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    Relaxation [Urban Nights Event: Nathaniel and Trinity]

    Nathaniel Stratford
    Nathaniel Stratford

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    Relaxation [Urban Nights Event: Nathaniel and Trinity] Empty Relaxation [Urban Nights Event: Nathaniel and Trinity]

    Post by Nathaniel Stratford on 15th July 2020, 2:24 am

    Finally, after months of being on the road, being on various jobs in order to make the world a better place, one dead villain at a time. It was becoming tiresome, if he was being honest with himself but it was his duty. It was his goal in life. Then when things started to die down and he had seemingly done all he could in pursuit of that goal at this time, he decided he could catch a break which was a decision that was coherent to the current state of the world when he had heard of a party all throughout Fiore. It was exciting, if he could say so himself. The prospect of having fun was something he looked forward to and already he had a concrete idea of how to go on about it, making his face light up at the thought which resulted in a small smile and some blushing on his cheeks. He whipped out his iLac and immediately texted someone which only brightened up both his face and his smile, telling that person if they would be free to go to a party in Capital Crocus, and that if that person where to be there, he'd be waiting at a bar he stumbled upon one day. He then got up his bed and out to the door to go look for a cyberpunk outfit for tonight since he's pretty sure he doesn't have one, with him only having 4 pairs of clothes; the one he wore getting to Dies Irae, the one he usually wears now, his uniform, and an outfit he got on Valentines.

    Finally night came, and Nat was up on a rooftop balcony of a bar in the Captial Crocus, waiting for the person he texted that morning, and that person was Trinity which he had become very fond of. He hadn't seen her in a long time and assumed it had been because of their very busy individual lives. He certainly knows his has been eventful which makes this reunion all the more exciting that it already was. Behind him and below him, he could already see people having a good time, generally being flat our drunk and wasted but not a lot of people were inside the bar, mostly because of the reason that it was a hidden gem. There wasn't any signage of its existence on the building's exterior, and the building itself didn't look all too festive for it to have a bar on the roof either because it was an apartment building with the last two floors being commercial. Music the DJ was playing can be heard all the way up on where he was and his head was bobbing to the beat while he leaned on the railings. He then moved a bottle he was holding on his right hand that had a chrome gauntlet with a stripe patterned cyan neon glow on it up to his lip to take a small sip. He didn't want to be a bit tipsy even before Trinity got there after all. He would continue to look over the peaceful and happy city as he waited, trying to snipe some interesting activities for them to do but was more than content to keep drinking and listening to the music, even to the woooos of the party goers, as if the world didn't have problems. And for a moment, he too wished that there really wasn't any, and have this chance to live like a normal man his age. How happy that would have been. So he decided to turn around and look at what little crowd there was in the place. His metallic boots would clink as he did for it bore the same neon pattern as his one glove did which weren't all the uncomfortable due to the khaki pants he had that were so long to cover his feet. He short sleeved white shirt would have a belt going across it diagonally that acted to securely fasten a left sleek chrome shoulder plate he had on, and a pair of cyan shade on his head. And there he saw how normal people partied, trying to get a sense of how this night was going to be.

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