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    Blood Drive

    James Steel
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    Blood Drive Empty Blood Drive

    Post by James Steel 9th June 2017, 2:09 pm

    The Job:

    Not long after James received his passport, a blood drive in Rose Garden was announced. The Magic Council themselves were heading it up in fact. James thought this would be a good time to win some points with the council and decided to sign up. Unfortunately for him, all his blood was replaced by a liquid metal which would only harm other people. As he was about to give up on helping out, a woman walked by handing multiple people fliers. They stated "The Rose Garden blood drive needs volunteers! All wizards young and old are allowed to help with the drive." Though he couldn't donate blood himself, he decided helping out would be fine as well.

    The local hospital was packed with kind souls who were donating blood and people assisting in their donations. James walked to the front desk, and asked a secretary "Is your staff still in need of volunteers? If so I would love to be of assistance." the woman glanced upward to see James, glowing eyes and all. "Ummm... Sure, but your gonna have to take that hood off first, and show me your guild tattoo." James did as requested, taking off his hood and tugging down his robes to show off part of his guild tattoo."Ok, that should just about cover it. Your job is simple, all you need to do is bring bottled waters to the people who has already gotten blood drawn." The Secretary handed him a satchel containing bottles of water. James Smiled "Happy to help."

    As instructed, James walked down hall ways giving water to various people who had been dehydrated by blood loss. He even encountered one elderly lady who fainted, luckily he was there to catch her in time. Before he knew it, the night was almost over, but the children of the hospital were becoming restless. Heavens knows they didn't enjoy sitting in a building all day. James stopped in front of a group of them and began to use his magic, turning some paper balls in a waste basket into hardened balls of blue mercury. He began to juggle the three balls for their entertainment, causing a small crowd to form around him. He concluded this performance with a bow, and began to walk down the hallways until he was struck by a teams of doctors running with a stretcher. It appeared that they needed the blood sooner than expected. "We need several pints of blood to room 208, this man was injured while fighting a member of Basilisk Fang. Poison is to be expected." James watched the situation play out from a distance giving the doctors room to breathe. Nurses approached handing off pints of blood for a proper transfusion. In the end, the man's life was saved. James continued to work tirelessly throughout the night until the drive was over. Upon it's conclusion, James was rewarded with a letter from the Magic Council. "Well, I think it's time to get back to Lamia Scale..." James said while walking into a rising sun, and slowly fading away.

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