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    Blood drive


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    Blood drive Empty Blood drive

    Post by Smrt 8th December 2020, 7:14 am

    Getting back to Rose Garden was not easy for Smrt. The town had too many bad things attached to it, all the memories of his love, his change, his struggle were here. Still, avoiding it, as a whole, would only make greater pain to Smrt. His mission of finding Mari, the love of his life, and what had happened in the two year since the incident, had led him in another direction that still needed to be investigated. He wanted to give it his full attention but being part of a legal guild had its weird little duties, and he had to be a part of it. The blood drive was a very famous event in Fiore, every three months most legal mages came here to help with some small stuff like entertaining the children, serving food, serving drinks, helping those who had blood drawn walk to the dining area and catching them if they fall, as well as aiding to keep those who fainted from overheating. Most mages loved the attention, the gratitude normal, non-mage, people show for it all, still Smrt was no fan. The drive was Magic Council sponsored so, there were many things Smrt knew could go bad. Like any government the Magic Council was full of bribed, corrupt officials and other immoral happenings. So Smrt had another mission, to keep an eye on those that gave him the task of keeping an eye on the others.
    His first task at hand was to give his blood. To do so, he approached a pink-haired girl with a flip chart and a pen. She had a uniform that definitively identified her as a part of the drive and Smrt knew that she would be the one that could point him to the right direction.
    "Hi." Smrt said with a fake smile that could be recognized from a mile. Smrt's normal behavior was more akin to a dark mage than to a legal one, still he never tried to behave better. He was aware that there was no need to be genuine about it all, only to appear so. The girl's eyes widened after she turned around to see a seven-foot man standing next to her. She swallowed, searching for a help in dealing with him, but was scared even more when the man's hand was placed on her shoulder.
    "I am Smrt, I am from a Dias Irae. Sorry for scaring you I just want to give my blood that is all."
    This time he was genuine, there were no ill intentions towards her, she was needed only for information. She was still not fully relaxed but gave Smrt the benefit of the doubt, looking at the paper and finding his name on it. After giving him the volunteer badge, her thin hand pointed towards tents filled with all kinds of people, both magical and non-magical, some in funny outfits, some in plain whites. With a quick step and a few hours of waiting Smrt was on the table with a needle in his arm. It wasn't the first time his blood was taken, but this time it was voluntarily.



    Blood drive Smrt_sign


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