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Down into the garden


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Down into the garden Empty Down into the garden

Post by Myrrh 6th November 2021, 4:10 pm

Myrrh let out a deep exhale of relief as she found herself able to pass through the barrier, the path leading down to the guildhall now assuredly open to her. For the last week, she had been investigating rumors and reports about this 'Luminous Rose' guild, and had learned about this potential obstacle to her goal. Well, perhaps investigating was not the right word; her method was more akin to just awkwardly stopping passerby in the street and asking until they relented. It was a bit unorthodox sure but..it got the job done nonetheless.

She had heard about guilds when she was still running with her tribe, whether one would come to stop them was always a legitimate concern. Independent mages had tried of course, but usually, that didn't go so well for them, so a combined force was all that was really threatening. Of course, when she split off and went out on her own, seeking one of them out was her first priority. The potential for growing stronger was much more likely when not on your own, and...she really wanted companionship of some kind. Traveling alone through the mountains was...frightening, and left her with a weird empty feeling in her stomach. 'Loneliness' if the man from Hosenka was to be believed.

Slowly making her way down into the Ravine, Myrrh tried her best not to stop and marvel at the sheer level of intense architecture, having to quite literally keep her gaze focused on the stone bridges beneath her feet as she walked. There was just...so much of it, Myrrh knew if she didn't focus she'd probably end up just gawking and observing every nook and cranny that she could; most likely being thought of as a tourist and loiterer if she remained too long. She had a goal, and she couldn't afford to let herself get distracted from it.

Each step felt like it took longer than the last as she approached the guild-hall, eyes flashing up from the ground briefly at the sight of the job board outside the entrance. Inundated with fliers of various sizes, qualities, and colors; the range of numbers on the bottom ranging from next to nothing, to numbers she didn't even know the words for. The idea of actually accepting them in the near future filling her chest with another feeling she wasn't sure how to describe. Excitement? No, it was something more than that...exhilaration maybe?

Freezing for a moment, Myrrh would shake her head to try and get her focus back, realizing that she had just kinda been standing there staring at the board. Ripping her gaze away, she would once again steel herself and actually enter into the illustrious building. Sucking in air and preparing to say something once she was actually there. "Salutations!!"

Wait no...that was the formal one...right? Ah damn, did she already mess up? "I-I mean...greetings!!" Wait wait...did she even need to yell? What if that came off as forced, or too aggressive? Gods why did this have to be so hard."Er....hi...?"

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"I-I mean...greetings!!"

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