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    Scare the Bully [Job/Solo]


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    Scare the Bully [Job/Solo] Empty Scare the Bully [Job/Solo]

    Post by Genesis 12th May 2019, 12:20 pm

    It would be a lie to say Genesis had sympathized with the victim of this job. She simply didn’t understand the situation he was in. It wasn’t too hard to ignore the taunts or actions of a bully in her opinion, but compared to the other children her age, she lived a very different life than they did. Plus, it did seem easy enough, only requiring her to scare him away.

    The two had agreed to meet in an alleyway shortly after his school had ended. While the boy’s face did appear surprised that someone his age and was even smaller than he had arrived, he would decide to brush it off considering that she was a mage. “Are you going to do any magic or something? Just please don’t hurt him.” The boy fretted over and over. “I don’t want us to get in trouble for something as petty as pocket change.”

    Genesis gave him a reassuring smile and shook her head. Instead, she would take out a couple of bills and show them to the boy who appeared confused. “You’re going to pay him off? But that won’t do anything.”

    “Nope,” she replied as she handed him the bills. The boy hesitantly took them and immediately inspected them.

    “Hey,” he said flipping them over. “They’re glued together and one of them isn’t even money! What are you going to do?”

    Taking the bill back, Genesis smiled. “What I love doing the best: pranking. We’re going to get him so good that he’ll never bother you again. Now then, let’s talk. I need you to help me…”

    They would return the next day, shortly after the school had once again let out, this time in front of the door. Nervously, the boy looked at Genesis and whispered to her. “I hope this really works.” Hesitation was clear in his eyes. He had told her yesterday that if this plan were to fail, it would most likely make the bullying even worse, but Genesis felt confident in her plan.

    A loud voice suddenly seemed to come out of nowhere. “Heya punk. Where’s my daily payment today?”

    The boy seemed to shrink at the voice, “I gave the last of it to my friend I’m sorry.” He whimpered. The bully seemed to narrow his eyes as Genesis, taking in her stature.

    “Never seen you ‘round here before but guess that don’t matter. You want to pay me something as well? Sure’ll make your life a whole lot easier.”

    For a moment, Genesis pretended to be contemplating his offer. It was clear that she held no fear in her eyes. “Mmmm, okay. Why not. But I want to introduce myself first is that alright?” She held out her hand in a gesture of a handshake.

    The bully’s confusion was apparent. However, he complied with her request. “I guess so? As long as I get my money afterward.” He reached out to her outstretched hand and tried to grasp it firmly, only to receive an electrical shock that made him jump. Genesis merely giggled and revealed the toy joy buzzer in her palm. The boy seemed even more scared once the bully shook it off and grabbed her by the collar. “You want to play around with me, twerp? Do it again and I’ll make sure you’ll regret it. Now give. Me. My. Money.”

    Her eyes shot towards the boy, giving him an unspoken signal do to execute a plan that they had discussed yesterday. While he hesitated, clearly afraid of the bully he reluctantly decided to do so. He placed an air horn near his ear while he was too distracted with Genesis to notice and let it rip. He gave a high pitched scream and released her, turning back towards the boy. “Do you both want a world of hurt?!” He threatened. The boy immediately let out a squeal. However, she would keep her promise of making sure that he wouldn’t be hurt in the process.

    From her pocket, Genesis produced a realistic snake toy that she had recently purchased after hearing from the boy that one of the bully’s greatest fears was ophiophobia. Quickly, she dropped it on his shoulder and when he turned his head to see what it was, he let out another high pitched scream. “Get it off me! Get it off me!” He shrieked, trying to swat it off. By now, the snake should have fallen off, but she had made sure to place an adhesive on the bottom of the toy to make sure it would stick for a while. It was impossible for Genesis to hold in her laughter. The boy, while still very afraid, couldn’t help but break out a smile as well. Some of the other students stopped and watched the scene with amusement.

    Unfortunately, the bully had eventually managed to rip the false snake from his back and stared it with a fuming expression which he then turned on Genesis. Grabbing her by her collar once more, he pulled her face right close to his own and spoke in a menacing tone. “I will make you regret this.” He would then launch a hook to her face, something that she had prepared for but it still didn’t lessen the impact for. Letting go of the collar he would then follow up with a kick to the stomach, causing her to stumble back in pain.

    “Genesis!” The other boy called out with concern, but she merely held up a hand to signal him to stop. While he complied, he still looked rather worried.

    Placing one hand over her mouth, she would speak again. “I think… I’m going to hurl.” She pretended to wobble around as if she truly did feel nauseous. In reality, she was preparing for her final prank.

    “I’m not done messing with you punk.” The bully said, advancing towards her. Before he could take another step forward, a wad of blue spit expelled from her mouth landing straight towards the bully to her surprise. While clearly confused what this was, he still attempted to move forward, only to find himself unable to do so. The boy’s eyes widened in surprise.

    You didn’t hurt him did you?” He fretted. Genesis shook her head and laughed, walking over to the frozen bully.

    “Nah, it only freezes them for a little… At least I think it doesn’t hurt can’t guarantee if I use it more than once on the same person” She said, winking at the boy while the bully looked with frozen horror. “I was told sometimes I was part snake as well.” She said with a giggle. “But I can make a deal with you not to do it again if you promise not to bully any of the other children again. Otherwise, I’ll come and spit on you again.”

    While the phrase would have appeared humorous on most other occasions, the clearly frightened bully didn’t waste any time to agree once he was able to move again. When the venom had worn off, he hastily retreated from the school leading Genesis to admire a job well done. The boy came up to her and looked at her with awe in his eyes. “Wow, that actually worked. Are you okay though?”

    Genesis gave him a smile and nodded, Yep. Don’t worry I’ve been through worse as a mage.”

    While the boy still seemed to hesitate, he nodded in agreement. “I don’t have much… but thank you.” He said as he handed some coins to her.

    Genesis pocketed them and nodded, “If you want some pranking tips from me just let me know. I’ll be around. If he causes any more trouble let me know, I’ll handle him.” She said before walking away. Hopefully, her actions would put a permanent stop to the bully’s antics.

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