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    Blood drive


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    Blood drive Empty Blood drive

    Post by Nadarr 4th October 2017, 7:38 pm

    They found themselves back in rose garden, A local blood drive has requested some help with, well everything. Apparently they are short on staff and desperately need some help.  Clearance sighed as they got there.  He didn’t mind doing work but..  He looked back at Coco then back at the blood drive.  That should say enough.  Anyhow he walked in a few people walking over “hello can we help you?” they would ask.  “ hello My name Is Clearance Auburn miss, we are here to assist with the drive” he said in his calm quiet tone.  “Are you with with a guild?” they ask curiously.  “ no mam we are independent mages” he said his hands in his pockets..  “Oh I see, well then come in. They were both lead inside a building.   There was a line of people waiting to get checked in a nurse behind the counter frantically working to get them in” Sir can you help her and mam um…” she looked around for a job for Coco.  “I’ll just clean for now” Coco nodded walking to find a broom.  The nurse nodded running back to the blood station.  “Clearance walked over and started to help check people i relieving her of some work.  As he was doing paperwork Coco was cleaning like a mad mad, a true professional.  She was not getting in anyone's way, she was efficient, and the place was looking cleaner than when they probably set up. He shook his head filing paperwork for the nurse but something perk his attention, a little kid crying,  he was clearly scared, and the nurse couldn’t calm him down.  He sighed walking over to him looking down at him “why you crying?” he asked his voice sounded uninterested though he was.  “I don’t want a shot, it scarrrry!”  he screamed”  Clearance sighed and knelt down to the kid “hey, kid what's your name?”  he asked his tone not really changing.  “T tommy” he sniffled a bit.  “W why?” he asked.  “Clearance sighed “cause i can’t keep calling you kid tommy...what would help you want to see it done?”  he asked.  The kid nodded lightly.  “Clearance then got him up and rolled up his sleeve sitting in the chair.  The nurse smiled and knew what he was doing,and drew blood.  The kid watched calming down “Seeing quick  and easy”  The kid nodded and got his blood drawn without any fuss.  As the child got up running after it was done to the snack table the nurse looked up to him.  “Thank you sir….that really wasn’t necessary…”  she said with a genuine smile.  Clearance sighed “it was more then you know”  Clearance nodded and went to go.  At the end of the day they were thanked and they left.  “Master...why did you do that?” Coco asked.  “Clearance Kept walking “I told you, we help those who can’t help themselves, even simple things” he says looking up a bit.  Coco nodded at they just walk.  Helping those in need...what did that really mean though….

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