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    Tag || Private, Job


    Tag || Private, Job Empty Tag || Private, Job

    Post by Guest 5th April 2017, 12:49 pm

    "Alright... It should be around here?" The feline girl scratched her head, staring at the paper within her hands, standing at the edge of what seemed to be a park. This was a weird job. Kids requesting for another person to play tag with? Couldn't they like, just find someone else their own age around the area to play with them? Surely it wouldn't be that hard. Magnolia was filled with families. Though with the recent Savage Skull attack there were less people here now than there should be. Maybe one of their friends were killed during it and all the adults were too busy rebuilding to play... Now that was morbid. If that was the case then this was all understandable. But whatever, it wasn't her problem. In fact none of it was her problem. She was simply doing this job because Mr. Neko proposed she do it to get out. Annoying Nekomata. Right now she could have been laying on top of some towels and sleeping, snoozing the day away. But with the constant threat of the youkai's powers over her head Mia was forced to do whatever he said, even if she didn't want to.

    She sighed, trying to make out the words on the request. But it seemed as though it was all written out very poorly, with bright green crayon. Granted she was illiterate, so it's not like she could read this in the first place. But normally she'd at least be able to match the symbol to signs or something. But like this? She was stuck. She had made out the words 'Magnolia', but the rest was rather hard to read. Even Neko was having a hard time trying to figure out it.
    "You would think these children would be better at writing. I hear Magnolia's schools are some of the best in Fiore" Neko commented within her mind. Mia shrugged.

    "If they're anything like that guild that use to be here, who can blame them?" What was that guild's name again? Fairy Wing or something? Whatever. She had heard a few rumors about them on the street. They were troublemakers, so it was no surprise if the kids were anything like the guild members...

    "Hey, kitty!" A child's call sounded from a little further into the park. A fluffy ear twitched, turning her head to the source of the sound. A small stood into the middle of four other children. "You the one they sent from Black Rose to play tag with us?"

    "Ah, well, that solves that problem" Neko's voice could be easily seen with a grin if stood beside her, a light chuckle laced within them. It did indeed solve their problem. Grinning Mia crumpled up the request and tossed it over her shoulder.

    "Whatever, lets get this done with. I'm feeling a nap coming on."
    Getting on all fours the feline started to make a straight beeline towards the children, beginning to what would turn out to be an actually playful couple of hours for her. As strange as something like that was for her.

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