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    Easy Peasy Thievery


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    Easy Peasy Thievery Empty Easy Peasy Thievery

    Post by Mossino on 12th July 2016, 8:49 am

    “Hm, stealing a recipe? That seems rather trivial, but, money is money, and this won’t take long.” Nothel muses to himself as he walks towards a village on the horizon. It was nighttime, with clouds in the sky, making it nearly pitch-black. Yet, that didn’t bother Nothel. He rather it be dark for this. Easier to escape when no one can see you…

    “Apprantly, there happens to be two chefs that live in this small village, and one is rather envious of the other. Why? Because ones fudge recipe is better than the others. So, he contracted a dark wizard, myself, to take care of the issues. There are even bonus perks for faster delivery and making sure the chef doesn’t find out. This is easy, well, somewhat easy. I have two plans of attack for this, I can either copy the recipe and give it to him, or kill the chef, but that would cause controversy.” Nothel takes a small breather before talking to himself.
    “It would be best to copy the recipe over onto a new page and then give it to him, so there is no, at least less, suspicion.” He hums to himself as he approaches the village. He knows he is looking for a house painted dark blue, with a fence in the front yard. This house, which ends up being near the edge of the town, makes it rather easy for Nothel. No other people around to see him break in. His only problem now is that if the chef is actually home, there are other people in the house, or some pet. Of course he could kill the pet, no harm done.

    Nothel approaches the back of the house, spotting a back door. “I shall presume the recipe card is stored in a safe in the master bedroom, for safe keeping of course…I’ll escape by that window, and break in through this door…It is probably around two A.M. now, so I have to work fast.”
    Approaching the door, he takes out a small knife and cuts his own finger. Manipulating the blood that comes out into a lock pick, he goes at the door, trying to pick it. After a minute of work, he pops the lock, and the door glides open, making minimal noise. Peering inside he recognizes he was in the kitchen. There were no dishes or signs of life in the house, it might actually be deserted. Stepping inside lightly, he turns and closes the door, re-locking it to make it look inconspicuous. No signs of life yet, perfect.

    He then turns right and peers out the only door that leads out of the kitchen. Looking down the hallway, he seems multiple doors, and at the end a staircase. All he needs is the staircase. Making sure there are no lights on, Nothel begins to lightly walk down the hallway towards the stairs.

    Thankfully, the best possible scenario happened. No people, no life, just Nothel. Grinning to himself, he speeds up and walks up stairs, going to find the safe.  After about fifteen minutes of look, he finds, under a desk and stowed away, a small metal safe, with a pickable lock. The problem is, it looks like an advanced lock, and it could take a while to pick. Sighing to himself, he cuts his finger again, getting a lock pick ready. It takes him nearly an hour to pick the lock over multiple attempts and broken picks. It took a lot of patience and perseverance, but at around three twenty A.M. he got into the safe.

    Sighing to himself, Nothel starts to look through the contents, and eventually, he finds the fudge recipe. Aptly, the chef named it Godly Fudge, original, but, it gets the job done. Finding a blank card, he pulls out a pen he brought with himself, and starts to copy it over. It takes a bit, but it wasn’t hard. After about twenty minutes, Nothel finishes copying the recipe over. Sighing, he puts the original back into the safe and takes the copy with him. Closing the safe he nods to himself, job over..Well, at least that is what Nothel thought until he heard a door open and slam. Someone was in the house, and he couldn’t be seen. He quickly acts, and shuts the door to the study, and look towards the window. Easy. Stepping over, he peers out. Even though it’s still rather dark, he can make out that there are no people outside. Opening the window he jumps out. Falling from about twenty feet, he tucks and rolls, taking minimal damage.
    From there, he just walks off, towards the house of the rival chef. It was simple, deliver the recipe in the middle of the night, get payment. Over in a snap.

    (800 Words, needed 750)


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