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    Scare the Bully - Not so big now are ya?

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    Scare the Bully - Not so big now are ya? Empty Scare the Bully - Not so big now are ya?

    Post by Supreme One Magnus 3rd April 2020, 3:16 am

    Magnus was pacing back and forth a finger on his chin and very much lost in thought - an unusual sight to anyone who knew him in any way. His mind was racing as he pondered what exactly he'd need to do. He'd just been given his first official job for the guild - help a boy who was being bullied. Naturally Magnus' immediate response was "I'll punch the bully in the face, that'll fix it!" but apparently that wasn't allowed. Something about the young boy getting into trouble should the bully turn up hurt. Now Magnus was at a complete loss. If he couldn't punch the bully, what COULD he do? Words wouldn't, couldn't be sufficient enough in this scenario could they?

    Thinking was harder work than expected too. The Chaos mage was so used to acting first and questioning never, that to think things over beforehand was an alien concept to him. Then suddenly it clicked. "I should eat! What is it that guy said before...food for thought! That's what I need, food for thought!" he declared loudly to himself - and everyone within about thirty meters - before smiling happily to himself and heading down the street to his new favourite restaurant. He'd been here so many times already since arriving in Magnolia that the chefs and the waiters and waitresses knew his order before he even sat down. He regularly forgot his money, so more often than not he would have someone from the restaurant turn up at the guild once a week to collect payment for the food and drink he'd consumed. He always obliged of course - he was simply forgetful, not a scoundrel - and would always give more than was asked for "as sorry!"

    Today of course was no different. He arrived, and within minutes there was a plate full of meaty morsels in front of him ready and waiting to be devoured. And, as always, the plate was clear in about ten minutes. He was contemplating going for seconds when something caught his eye - the boy whose job he'd accepted was stood two buildings away from him, and he'd been approached by another boy. This boy was considerably larger in build than Magnus' client, and after a brief exchange of words the larger boy revealed himself to be the bully Magnus had been tasked to deal with. What luck! Magnus wouldn't have to walk so far and try to find him. The Fairy Tail mage got to his feet (once again creating a clatter that the other customers were beginning to grow accustomed to by this point) and marched toward the scene, rolling his shoulders.

    He stopped directly behind the bully and tapped him on the shoulder. "...Oi..."

    The bully turned his head slightly and was about to say something, but immediately stopped. He'd expected his eyes to meet someone's face. Instead they met steely abs. Magnus watched the boys eyes climb up and up, his face getting paler and paler with each passing second until finally their eyes met. The bully loosened his grip on the boy, who skittered to the side quickly, his eyes themselves filled with awe - this was his second time seeing Magnus, but there was no preparation for a man of Magnus' size when you're a child.

    The bully managed to collect himself enough to utter the words "...w-what?" but his confidence failed him and his voice squeaked, much to the client's amusement. Now it was showtime. Magnus' muscles pulsed as his magical energy coated his entire body in a fluctuating black and white aura. "You're not a big guy. You're tiny. And if you touch my friend again, I will squash you like a bug." His voice was cold, and a sinister smile flashed across his face. The bully stood frozen in terror for a moment before he screamed a horrifically high pitched scream and bolted down the street. The client looked up at Magnus and chuckled. "That went great! Thank you so much...uhhh...you can stop being scary now." Magnus immediately snapped out of it and laughed loudly. "Haha! Sorry, I got lost in the second!" the big man chuckled and gently pat his client on the head. "Don't you worry about payment little guy, just let me know if he comes back. And if you want to be big and strong. I can help with both."

    The boy laughed and gave a thumbs up in response "Will do!" Magnus returned the thumbs up and the odd duo laughed loudly - Magnus' laugh far overpowering the boy's of course. "In fact, how's about we get started now? Fancy a steak?"

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