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    Worth the Trouble [Job | Private]


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    Worth the Trouble [Job | Private] Empty Worth the Trouble [Job | Private]

    Post by Vayrin 29th January 2021, 11:56 am

    Job Info:

    "Miss Cooper! I'm afraid I must insist that we go through the main streets today, we have no idea what deviants lay in wait within those alleys." The fox eared girl insisted, trying desperately to get the frail old woman to listen to her. Though it didn't seem she was getting much success on this venture, as Miss Cooper seemed fairly adamant on taking the shortcut. "Oh sweetie, I'm sure it'll be fine! I take this route every day to get to the market. The main streets are just too crowded and loud for my liking." She responded with a dismissive wave of her hand. Vayrin wasn't convinced, but realized there was little she could do to sway the woman's decision without informing her that her life may be in danger. After all, the job instructions were quite clear. Under no circumstances could this old lady know that a rival had hired an assassin after her. With a light sigh of frustration Vayrin resigned herself to the woman's wishes and kept a keen eye on their surroundings as her hand hovered close to the hilt of her blade. "Really dearie, you didn't have to go through all the trouble of coming with me on my morning market run. I'm just looking for seeds is all, I have nothing for you to carry back." Cooper said back to her unknown body guard as Vayrin carefully watched every movement around them. The alley in question was rather large, and far from empty. Between the crates and empty boxes sat many shady looking figures, all staring at the Rune Knight. "Call me a good samaritan then." Vayrin muttered, partially distracted by the many eyes on her.

    Thankfully the pair made it to the end without incident. She gave an internal sigh of relief as Miss Cooper continued on her way towards the market beyond. Vayrin was about to continue following when she heard the sound of muffled running just behind her! With quick thinking the Knight pulled out her long blade and spun around just in time for the flash of steel to ring out across the enclosed space! Grunting with strain, Vayrin had locked swords with a hooded figure. She couldn't make out his face, but the light grin beneath his shroud was enough to tell her his intent. "So somebody tipped her off, huh? No matter, after I finish you I'll take care of the old bat!" The assassin cooed as he continued to push Vayrin's blade. The girl's eyes narrowed and she planted her feet, keeping her center of gravity steady and her mind clear. "Easier said than done!" She grimaced before her blade began to glow. With a light flash of magic, the air blew back around the two combatants and both Vayrin and the Assassin were pushed back from each other, ending the lock. "What a stroke of luck for me! Some low level gardening rivalry hit just turned into a chance to kill a knight! I won't waste this opportunity." The killer laughed, getting into a battle ready stance as Vayrin did the same.

    The assassin struck first sprinting forwards with a glow to his step, implying he was using magic of some sort! Vayrin braced for a hit, but it didn't come! Instead the killer leaped above and over the knight just as he got within striking distance. Thankfully Vayrin's experience was just as good, allowing her to react in time to parry his attempted back stab. The two continued to exchange blows within the alley, Vayrin keeping a straight face as the curved blade tried to find its mark. The song of steel and sparks echoed between the two buildings and Vayrin knew she'd have to end this quickly. Without warning her body vanished from the air in a bright flash just as the assassin nearly hit her neck! He was confused for a moment before he felt her foot planted in his back! Flying forwards from the force of the kick the assassin crashed head first into some old crates. Not giving him any chance to recover Vayrin sprinted forwards with incredible speed and before he could even make sense to what was going on the assassin felt the butt of her weapon knock him out cold...

    "See? I told you nothing was going to happen you silly girl." Miss Cooper said as she was returning to her home. Vayrin stood on her porch with a small smile. "And you were absolutely right Miss Cooper. But one can never be too careful." Vayrin responded with a grin.

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