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    Delivering A Letter...

    橘ナミネ と 橘楓
    橘ナミネ と 橘楓

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    Delivering A Letter... Empty Delivering A Letter...

    Post by 橘ナミネ と 橘楓 10th December 2015, 2:41 pm


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    Walking through Magnolia, the siblings came across a man who seemed to be fairly down about life as he sat in the park staring at the ground. He let out a huff while staring at a piece of paper with some picture on it. Kaede looked to the window next to him and his sister and saw the same piece of paper. He gently tugged at Miyuki's shirt and pointed at the flyer saying "He's holding this..." with a calm, gentle voice. Miyuki reached up trying to grab the flyer but her fingers just coming short of it as she was bouncing on the tips of her toes. Kaede reached over to pull it down, immediately stopping as Miyuki said "No! I.. got... this!" straining her voice as she tried to stretch as much as possible. "Got it!" she exclaimed in triumph as the tips of her fingers finally pinched the page and pulled it down. Reading over the page she saw it told about some chick that was commin' to town for a day. Miyuki passed it to Kaede to let him read for himself. Skimming over the page, Kaede had a fairly bored expression. Both siblings had never heard of this person, but they figured if fliers were made prior to her arrival she must be important. Kaede turned his gaze back to where Miyuki was standing, noticing a distinct empty pocket of air at that particular spot. Looking towards the man, he saw his much smaller, but older sister nonchalantly walking towards him. Kaede gently placed the page back on the wall, meticulously making sure it was in the exact same spot as before, before he went to catch up to his sister. By the time he did, Miyuki was already in the midst of a rather melancholy sounding conversation as the man poured his heart out to the girl; explaining how the person coming was a long time friend and he wanted to speak with her once more so he can propose his love for her. Kaede, feeling his breakfast from two days ago coming back up despite him having already disposed of it on the train ride in wanted to just walk away. He began turning to take a step away, but immediately felt a small hand grabbing the crack of his pants and pulling down with impressive force. Kaede's rear slammed on the ground as a small hand pressed on his head, preventing him from getting back up. He pouted as he listened to the conversation; and soon after he grimaced as his sister not only volunteered the two to help out, but came up with a plan that included Kaede. The man decided he'd wait in the park, Miyuki would wait in a tree just above the best place to put the podium, and Kaede would create a distraction. Once the distraction was made, Miyuki would quickly slip the litter in their target's breasts and then escape as inconspicuously as possible. The time came and Miyuki watched from the top of a tree as men quickly put together the massive platform, as well as set up a back stage area. Kaede, knowing his sister would stomp his ass in if he didn't, began setting up a little plan for making someone else freak out. It was a simple banana peel on the sidewalk trick that he paid some homeless guy to fall for and create a massive deal that he could sue the city for and get some jewel in his pockets. At night, all the pieces were in place and Miyuki watched as all the guards quickly ran over to the sound of pain and suffering to aid the fallen man. Miyuki took aim at the cleavage and jumped from the tree, inserting the letter perfectly before landing on her feet and then jumping into the crowd. Passing by their contractor, he slipped them their payment without looking suspicious and the siblings kept walking away as if nothing happened. What happened with the man and his friend, neither sibling would hear of.

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