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    Double Trouble... Twins In Trouble [open, pranking Fairy Tail]


    Public Double Trouble... Twins In Trouble [open, pranking Fairy Tail]

    Post by Guest 6th February 2016, 7:36 pm

    if i'm a danger to myself
    Just think what I could do to you
    Marschal had a bunch of roses bundled up in his hands, with various amounts of bags wrapped onto his arms as well. A bright smile was on his face, and that was saying something about the mage, since he rarely ever smiled. He was standing at the entrance of the Fairy Tail guild, ears perked forward in a show of happiness and excitement. His pupils were as round and big as they could get, signalling that Marschy was in a playful mood and not a horrid one. The two had developed this idea in their heads to prank Fairy Tail, though it had taken them a while to gather up the needed supplies. On top of that, they had used a lot of pain to color the roses they had collected as dark of a black as they could. Now, all that they had to do was fill every inch of Fairy Tail with black roses and petals as quickly as they could.

    "Iza-chan, here!" Marschal mewled, handing the Black Rose mage a few bags of roses before he darted off to start the prank. He would dash around throwing the flowers everywhere, making sure that they filled every corner of the place. Though it was hard to resist wanting to roll around in the fell petals and roses, he managed to keep himself preoccupied for a while. Busy making sure that the grounds was nothing, but a pitch black in color from the roses garnishing every inch. While it was quite a large task for just the two of them, the mage had faith that they could handle doing this. After all, they were siblings, unbeknownst to them, like minded in the ways they thought, especially when it came to pranks.

    With his part done, Marschal would dash back out from the grounds of Fairy Tail and where his half-sister had been. He would stand there waiting for her until she would return, and once she did, they would find a place to hide, but still watch.


    Public Re: Double Trouble... Twins In Trouble [open, pranking Fairy Tail]

    Post by Guest 7th February 2016, 5:10 pm

    Izayuki Hyoujin ♦ Black Rose ♦ B Rank

    Marschal in such a mood was quite a rare sight to behold. She typically saw the introverted yokai confining himself to his books, his jobs, his special table- which he had likely carved his name into by now-, or his girlfriend. How Kakuma and Marschal had fallen for each other was beyond her, but Izayuki understood little about love anyway. The idea of a wolfish goddess and demonic panther yokai together was mindboggling, but they seemed to be making the idea of mateship work. Izayuki herself doubted she would ever come to love anybody. Humans were amazing and interesting- she loved to pretend that she was one to fit into their society. Yet at the same time, she knew of how they really could be- selfish, disgusting, revolting, dishonest, and more. In any case, where there was beauty, there had to be ugliness. In this world and life, at least, but a certain human had changed that for the tanuki. Her bleak outlook on things was shifted ever so slightly as she began to get to know him better. He was the same as her, after all, and she was the same as him. Why had she not known it sooner? It was strange how things could work out, but in any regard, Black Rose was unique with its many different types of members getting along so well.

    She could not ask for a better family.

    Aside from thinking about that, Izayuki's smile was widening to the point where it would hurt to grow anymore. Her unbeknownst half-brother ready to cause mischief? She would never doubt his yokai nature again. The bakedanuki was an exceptionally skillful prankster and trickster, usually lighthearted, and ready to just have a good time and a laugh. While the tanuki could not be certain of the panther's ideas and goals for when it came to jokes such as this, she would go along for the laugh. There were almost too many bags of roses for her to carry anymore, and hell, were there a lot. When Marschal gave the verbal signal, Izayuki too rushed around to scatter the thousands of roses they had either picked, bought, stolen, or whatever. The petals were a beautiful obsidian color, so the gift would reflect the name of the giver- Black Rose.

    Giggling as there were eventually black roses everywhere in the Fairy Tail guildhall, even in the hard-to-reach and why-the-heck-is-there-a-flower-here places, Izayuki returned to Marschy to hide and await pleasing reactions. That was their reward for their efforts here- a decent number of fair reactions to give them a good prankster's delight. But Iza did not hide before leaving out a little note on a table with the largest of the roses beside it. Naturally, she did not write it with her poor handwriting, but received the help from a random stranger of Magnolia...

    'A gift! Be careful; the thorns are sharp and pointy~
    Best regards,
    --Black Rose'

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    Public Re: Double Trouble... Twins In Trouble [open, pranking Fairy Tail]

    Post by Prince Tendo 7th February 2016, 8:09 pm

    Today had been similar to each and every other day in the life of the Fiore’s self-proclaimed greatest up-coming performing artist, Lucas Blaine, and that began with him practicing and perfecting new tricks for his shows which showcased his skills as illustrious illusionist. Afterwards, he would spend the day out about in Magnolia performing for the general populace before finding a cafe to indulge his sweet tooth. Finally, he was heading back to the guild hall to enjoy the ever-entertaining antics of his fellow guildmates. “Today was quite enjoyable. The sweet smell of the sea and the sound of people applauding my magnificent display of magic. Now to enjoy a quick rest at the guild.” He spoke to himself for a second before opening the doors to the guild hall.

    Despite the fact, he had only been in the guild for a short amount of time. Lucas knew something was up when he didn’t see anyone around and that the guild hall was full of black roses. “Black Roses?” The youth thought to himself as he continued to look around and try to figure out their meaning. He was a relatively new mage so a lot of the guilds were a mystery to him still. He walked to the counter and thought a bit more until he noticed there was a single piece of notebook paper in the room. The young teenager approached it and read the note.

    'A gift! Be careful; the thorns are sharp and pointy~
    Best regards,
    --Black Rose'

    “What is this suppose to mean?” He thought to himself as a confused look became plastered onto his face. Before he remembered that name at the end. It was another guild so this was suppose to be a prank. “I see... So this is suppose to be prank? Wouldn’t it be better to send like a black rose bonquet which exploded or something? But that could have been considered an act of war too. Hmm... It is a bit meh. But I suppose it is funny to a degree. I give it a 7.5 for effort.” He would then applaud for a moment to the guild. “Well it would be best to let the other see this and get there thoughts on the matter. Maybe I can ask Heero... Umm... Master, could I think of a revenge prank. Maybe an black rose bouquet that releases fireworks in the shape of emblem would do it.” He said before he attempted to pick one up and pricked his finger.

    “Oww! They really are pointy.” He whimpered a bit before he got upset for a second. “I will be avenged, Black Rose. But first time for more delicious chocolate. I know Kiku keeps some at his bar for those drinks. He won’t mind if I have a few pieces. Hehehe.” Then he rambling to find some of the sweets he desired at the moment. “Chocolate~ So sweet and yummy~” Not knowing that he was being watched from the shadow by the same members that pranked his guild. He was a bit ditzy when it came to understanding these kinds of things so his reaction to it wouldn’t be much more than that. The true genius of the prank was lost on him.


    Double Trouble... Twins In Trouble [open, pranking Fairy Tail] UeFg0Np
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