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    Blood Drive


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    Blood Drive Empty Blood Drive

    Post by Kirara 7th July 2016, 8:31 am

    Kirara had just finished the first story in her book of adventures: Kirara meets strangers. Strange title for an adventure, but that’s what it was. She met someone named Akashi, who was knew to her, and they had a rather interesting time exploring Clover, though they often did get lost. However, Kirara was in quite the predicament now. She didn’t have any money, and she needed to figure out how to get some.

    After all, you can’t expect to have safe travels without money, rather you can’t expect any LEGAL travel without money, so she had it set in her mind to find some type of work. ”Well, I guess they really are trying to give me a somewhat authentic travelers experience.” She said as she munched on a candy bar. ”But that’s a great thing! I can’t expect to be a real adventurer if all of my funding comes from my parents. I have to be able to figure out situations on my own.”

    Kirara stood up to her feet, and started asking strangers about where she could find work. ”Excuse me, do you know where I could find some work?” She repeated this statement about 3 times before someone had an answer besides “No, sorry”. ”There’s a blood drive in Rose Garden. Bu-” Before the woman could finish her sentence, Kirara had jumped up and ran. ”A blood drive is a perfect way to make money!” She said as she ran toward the boat that went from clover to Rose Garden daily.

    As she was on the boat, she had an unpleasant realization that she was prone to motion sickness. ”Who would have known boat travel would be this unpleasant?” She said to herself as she leaned on the edge of the boat. Kirara had never been on a boat before, and she wasn’t enjoying it, but she knew that if she wished to continue traveling, she would have to get over it. She tried to be strong, but the odds were the opposite of ever in her favor, they were against her. ”I’m not gonna let a little motion sickness do me in!” She said to herself, hoping that the ride was over soon.

    She was hoping no one noticed that she was there, as she was not a legal passenger on the boat, but a stowaway. She couldn’t pay for the ride, so she slyly boarded the boat without anyone noticing.

    A few moments later, the boat had stopped and Kirara quickly jumped off. ”LAND! OH, HOW I’VE MISSED YOU!” She shouted. ”Now, time to find the blood drive.” She began to search around until quickly finding those that were in charge of it. She spoke to someone who appeared to be in charge of running the blood drive. ”Excuse me, sir, are you in charge of the blood drive?” She said politely. He nodded and directed her to a chair. He tapped her arm after tying a tight band around, and made her vein appear. He then stuck a needle into the vein, and extracted the blood. He motioned for her to get off of the chair and began to speak. ”Thank you for your voluntary and nonprofit services. We greatly appreciate it.” ”Nonprofit?” Kirara sighed, as she had just went all the way to Rose Garden to not get paid. ”Back to the drawing board…”

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