity was. Simple entertainment, a bard class no doubt in Raiza's eyes, something that held no interest to him, and as such it was going to be an easy as hell job.

    one thing that was for sure. These fans were numerous. Ranging into some high as hell numbers. The guards too, lets see.... "twelve on the stage parimiter" Raiza whispered to himself, a soft sigh while gently extending a leg out, pushing past the crowd, he wasn't told how to get past security, just to get past them to give the letter. Nor did he get told exactly how he had to give it to the woman either. The vague blank spaces is what allowed Raiza to easily blow past the stupid details and find his way to  a back door, exiting the building, and rerouting to the back stage doors. The guards were nothing, a bow to one as he stood before the door of the back stage. The man before him looked tough and would not let him pass, at least until Raiza drew his blade quickly and used the blunt side across the man's temple, knocking him out.

    "oh, you're letting me in, why thank you!" he snickered, dragging the man away to get into his clothing, and equip all of the security gear, and the alike. Quickly entering, he'd nod to the guards that were loafing around. None seemed to notice he was not part of them, must be because so many guards meant no enough time to realize who was who. Though when he got to the Celebrity's room, he slipped in, dropped the letter and walked out. Job simple, and done. The celebrity would have to see that letter, especially since a note was taped to her mirror that read

    "Y u sux with security, they can't tell I iz imposter. I deliver letter for someone. Read or i be back, and do more than deliver letter. Byez! Gtg, cya!"  writing as if he was texting as well, Raiza didn't care. Job was done, and he left the building. Patting the poor knocked out man on the head "Dont worry. you did good job!" the youth snickered, dropping the clothes back onto him, and getting back into his before spilling some water on the man's face, and running away from the scene, especially since he knew if he didn't get out of there soon, he'd be too easily pinned on the entire thing. The guards must be in an uproar as the music stopped, the woman must have taken a break to go into her dressing room, that or her concert was done.

    Oh, one last thing. Raiza had grabbed a little incentive for the man he was hired by, to get incentive, and upon meeting back up with him, Raiza pulled out a bag and handed to him. "Letter delivered, oh and I'm sure you'd like this" Raiza chuckled, since on the inside of the bag was a pair of panties from the celebrity. Job done, and extra incentive. "Thats so you never remember me, got it?" Raiza frowned in his direction, before walking off, turning down and ally and finding a way to vanish before the stunned man could respond.

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    Too easy[Private job] YdfXSKP

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