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    Action Heroine

    Victoria Sheridan
    Victoria Sheridan

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    In Progress Action Heroine

    Post by Victoria Sheridan 19th April 2022, 11:01 am

    Lineage Name: Action Heroine
       Wielder: Victoria Sheridan
       Purchase Proof: I expressed my interest in buying an Ancient Scroll from Joh's Pawnshop. Proof is here. Request: Page 1, Post Number 19, Approval Page 1, Post Number 20.

    I traded Joh the Jewels necessary to buy the Ancient Scroll. Proof is here. Request: Page 2, Post Number 36

    Both my trade of the Jewels to Joh and Joh's trade of the Ancient Scroll to me were approved in this post. Page 2, Post Number 37

       Some people lead a life taken straight out of an action movie. Whether they are drawn to action or action is drawn to them is a question that may never be answered, but Victoria Sheridan is one of those "lucky" people whose life seldom seems to have a dull moment. She has taken on some of the traits that most action movie heroes have such as heightened toughness, more MP to keep her slinging spells and using Active Requip Abilities, an increase to Strength, and more benefits to give her what she needs to keep her going when the action gets intense.

    • Tough Gal: Action heroes tend to be a tougher breed than the average person and Victoria is no exception. Victoria gains 25% Damage Resistance in exchange for a 25% decrease to Base MP. (1 Effect, 1 Downside)
    • Extra Ammunition: The heroes of action movies fire their weapons over and over and somehow never seem to run out of ammunition. Victoria gets a 60% increase to MP. (1 Effect)
    • Hazard Pay: Victoria does a lot of dangerous work, so she makes sure that she gets paid well for her trouble. Victoria gets a 100% increase to the Jewel earnings from every job she completes. (1 Effect)
    • Hand-To-Hand Fighter: Sometimes firearms are just not enough to get the job done and fists and melee weapons have to be used to finish the fight. Victoria gets a 60% increase to Strength. (1 Effect)
    • Born Survivor: Action heroes tend to get into a lot of difficult situations but have the endurance to get through them no matter what comes their way. Victoria gets a 60% increase to HP. (1 Effect)



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