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    Delivering yet another letter! (Decayuss)


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    Delivering yet another letter! (Decayuss) Empty Delivering yet another letter! (Decayuss)

    Post by Decayuss 8th February 2015, 1:55 pm

    Job Information:

    Job: Deliver My Letter!
    Rank: D
    Player Requirements: Must be done under 10 posts. 500 words total. This increases by two posts and 200 words per extra mage.
    Job Requirements: Deliver the love letter.
    Job Location: Magnolia Town.
    Job Description:
    There's this man in Magnolia who wishes to send a letter to one of the most popular celebrities in Fiore, who seems to be his childhood friend and love interest, and surprisingly, that celebrity is heading to Magnolia Town. You must get through many fans and enter the backstage if you want this to happen. Just don't get caught by security, or else you won't be able to give the letter.
    Reward: 600 Jewels

    "Well, well, well. Look what I'm doing a-freaking-gain!" Deniel felt like saying the actaul swear word, but at the same time, he didn't. He didn't know how many times he had to do this, but it didn't matter. Because once again, he was delivering a letter...from Lazzy...to that one female pop-star chick. he didn't even know her name at this point. Maybe he did, but he just didn't bother remebering. Deniel was once again bored and he wanted to go out on a job. But when he got to Magnolia, somehow, somewhere, in some way, his old 'friend' Lazzy had another delivery for him to make. Deniel had already done it a few times already, so he didn't mind doing it yet another time. Although the weird thing about it is every time he did it, he was a different rank. This was the second time that he did it while he was an A rank mage. Regardless, Devery Deniel couldn't really say no. Not only was a quick and easy job, but he was also doing someone a favor. Deniel usually sought a thrill when it cames to jobs, not jewels, but this time, it didn't hurt to just help someone who was in need. Just this once. Or twice. Or three times. Who was he kidding? He would have to help this guy every so often it was so pathetic. Regardless, he was still going to have to go out and do stuff. Whether he enjoyed it or not.

    Deniel walked the streets of Magnolia, and towards the theater for the millionth time. Deniel walked inside, completely ignoring the surroundings, which he was amazed about the very first time he entered. He also remembered the first time he made this a stealth mission, and then he punched the guard, and then the guard did it for him, and then...he couldn't really remember. It was probably because he didn't care. Deniel walked over to the door that lead backstage, where the guard was standing. Deniel looked at him, and raised an eyebrow. He handed the letter he carried in his hands to the guard, giving a nod. The guard gave him a nod back. With that, Deniel turned around and started to head out of the theater. "Wow. That was easy." Luckily for Deniel, it was the exact same guard as the last few times. And the two of them seem to have developed an understanding. Deniel needed to deliver a letter, so why not do it for him? Deniel walked the streets of Magnolia once more, whistling a happy tune. It was time for him to get paid quick and easy jewels, and then return to Eclipse Soul. Maybe he would take on another D rank job. Maybe he would solo an A rank. It didn't matter to him. He was just deciding to burn through jobs just to pass the time. Deniel was actually getting very sick of being A rank. Whatever the case, he went to Lazzy's house, got his reward, and got out.

    "Mission complete!" Something he hadn't said in a while.


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