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    Post by Itazura 16th July 2016, 8:48 pm

    The young yokai walked the calm and quiet streets of the early morning, whistling a random tune, making up the next note as he continued the music. Then suddenly he stopped, hearing the worried mutterings of a delivery man. "Sup" the anxious man looked at him "Well my truck is out of energy and I won't make it in time to deliver all these packages and letters" he said, letting out an exasperated sigh. "Oh okay" he said in reply to the human man's explanation, and he started to walk away. He heard a slight gasp from the man, like he was shocked about something. Then he realized why he might've done that, but did he want to, it might be fun to waste the morning. "I'll help you Human-san" after taking the man's bag, and grabbing the packages, he walked away. He didn't really understand what he was supposed to do, but he has seen humans do this before, so it shouldn't be to hard. Walking to the fence of a house he threw a couple of letters at the door, he nodded, then walked away. Though he wasn't notified specific letters have to go to their specified houses, not that he would have cared if he knew anyways. He continued this a while, and decided to throw one of the boxes through the window of somebody's house. Some angry person came out to see who threw that box, but by the time they came to see, the weasel was already gone. He then thought it would be fun to go directly into somebody's house, so he went through a doggy door in his weasel form. Looking around the house he grabbed a random thing, looked like some leather pouch, and stuffed it in his pocket. He dropped a package and a handful of letters on the ground. Then somebody came down the stairs, with shock plastered on their face "Who are you?!" With a slight laugh he then turned around opened the door and ran away, leaving the door wide open on his way out. The resident of the house chasing after him until he was out of his yard, the yokai laughed a bit and continued on his way. Ita walked around, continuously doing what he had been doing for the past twenty minutes. Enjoying himself a lot he thought that maybe he should head back now, with a sigh he turned and started to bound back. Doing his normal flips and cartwheels, whistling and humming. Finally making it back to the man, who ended up taking a nap in his truck, reaching in the man's pocket he grabbed another leather pouch. He took some money and something else, a card, from it, and put it back. Then he chucked the bag at him "Wha-what, oh, your back. Here uhm, where did all my money go. Well uhm this is all I can give you" the man said, a bit frazzled and tired, he handed 600 jewels to the boy "Arigato!" he said with a grin before he transformed into his normal form after stuffing the money in his pocket, then he ran away.

    Word Count: 527

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