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    If I have to [Private Job]

    Alexander Easton
    Alexander Easton

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    If I have to [Private Job] Empty If I have to [Private Job]

    Post by Alexander Easton 23rd January 2017, 6:15 am


    “Ugh I can’t believe I’m being dragged into this stupid blood drive, doesn’t the guild master know I’ve got better things to do with my time than dealing with charity works like this? Whatever, at least I’ll get paid for this job right?” He looked at the thin envelope, opening it up to see the content that was inside. It was just a brief layout of what he needed to do at the blood drive. He had seen these kind of things pop up in towns every now and then but he never really had been to one, perhaps it would not be as lame as he originally thought. As he skimmed the pages there was something in bold that caused him to stop where he was walking. In large bold letters was the word volunteer and no pay. “No pay?! NO PAY! What the fuck is this bullshit?! I’m supposed to spend my entire day helping these people and I’m not even going to make a single buck? This is ridiculous, I should write to the master right now and complain.” He then let out a sign and hung his head low and his arms feel to his side. “Well I guess these are the kind of jobs I’m allowed to take by myself for now. I’ve got to get stronger, there is no other answer. I know that if I really just focus and maybe I can push myself to the next level, perhaps that Nova kid would like to do some training or something, if not hey I’ve always gotten things taken care of by myself in the past.”

    He turned the corner to see a large white tent with a long line coming from it and wrapping around the street corner. There was a rather large red cross on the top of the tent along with several signs with arrows pointing to the tent and also dawned with the red cross symbol. Guess this is where I need to come to get this over with. Lex walked past the line and went straight into the tent. “Ah can I please see your guild mark?” A young female nurse from behind a counter asked Lex right as he walked in, how did this lady realize that he was a mage? He showed her his guild mark on his hand and she nodded her head. “Alright, you must be the mage that Golden Phoenix was meant to send to help us. Please go hand out some snacks and see if there is much else left to do, you’re rather late so that is really the only job left.” She pointed towards the food cart that was just resting behind the counter.

    Lex walked over and started to push the cart through the masses that were giving their blood. There was a few people laying on the ground with their feet elevated, some where gulping down juices, and others were doing quite alright with the whole process. Lex had never given blood but he had bled plenty of times throughout his course of life, he knew where they were coming from. As he made his rounds he handed people bags of cookies, chips, and juice boxes. He walked around the entire tent and did as the lady asked him. By the time he returned to the front the cart was nearly empty. “Ah that was fast, well thanks. I’m sure that with those snacks you passed out there will be far fewer people passing out due to low blood sugar. The Magic Council and the people of Rose Garden thank you.” Lex just smile at the lady and left, while he would like some money as a reward at least he was able to build up some good karma with the Council, never know when he would need to cash those favor points in after all.

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