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    Delivering another letter


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    Delivering another letter Empty Delivering another letter

    Post by Aayla 3rd December 2014, 7:44 pm

    job description:
    Job: Deliver My Letter!
    Rank: D
    Player Requirements: At least one mage. Must be done under 10 posts, total word count 500
    Job Requirements: Deliver the love letter. 
    Job Location: Magnolia Town. 
    Job Description:
    There's this man in Magnolia who wishes to send a letter to one of the most popular celebrities in Fiore, who seems to be his childhood friend and love interest, and surprisingly, that celebrity is heading to Magnolia Town. You must get through many fans and enter the backstage if you want this to happen. Just don't get caught by security, or else you won't be able to give the letter.
    Reward: 600 Jewels

    Aayla found herself once more within the city of Magnolia, flying high up in the air with her companion, Zinnath. She had originally come to see some of her friends within Fairy Tail, but whenever she had stopped in to say hi, Manayus had been unable to get away from his fangirls, and Chloe had been no where to be found. With a sigh, she had left the guild and accidently bumped into a man who had been about to bring a job request to the guild.
    He must have assumed she was a member of Fairy Tail because he then gave her the sheet of paper and began pleading with her to accept his request. He began to tell her all about his note to the popular pop star that would was touring in Magnolia today, and how she absolutely needed to deliver it to her before the show.
    “Well… sure I can deliver this for you… I haven’t seen Yuna in a long time, I suppose it’s about time I pay her a visit. I’m so happy she’s actually here in Magnolia again!”
    She exclaimed happily, taking the letter from the man with no protest and promising him that she would have it delivered.
    That was how she currently found herself flying high above Magnolia on Zinnath’s back, making her way towards the familiar stadium where Yuna would be performing. She landed Zinnath just in front of the back stage gate, at least, she landed behind the long crowd of fans trying to get in to see the pop star before the show even started.

    “Excuse me… pardon me… sorry…”
    She said as she bumped into one person after another trying to get to the front of the line. Naturally, not everyone was very happy with the gil trying to butt ahead, and tried to push her to the back. However, Aayla simply activated her water body and slipped through people until she got to the front… at least she managed to get to the fence set up to keep people out. She slipped across the fence, letting her water body pass straight through before breaking out into a run for the door.
    She didn’t make it far however as one of the bouncers grabbed her by the collar and literally lifted up the small mage from the ground, turning her to have a better look at her.

    “Oh! Aren’t you miss Aayla!?”
    The bodyguard stated in disbelief, shocked that this young girl would try to infiltrate the same concert again. Aayla giggled nervously as she rubbed the back of her head.

    “Hello again Mr bodyguard… I’m here to see Yuna… I knew no one would believe me at the gate so I tried to sneak in… I’m sorry… can I go see her?”
    The girl asked, earning a smile from the guard who nodded towards the little girl and put her down, escorting her inside and towards Yuna’s changeroom. He knocked on the door and waited for the woman to answer.

    “Lady Yuna, I have a guest for you”
    The bodyguard announced before Aayla stepped into the room with a big goofy smile on her face, earning a gasp from the pop star who dropped her powder makeup and ran towards the little girl, hugging her tightly.

    “Little Aayla! Oh my goodness it’s been so long! You look all grown up! Wow look at you!”
    She reminisced, pulling ut of the hug to look the young girl over. Aayla chuckled at her reaction before the two began to catch up, speaking about everything they had been through since the last time they had seen each other, and finally, Aayla gave the letter given to her by the male fan that had appeared in front of the Fairy Tail guild hall.
    “Still delivering fan mail I see… my goodness silly girl… thank you. Now, why don’t you get changed? I have a better idea this time around.”
    She offered the young girl, not really giving her a choice in the matter as she dragged Aayla into the changeroom and picked out an outfit for her, doing her makeup and hair before sitting down while looking at the young girl.
    “You know my last song right? Try singing”
    Yuna told Aayla as she sat, and listened to the surprised girl open her mouth and began to sing. Her jaw dropped as she heard Aayla’s beautiful voice, if she had to compare it to anything, it would be to that of a mermaid, soft like the calm sea and yet full of energy. She cheered happily before taking the girls hand.

    “You’re performing with me tonight! If you do good, I’m sure I’ll be able to help you further a singing career!”
    Even though that was the last thing she wanted, Aayla still followed her friend wherever she was dragged.
    Next thing she knew, they were both standing on stage in front of a humongous crowd. To say the crowd was surprised to see a random girl in Yuna’s show. Although, they could barely complain as Aayla’s vice was wonderful next to Yuna’s. To Aayla’s surprise, she saw the man who had given her his letter standing in the front row of the show, his jaw wide open as he cheered and tied to catch Aaylas attention. She smirked and gave him a thumbs up, earning an extra cheer from the man as the show went on late into the night.


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