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    Post by Guest on 13th July 2016, 11:06 am

    And while you are sitting indoors
    waiting for the storm to pass
    I will be outside dancing in the rain

    One down, one to go. It was the first time Astrid had taken two jobs in a day. Granted neither of them were big jobs, but still, this was the most traveling she had done in a while. This last job though would probably end up taking its toll on her. Playing tag with some little kids. She had learned when entertaining the child patients at the hospital two days ago that her stamina was rather low. Or rather lower than it should be for an active mage. She didn’t know why it took this sudden dip. Everything she was doing now was tiring her out way more than it normally should. Long walks, carrying groceries, jobs. Just a few months ago she cleaned out her entire house and didn’t managed to break a sweat. She blamed it on the dip of activity she took when she had a small break from jobs. She just needed to keep being active again and it’d get easier, right? Well… She hoped so.
    Hopping off the stairs she scanned the clear field in front of her. The children said they were going to meet her in the East Garden to play a small game of tag. Apparently one of their friends were too busy to play today, so they were done one. They needed someone to fill in that hole.

    Spotting five children, standing in a group near the back of the garden Astrid walked over.
    “Excuse me” she called out to them, hand waving to grab their attention. Each one looked to her, confusion upon their features.
    “Were you the ones looking for a tag partner?”
    One of the boys near the front turned his expression around, grinning.

    “You the mage we asked for?”
    Astrid nodded in response.

    “Astrid, at your service” she placed her hands upon her hips, a small smile gracing her lips. “If you guys are ready…” she gave them a teasing smirk, looking over each individual one with half closed eyelids “which one of us is ‘it’ first?”

    Was it her, or were kids these days more quicker than when she was smaller?
    The violinist stopped, placing her hands on her knees as she gasped for air. It had been a couple hours now since they started playing, the amount of times she hadn’t been able to catch the kids for extended periods was higher than she would have liked to wish for. But still, it had been a fun couple of hours. She hadn’t played tag since she was a little kid. And even as a little kid all she really had to play with was her brother. The other kids weren’t really the best when it came to anything they themselves couldn’t get anything out of. So having kids who liked playing just for the fun of it felt good, like she had now experienced something her youth couldn’t provide her with.
    Her chest heaved as she gasped in one big lung full of air before pushing it outward, swiping her forehead with a free arm.

    “Thanks for playing with us, lady! Come back if you ever feel like it!” One of the small girls waved her a goodbye as the group of friends left, each one giving her their own goodbyes as they started up the stairs, running and laughing, looking barely bothered by the hours of chasing they had just done.

    All she could do was give a thumbs up, looking up to them to give a smile while she caught her breath.
    Never before had she felt so old...
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