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    A Night of Whimsy and Trouble

    Mythal Ragnos
    Mythal Ragnos

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    A Night of Whimsy and Trouble - Page 2 Empty Re: A Night of Whimsy and Trouble

    Post by Mythal Ragnos 21st August 2023, 1:42 pm


    While the group of women and Leo had been taking part in dress up and boosting Wren’s confidence, Mythal and the rest of the men had been playing in several hands of poker. The air of tension had alleviated enough that the laughing and partying had resumed. Several minutes dragged on as they continued to play, unaware of the absolute showcase that was awaiting them once the others had returned. Mythal managed to pick up his mood a little, due to the fact that Gren and the other men were doing their best to raise his spirits. Plus the copious amounts of alcohol that was continually fed to him helped loosen him up.

    The music was continually playing in the background without much interest or interference. It was probably all but forgotten by the men playing poker, background noise playing against their own comments and laughter. But when it came to a sudden stop, that was noticed. The room fell silent as did the group of men, several of them looking around curiously to see if they could spot the reason for the interruption. Yet just as suddenly as it had gone quiet, a new song played, a peppy, upbeat song that none of them recognized. And then from the back emerged Mercury and Leo, arm in arm. Mercury hadn’t changed the least bit but Leo… well, if anyone had been in demand of an older hunky man in a maid outfit, they had been supplied their request. He slipped out of her hold and threw himself into what could only be described as a sexy, evocative pose.

    Wren came in with Agatha, looking so drastically different that most of the men had to do a double take. To say that the ladies had managed to perform a makeover on the Rune Knight was to put it lightly. There was literally no denying or missing the fact that she was a woman now and as she struck a pose, the last woman, Monica, wrapped her arms around Agatha and Mercury’s shoulders with the brightest shiteating grin of all. It was Bartrand of all people that spoke up first. “HELLLL YEAH! WOOO!” he hollered as he jumped to his feet, cheering everyone in with infectious excitement.

    His sentiment was not alone for even a second. The rallying cry was joined by the other men as they cheered, clapped, yelled affirmations, pumped their fists into the air and did all manner of celebrating the sight before them. Mythal did feel a bit weird to be cheering but, then again, he was already more than halfway in the tank so any real awkwardness was numb and unable to be heard. He’d made a bit of a fool of himself but it seemed that the women had saved the evening or at least, distracted it enough not to falter into a worse mess.

    With the women now returned and more confident, the party continued in a much more vibrant light. All of the men would be complimenting both Leo and Wren on their transformations and, obviously, ladling praise on Agatha, Monica and Mercury for their efforts to help out. The rest of the night would go by rather quickly until it was clearly time to end -- mostly due to how drunk Mythal had gotten. Unable to stand on his own two feet, he attempted to get up and instead stumbled, only to be caught by Ruzatz. The Prime Sin chuckled as Mythal grumbled and nearly crumbled against the demon. “Well I think our man of the evening is completely tuckered out. You all are welcome to stay as long as you like but I’m going to put Mythal here to bed,” he announced as he tossed Mythal over his shoulder. “Everyone give one last cheer for our bachelor!”

    As Ruzatz departed, Bartrand downed the rest of his drink and slammed it down on the table. “Well I’m not tired. In fact, I’m ready for some more fun if you know what I mean,” he said, looking over at Mercury and Monica and giving them a grin.

    "You fucking pervert,” Monica shot back at him, despite her own wicked smile. "I’m in. How about you, Merc? Wanna give your future cousin-in-law a double ride? Triple even; I’ll bring Agatha along.”

    "Excuse me?” Vandrad spoke up from right over Bartrand’s shoulder, glaring at the tattooed woman.

    "Don’t think I stuttered, big man. I like a man that takes charge and asks for something outright. I like to reward those that do. So this is happening and I’m pretty sure I can lure your fiance in as well. So I guess it’s up to you to decide if you’re gonna let all of us ladies play around with your cousin alone… or if you have the balls to join,” the Slayer smirked as she brought her glass up to her lips and sipped.

    "What’cha say Mercury?”

    On the other side of the room, Gren was approaching Wren and Leo. “I hope you all had a good time tonight. I know it got a little… weird earlier. Mythal’s not great at pickin’ up on things like gender, believe it or not. But he also doesn’t really like people so the fact that he invited you two makes a big difference, right?” he offered both of them a meaningful smile. “Here, I’ll walk you guys out. Feel free to keep the outfits; you might find them useful in the future. I’m sure Agatha won’t mind.”

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    Mercury Arseneault
    Mercury Arseneault

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    A Night of Whimsy and Trouble - Page 2 Empty Re: A Night of Whimsy and Trouble

    Post by Mercury Arseneault 22nd August 2023, 5:18 pm

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    Well, Mercury certainly wasn’t going to complain if Leo just wanted to undress in front of all of them. Her brows lofted in surprise, which quickly turned to interest as she watched shamelessly, admiring the older man’s physique as he removed his shirt. She had half a mind to boo at him when he slipped the dress on over his slacks instead of removing the pants first, but instead she simply tilted her head to peer as much under the skirt as she could while he worked the pants out from underneath, a wicked smirk on her face the entire time.

    Meanwhile, Agatha was patiently waiting for Wren to put on the outfit she’d selected. When the smaller woman emerged from behind the changing screen, Agatha’s eyes lit up and she practically squealed with delight, clapping her hands with a giddy wiggle. “Oh my gods, Wren! You look so sexy..!” The Lusty Titan co-owner hurried over to assist with putting the chain on while the Rune Knight got a good look at herself in the mirror, a sense of wonder on her face as she took in her own change. “That is all you, babe!” Agatha insisted with a bright smile, putting the finishing touches on the ensemble with a few tweaks to make sure everything was sitting just right.

    Soon enough everyone was dressed and ready to go, with Mercury and Leo leading the charge back into the party area. The Xocili had switched up the music for their grand entrance and Leo, with all his drunken confidence, practically swaggered back into the room, even breaking away upon arrival to drop to the ground in a daring pose. Mercury almost fell off her feet from laughing. Agatha walked alongside Wren at a slower pace, doing her best to balance the woman both physically and emotionally while slowly trying to show her how to walk in a way that helped her hips sway a bit. She giggled alongside the other redhead at Leo’s antics. “Goodness, but he has fabulous legs,” she whispered to Wren playfully, though her eyes were certainly lingering on the man’s thickly muscled limbs.

    Both Mercury and Agatha were all too happy to share in their pride with Monica when she came around and hooked an arm on both of their shoulders while Bartrand shouted out a celebratory cheer for how fantastic Wren looked. His cry caused several others to do the same, and soon pretty much everyone in the room was complimenting Wren with their ovation, including Mythal.

    The party continued on in much brighter straits before it was clear that Mythal had imbibed enough that he needed to call it a night. He stumbled right into Ruzatz’ waiting arms, the demon remarking that it was probably best to put Mythal to bed and inviting everyone else to stay for as long as they liked. Everyone gave a final raucous cheer for the groom, who wasn’t even conscious enough to hear it, nor to feel as Ruzatz hoisted him over his shoulders to walk out. It was shortly after that when Bartrand announced he wasn’t tired, and was interested in “more fun”, his tone and eyes toward Monica and Mercury unmistakable.

    Mercury gave him a knowing smirk even while Monica accused him, playfully, of being a pervert. But it seemed she was game, and immediately turned to Mercury to see if she was interested. She even mentioned bringing Agatha along for the ride. Mercury didn’t even get a chance to respond before Vandrad interjected, glaring at Monica. Of course, the tattooed woman was hardly cowed, viewing his objection as a challenge.

    Mercury idly listened to the woman’s response while she thought about what she wanted to do. Ever since her return to Earthland, she had been in a bit of a shell, sexually speaking. Before she wouldn’t have wavered at an invitation like this, but after the things that had happened to her when she had been kidnapped, she’d retreated into the safety of her relationship with Vandrad without branching out to others like she often had before. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to – she did. Trauma was a powerful force…

    But it was a force that she did not want to control her life and her actions. She’d spent her entire life being controlled. That part of her life was over.

    Her mind made up, she flashed her fiance a wicked grin. “Oh, we’re joining. Come on, Vandaddy.” Without giving him a chance to argue, she turned him toward the hall she knew would lead to some spare rooms and began to push him in the direction. Calling over her shoulder, she said, “Agatha! How’d you like sleep with Vandrad?”

    Agatha turned from the conversation she was having, her head practically on a swivel. “I’d love to!” was the response that was possible a little more eager than she’d meant. Her cheeks turned a touch rosy. “That is, if he wants to. Does he want to? Where are you guys goi– oh. OH. You mean like… right now.” She made her apologies to the others she’d been talking to before hurrying after the others.

    Needless to say, the night was far from over for them.

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