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    Lights, Cameras, ACTION!

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    Lights, Cameras, ACTION! Empty Lights, Cameras, ACTION!

    Post by Spectra Vondergeist 16th July 2019, 2:24 pm

    Lights, Cameras, ACTION! Tumblr_p5b7wjkzxt1qa8hrgo1_400

    "Don't dream it, be it."

    Rose Garden was a wonderful, beautiful, and exotic place! Much like Sasha himself. He had always felt at home in the city despite not being born there but given how colorful and lively everything was, it was a great place to be yourself. The uniqueness of the city could be seen from any angle, with everything from the flora and fauna to the food being magical in nature. With that being said, Sasha still stood out as he always did. His short stature, purple afro, and red leather suit was a desperate cry for attention and of course, he got it. Prancing through the streets like a prized pony he made his way to the destination, where he had heard of a talent show being held! As a lover of the theater arts, wherever there was a spotlight, there was Sasha.

    It was a nice looking theater, with a big flashy talent show sign. Two lines had already formed, one for the competitors and one for the watchers. It seemed they had a lack of contestants and were overjoyed when Sasha appeared, ready to sign up. "What will you be doing for the show?" The clerk asked. Sasha was busy fixing his fro and reapplying his signature purple lipstick but when he was done he answered. "Darling I'll be singing, and I'll be stunning." He chimed, not even hearing her answer as he walked into the waiting room surprised to see only a handful of people all of which stared at him intensely as he entered the room confident as ever.

    "What's wrong? You've never seen a man in woman's clothes?" Sasha said with a chuckle and a smirk as he tossed the feathered boa around his neck out of his way, taking his seat. Everyone in the room avoided him like the plague. A cost of being different but a cost well spent. Sasha took off his gloves and examined his nails for any chips, carefully painting them a purple hue that matches his lips. One by one the acts were called and each one was plainer than the other. Twins singing, a magician playing with his cards, a terrible animal tamer who let a flock of birds fly loose into the audience, it seemed they had allowed just anyone on the street to sign up! That was until they called Sasha Antonova.

    Grabbing the microphone off its stand and throwing himself on the piano the curtains opened and all the lights were on him as he began his show and arguably the best act yet.

    "I've got a sweet tooth for licorice drops and jelly rolls, hey sugar daddy Hansel needs some sugar in his bowl!" Sasha slid off the piano as he sing, winking to the crowd as he struck a pose. "Bring me Versace blue jeans, black designer underwear!" Now he was leaping off of the stage like an elegant rabbit, dancing through the audiences isles before he found a rather handsome man and sat in his lap! "If you've got some sugar for me, sugar daddy bring it home!" He said as he placed a kiss on the man's cheek leaving a purple lip-shaped stain behind. "It's the sweetest taste I've known....!" Sasha then pointed to his next victim who had walked in very late. he was in a very expensive suit, bald, with a nice pair of glasses and a stop watch which he always looked at as if he didn't even want to be here. For some reason this bothered Sasha and that's why he chose to target him.

    Eyeing the rich man like a tigress would her pray, Sasha's fingers turned to needles and she stabbed herself in the side. Immediately she grew taller, her muscle vanished and fat vanished to form a more feminine figure, an hourglass one! Previously a 5'4" 200 something pound man, Sasha was now a 6'0" 115 lb WOMAN! "So you think only a woman can truly love a man? You buy me a dress and i'll be more woman than a man like you can stand." Sasha sang, walked up to the man and shimmying before sitting in his lap just as he had the others. The man was frantic, but mesmerized! That's when Sasha took his glasses, examined them, and then licked them before giving them back and walking away back to the stage. "SO COME ON SUGAR DADDY BRING IT HOME!" Sasha called out, bowing.

    Everyone there was absolutely shocked, mainly because it turned out to be a children's talent show and their precious sons and daughters were going to remember this for the rest of their lives but it seemed that the kids really loved it! Immediately they ran up to the stage and gave Sasha a group hug. Once they had judged her for the way she looked but it seemed her performance had opened their hearts and minds and caused the children to accept people different from themselves. It was all very touching and heartfelt, she was glad they had learned a lesson from her. Then, the judges told the children to get down so everyone who participated can come on stage. For good sportsmanship reasons they all shook each others hands, telling one another that it didn't matter who won and in the end, though Sasha deserved the prize, she was actually disqualified due to not being a child. It was expected.

    "Well I had fun, bye darlings." Sasha said with a wink as she began to walk out of the auditorium. It was a fun time and she would do it again. She didn't care about winning, it wasn't important to her, all that mattered about today was that she touched those children's hearts forever and hopefully they wouldn't forget her because in this world there is a lot of haters and it could really use some more likers and who better than a bunch of children who would literally make the future! Well, all in a days worth of work!

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