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    Delivering a letter, the wrong way.


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    Delivering a letter, the wrong way. Empty Delivering a letter, the wrong way.

    Post by Roku 13th January 2017, 9:17 am

    A sigh left the lips of an orange hair man as he made his way through the town of Magnolia. In his pocket was a letter that was from a man, or a boy if you want to look at it in the manner that he was too chicken to deliver this letter himself. For Roku, he didn't want to do this. After the last couple of 'jobs' he was on, he was ready for some action. All these small, chicken shit jobs were starting to grate his nerves. He never knew that doing 'legal' things were so boring.

    His eyes skimmed across the letter after pulling it from his pocket. The envelope was sealed with a special type of rune that would only open for her. He had the urge to slice it open with his sword, but that would be wrong. One must never read someone else's mail. So immoral. Sarcasm. He did want this over already. He finally reached the building. It seemed that the lady had decided to take refuge in the back stage area of their production area. Roku lacked any fancy hiding ability, or special movement ability other than his sword, but unless he wanted to go somewhere random, he would have had been there before, and he wasn't into popping onto a random planet, again.

    His eyes skimmed across the area before he noticed a building that sat next to it, and was about the same height, thus a vantage point. It was a simple bit of work to get to the top by going through the bottom floor and trecking to the top. As he exited the door on the roof, he'd pulled from his pocket the very thing that gave outward proof of his curse, Taurus's key. Magic flared around him. The scent of soot and brimstone filled the air as the golden, lava veined key was shoved into the air. His voice echoed with a decree. "The sign of the Bull, the beast where rage is plentiful. Come to my call Taurus. I open the gate of the Bull. Let your rage erupt." Time ceased to move in his perception for a moment as a key like hole appeared before him before expanding upwards of 10 meters tall. Lava spilled out of it and onto the streets before a hulking mountain like minotaur pulled itself from the hole. It's eyes looked back at Roku. There was no voice passed between them. He understood what was needed. The bull, who stood higher than the building, looked down at the top. It reached down as the civilians cried in fear. They ran, thinking a dark mage was attacking the town. It wasn't uncommon for that to happen since the fairies had left the Earthlands.

    The roof creaked as it was slowly ripped from the top of the foundation, leaving the entire building exposed for him. His eyes quickly locked onto the form of the woman he was looking for. With a running start, Roku lept from the other building, landing on Taurus before using him as a stepping stone to land in the room the lady was in. He pulled the letter from it's spot again and handed it to her. His hand quickly moves to his side, pulling his sword out to slice another hole in space, slipping through it to leave before anyone showed up. Taurus set the roof back down, before disappearing. Someone was going to yell at him for this, but meh.


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