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    Hanging with the Undead One [Duel]


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    Hanging with the Undead One [Duel] Empty Hanging with the Undead One [Duel]

    Post by Haru-senpai 14th February 2017, 5:45 pm

    For some reason, Hera and Lepan had come here to the damn Haunted Guild. She literally confided her own secret love for the dark arts in him and pretty much only him. With her usual gold and black Slayer uniform on, she stood with him amidst the grounds of the Haunted Guild.

    After her dad was killed by Acnologia in his final battle against him, Heero had previously made a deal with Eris, the red devil, and leader of a powerful Dark Cult of Mages known as Grim Heresy. Eris would raise Hera to know the dark arts, rather than fear them. The things Hera saw growing up under Eris...no child should've been subjected to that. To cap it all off by sending her on a journey to find a Fire Dragon was like a spiteful slap on the ass when she turned 18 after all the planet and dimension hopping crap she'd been put through after age 8 when her Dad died.

    When she'd first encountered Lepan, she thought he was just a mage. But when using her Dragon Vision once, his anatomy scared the crap out of her. Now they were sparring partners. Here, his power was stronger, and she could fight at his level equally somehow magically. As if the area itself set a good sparring area for them. Back here again as usual, the strongest Dragon Slayer on the planet looked across from Lepan with a nod.

    "Ready undead one? Looking rather handsome by the way....scare me a little come on now." Hera said as she shifted her eyes to be those of a dragon's briefly before shifting back with a smile with her amber eyes right on him.

    She said as she gave a flaming stomp, that cracked the ground, flames whirling around briefly as she moved her hands in a fancy whirl, flames appearing and disappearing. Fire only actives when she moved at all. The sound of flames disappearing as she put on her Dragon Vision with a single blink, flames licking off of her eyelashes once briefly before disappearing as well.

    With a brief moment of silence between them, Hera's dress would then actually catch on fire with a rather cool magical effect as the fire from her dress spun around her and then stabilized into flames that just seemed to whirl around her dangerously like a skin tight suit of flames outlining her, as she bent her knees and waited for now.

    Stats and HP:

    HP: 430
    MP: 123%

    Melee Damage: 52.5

    Name: Fire Dragon's Fists
    Rank: Strong (B)
    Duration: N/A
    Cooldown: N/A
    Type: Slayer
    Description: Both of Hera's hands instantly catch a flame, as the fire whirls and begins to spin extremely quickly around both hands until the fire is burning so hot even things around her begin to glow with heat. Hera's punches melt and catch things on fire upon impact with a punch or a touch, leaves behind a dazzling trail of fire with movement of the hands.

    Strengths: Deals an extra B-Ranked fire damage every hit to an opponent with the fists and when grabbing an exposed body part of the opponent with the hands. Can be turned on and off at will, so even if it's eaten or dispersed somehow, Hera can conjure it right back up with ease instantly on her hands.

    Weaknesses: Can be extinguished by a B-Ranked Water Spell or higher, causing it to be removed for the post. If eaten by a God Slayer or Demon Slayer, although it is a signature spell it will have to be re-summoned on the following post. Can be manipulated by Fire-Make wizards into something else out of Hera's control mid-combat.

    Name: Dragon's Heat Vision
    Rank: Weak (D)
    Duration: N/A
    Cooldown: N/A
    Type: Slayer
    Description: A combination of X-Ray and Thermal Heat vision that allows Hera to see through walls, floors, and just about anything as long as it's not magically enchanted beyond the rank of the effect. When she turns it on, all she does is blink and small flames dance off her eyelashes briefly. Not giving much of an inkling that she even used a Spell at all.

    Strengths: Can be used anywhere she can look. Great for fighting against spirits or invisible beings. Heat moves in the air regardless, and no matter what you are when she's using this she will see you most likely. Lasts the entire thread.

    Weaknesses: Does no damage. Doesn't help allies in any way other than what Hera can tell them. Can't be shared amongst allies. Doesn't heal. Isn't a projectile attack, nor any type of attack at all.

    All Fired Up - With a noise like a volcano exploding, Hera's body is coated in an aura of raging fire that appears to be skin tight around her; increases her speed by 50%, and her melee damage by 50%, deals B-Ranked Fire damage to her targets upon taking melee damage from Hera. Uses 2% MP per post. Lasts for 10 posts. Has a Cooldown of 11 posts. Can be ended early by Hera, but still must Cooldown for 1 post more than how long she used it. As she walks, her footsteps melt the ground and leave still burning footprints with fire, quite a cool effect. This effect will trigger itself if Hera is dropped below 25% HP.


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