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    Hanging Garden

    Richard Knight
    Richard Knight

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    In Progress Hanging Garden

    Post by Richard Knight 24th February 2024, 4:10 pm

    Magic Name: Hanging Garden

    Magic Type:
    Hanging Garden is a plant-based magic that allows the user the ability to speed up the rate of growth of plants, allowing them to create a forest of botanical plants. It additionally allows the caster the ability to manipulate the plants he grows. As a benefit of the magic Hanging Garden, it allows the user to grow any plant they have seen or encountered. Richard tends to use the magic more supplementary as it has minimal offensive ability; The magic tends to be used for more crowd control tactics.  
    Unique Abilities:
    • Ability 1:
      Accelerated Growth: Richard can start the growth of plants that are within the vicinity of him.
    • Ability 2:
      Spore Manipulation: Richard can change the biology of the plants he grows, as well as manipulate an inert portion of the plant like the seeds or flower petals.
    • Ability 3:
      Plant: Richard is able to attach magical seeds to surfaces and individuals, which once they become implanted they become difficult to remove.

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