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    Delivering a letter (Job Solo)


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    Delivering a letter (Job Solo)  Empty Delivering a letter (Job Solo)

    Post by Psychosis 2nd November 2014, 12:36 am

    Kuro had simple jobs before, between the most simple of those and this one, he would have to say this was far more tedious than stealing a recipe. The idea was simple, deliver a love letter. Well, the client did not specifically say it was a love letter, but shit, it was pretty obvious by the stammering and blushing. Poor girl. He genuinely felt bad for her, because he remembered something similar, long ago. Best not to dwell on that, however. He had a job to do. The only real issue was getting past the fans and getting backstage without the guards noticing. Kuro was able to slip unnoticed in many places, but in the middle of a street, with a mob and guards watching? Not even he was crazy enough to try it. So what did he do? Slaughter his way through the mob and guards to deliver a love letter? No, that would be bad. He wouldnt get paid if he did that. On the other hand, it would be a lot more fun than what he was planning.

    The plan was rather obvious in design, in Kuro's opinion. The first step was to cause a distraction. Easily done in a mob. One punched person later, a riot broke out, causing several guards to step in. It took a minute, but all guards but one stepped in to deal with it. Kuro grinned. Perfect. Slipped into an alleyway, Kuro floated upwards, onto the roof of the building, before coming down behind the last remaining guard, and entering the building silently. It seemed ridiculously easy, because it was. Guards were trained to deal with magic, yes, but flying was a rather rare skill, and even then, few humans ever looked up. As for how the mob had not noticed? A combination of their distracted states, and the sun being overhead, blinding any who tried to look, just long enough for Kuro to sneak in.

    Finding the room was easy enough, a star on the surface, with the name of the target on it. "Geta? This is for you, from an old friend." Tossing the confused celebrity the letter, Kuro left the building, happy. Another job well done. Of course it may or may not have been a job to deliver the letter of a lovestruck stalker, but shit, money was money. He frowned, the job reminding him of his own past failures. He had been a coward once, but no longer. Getting out of the building turned out to be a lot easier than sneaking in. Mostly because the riot was still going on, and the last guard had seemingly been pulled into it as well, giving him free access to the exit. "What an odd bunch." Kuro smiled somewhat lightheartedly at the actions of the fans. Fighting without anyone getting hurt seriously... what a strange concept. Whistling a merry tune, Kuro walked away calmly, knowing that, for once, he had done a good deed... at the cost on hundreds of jewels in property damage and personal injuries.


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