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    Mercury Arseneault
    Mercury Arseneault

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    Consequences - Page 2 Empty Re: Consequences

    Post by Mercury Arseneault 13th March 2020, 4:57 pm

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    Well, this was the pits. Mercury was actually starting to feel a bit bad for him, which was just depressing. She rarely felt empathy for others, but she did genuinely enjoy Vandrad’s company. He was fun to have around, even if the fun for her was mostly at his expense. The video evidence was enough for him, and he shut it down with an angry comment for himself that he couldn’t even finish. Boy, what was this poor prince’s life like that he couldn’t allow himself a bit of fun from time to time? He really needed to chill out.

    She let him talk himself out as she finished picking up what was left of her clothes. Going home was going to be fun, Mercury mused to herself. The Silver Wolf mage had brought Vandrad a change of clothes, cause she hadn’t intended on leaving him half naked after the job, but she had not brought one for herself. At least she wouldn’t have to walk naked through towns, not that that would bother her too much, but it would still be a very cold flight home.

    Mercury was about to interject on his comments about his anger when he continued on about the boy she’d saved. Apparently, Vandrad knew him. Her emerald eyes flicked toward him in very genuine surprise. She had figured he would at least be quelled by the knowledge that the job was to save someone from his country, even though Mercury had yet to confirm that she’d overheard Vandrad’s admittance of his identity on their last job. Frankly, she had been sorely disappointed at not being able to figure that out on her own and so had opted to simply not mention it and leave him fidgeting as to whether or not she’d heard his little secret.

    But he actually knew the kid, had watched the boy grow up and could even name parts of his personality that likely were going to be affected by being kidnapped. In fact, the prince even went on to talk with a bit of… camaraderie between the two of them. “People like us” he’d said, referring to her and him both as true soldiers. Mercury wasn’t entirely sure she liked that he had pieced that bit together about her, but at this point there was no denying it. As casual as she like to portray herself, he’d seen enough of her fighting at this point -- both off hand and first hand -- to recognize what she was.

    Boy, this was all getting serious in a way that Mercury wasn’t exactly sure how to handle. She had honestly figured at best that he would have stormed out of here by now and told her never to talk to him again. At worst, that he would have already made a second attempt on her life. He mentioned not knowing why she took the job, whether it be for money or for the knowledge of who he was. She did not make any kind of indication as to whether that last part was or wasn’t true, as she still wasn’t ready to finish playing with that particular nugget of information.

    And then he actually thanked her, something she really didn’t know how to deal with. Mercury had snuck up on him, knocked him out, stripped him down, tied him up, literally dragged him across the desert, sold him into slavery, and then slept with him after he tried to kill her. Thanking her was absolutely the last thing she ever expected from him, and that was clear by her expression. And frankly, she had no idea what to say. Sure people had thanked her for things before, but not like this. For once, he had stumped her.

    Mercury was silent for a long moment before she finally spoke up, surprising even herself with her simple honesty. “I will be the first person to admit that I don’t exactly have a lot of compassion or empathy for other people,” she told him plainly. “Everyone has their lot in life, and we each have to deal with that, even slaves. It’s the way life goes. Some manage to escape their fates and make something different for themselves, but most of us don’t get that luxury. Life is what it is. We either learn to work with it, or we let it break us.”

    She shrugged. Folding up what was left of her clothes, she knelt down and tucked them into her pack. “That kid, though… He wasn’t born to slavery. He was born to something better, and he was too young to protect himself to stop his fate from changing. Money is always nice, but some jobs are worth more than that.”

    Pausing for a moment, she contemplated whether she wanted to say more on the subject. Mercury had already gotten more… sentimental? Than she liked. But hell, they were already here. No point in stopping, she continued to dig through her bag and to speak. “If you really want to know why I did what I did… it’s because I knew I wasn’t going to be able to do that job alone. I needed help, but more specifically I needed the help of someone I knew I could trust to get the job done. You were the only one who I knew was strong enough for me to count on.”

    “Unfortunately, the details of the job only allowed me one ticket for entrance, and it had my name on it. The only way I was getting anyone in was as a slave, which I knew you weren’t going to agree to. And honestly, even if you had… no offense, but I get the feeling you’re not that convincing of a liar.” She did shoot him a small smirk there, though not necessarily teasing in nature. “Anyway… it needed to look authentic, because these people are pros. The entire stadium was magicked so that it could just pop away at the first sign of trouble, so if they suspected anything was up, our window would be missed. I decided not to chance it, and just… kidnapped you and did my best to make you think it was real.”

    Having found what she was looking for, she stood up once more. In her hands was a set of men’s clothes, neatly folded. “It wasn’t the nicest thing to do, I know. I’m not the nicest person. I can say that freely, and I won’t deny that I did get some personal enjoyment out of the ordeal. But at the end of the day, I never had any intentions to actually sell you, and I did try to do only as much as I needed to be convincing, for the boy’s sake… rightly or wrongly.”

    She held up the clothes for him to take. “And as far as everything else… I’m sure I’m probably the last person whose opinion your interested in, but just a thought, for what it’s worth: Self control is great, but like all good things moderation is key. You gotta be able to let loose sometimes, otherwise… well, it’s gonna build up and you’re gonna black out from anger and wind up making choices you’re not happy with later. You don’t like me, you don’t trust me, and I figure this is where we say goodbye, and if that’s how it’s going to be, I can accept that.”

    “But honestly… sleeping with me, even out of rage, doesn’t have to be the worst thing in the world, does it? You had a good time. I daresay you had a great time. And I won’t shy away from saying that I had a hell of a time. We both enjoyed it, even if you don’t remember it, and it still helped you get all that pent up anger out of your system. It doesn’t have to be a point of shame. You are allowed to have some fun in your life. And you had a lot of it.” Though she was still being a bit serious, there was at least a small, playful smirk on her lips now. Yeah this was all real and heavy and shit but that didn’t mean it couldn’t also be humorous.

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    Vandrad Ragnos
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    Consequences - Page 2 Empty Re: Consequences

    Post by Vandrad Ragnos 13th March 2020, 4:58 pm

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    Consequences - Page 2 RJtajUnz_o

    This was a very humbling moment for Vandrad – something he didn’t experience very often. Realizing that his control wasn’t as tight and firm as he thought it had been had shaken him to his core. In truth, it wasn’t even really the sex that bothered him – it was the fact that he had acted outside of his senses. There was some carnal, wild part of him that had broken through and left him in a mind numbing unconsciousness. As he watched the video and let his mind repeat the images in his head, he could feel tidbits of memory starting to seep through the darkness. Correlating images that played from both her direct vision and his. They were brief but they were returning, which meant at some point they’d be back in full.

    But that wasn’t the problem. The problem was still the unchecked rage monster that had broken through. Vandrad was a lot of things – a grump, standoffish and certainly proud – but he was not a slave to his emotions. Yet that seemed to be the problem, hadn’t it? He’d bottled up so many different emotions that he probably could have felt and worked through and it had created this beast inside. It was horrifying to imagine, let alone experience from the other side. Though based on how Mercury seemed, she was rather pleased with the results. Yet her was working through it and apparently felt the need to voice it out loud for her to hear. Why, he couldn’t honestly say but he wasn’t about to halt it when it was, in fact, easing some of the stress.

    And the truth was, bringing Morli back had meant a decent amount to him. He didn’t particularly care for the boy as a friend or even as a younger sibling but there was still something about knowing someone during their growth. One still felt protective of them and it had wormed its way inside of Vandrad’s heart without his consent but not without meaning. Knowing that one of his people had been reunited with his family was an uplifting feeling he honestly hadn’t experienced since his own tribulations with liberating slave camps with the Bellum army. He was so moved that he found the ability to properly thank her without stumbling over the words like he didn’t even know what they meant. And in doing so, he had brought her to a sudden standstill.

    He waited for a long, long moment that seemed to tick by in hours. He expected a lot of things to come from it – some smartass remark, a simple brush off of the action as nothing more than a job… but he wasn’t prepared for her sincere honesty. In a moment of introspection much like his, she talked about her lack of sensitivity when it came to other people’s plights. Much like he believed, life wasn’t a caring and hopeful existence and many were on the dark side of it. One could either make it work for them or they get destroyed by it. But she admitted that Morli wasn’t born into his situation. He had been taken against his will, forced into a predicament he was neither prepared or stable for. And therein lay her answer to why she had taken the job in the first place.

    It was the perfect opportunity to jump on and give her a sharp remark, turning the war of words they seemed to be eternally locked in to his favor. And yet he didn’t; he simply stood there and listened, even as she rummaged around inside, deciding just how much she was willing to share. Frankly what she had said already was quiet the knowledge bomb but it was only a second later that she decided to reveal why she had started this entire charade in the first place. She admitted that doing the job alone would have been difficult, if not impossible. And she needed someone she knew would work with her plans, even if they were unaware of them. He apparently was someone she could count on – durable, deep words that seemed outside of lexicon’s scope. She continued, citing how his capture was necessary because trying to pull a fast one could have endangered the entire job. So she had decided to kidnap him for real and sell her story hard enough that even the Prince of Bellum believed it. He snorted at the insinuation that he wasn’t that great of a liar but a look of amusement passed over his features. "I’m certainly not a fan of sneaking around… but I can craft a decent lie when I try hard enough,” he said, casting her a look and a small smirk. She’d met him when he was off balance and he was sure he could fool her if he really tried. Whether that was true or not was up for debate.

    She continued, lamenting her choice as being less than nice and that she, herself, wasn’t exactly the avatar of goodness either, as she had gotten good laughs and amusement out of the whole situation. But she had done everything she could to make things as believable as possible without pushing the envelope too far, so that they even had a chance to get to Morli. He glanced down at the clothes she held, recognizing them as made for a man. Replacement articles for the ones she had clearly taken off of him at some point in his capture. She spoke up one final time, offering him a bit of wisdom over his lack of emotional and psychological freedom. He’d stifled himself for years and the result had been the creation of a beast that overwhelmed him and acted beyond what he would do himself. She seemed fairly certain on his feelings of her and figured this was where they parted for good.

    Yet she figured aloud that sleeping with her was certainly not the worse result of his blind outrage. She went as far as to assume that he’d had a good time along with her and he got the opportunity to work out his more animalistic instincts and anger in a fashion that didn’t result in anyone getting hurt. She concluded by saying he was allowed to have fun and even threw in one last jibe in saying that he had more than enough with her. He met her gaze evenly, even as she smirked up at him with the barest of amusement. He brought his hands up and touched the clothes, taking them from her offered hands.

    For a long moment he held her stare before the slightest of smirks returned to his face. "Well look at that. A warrior and a sage. Are you sure you’re not a monk from Midi?” He asked her offhandedly, his tone conveying his own humor. "I’ll take your words into consideration. After all, we wouldn’t want me to get angry again and results in another session of a perverse nature, would we?” He intentionally left the question open, making it sound like perhaps it wouldn’t be the worst result.

    In this moment of sudden awareness, he noticed a few things too. She was presenting him with clothes that she had packed for him but he saw no sign of ones for herself. A sliver of compassion for him or not, he figured she would have taken out a set for herself. But he had come at her hard right after she had escaped, probably too fast for her to prepare clothing for herself. The shreds and pieces she had picked up were probably all that she had. He glanced down at clothing in his hands and then gruffly pulled the shirt off the top, handing it back to her. "Since I’m the reason you’re lacking an outfit,” he explained why simply. Once she had taken it, he took a moment to pull the pants on and finally regain some sense of modesty.

    There didn’t seem much left for them to do or talk about. Everything that could be explained or said had already come out and, outside of sitting there and staring at one another, the oasis only offered as much as a place for a quick rinse. Getting back to Magnolia from here was going to be fun but he’d worry about that once he was up in the air. Proving yet again that he wasn’t great at saying goodbye, he started for the door and prepared to leave without another word. But he paused in the frame, his hand resting against the wall. "Mercury,” he spoke her name for the first time since they’d introduced themselves. He turned back to her slightly, enough to look over his shoulder and meet her gaze. "If you were to come across another job that you think could require my assistance… it would not be the worst thing if you reached out. So long as it provides a proper challenge.”

    It was a huge step and Mercury, even in the short amount of time she had known him, would certainly pick up on that. It wasn’t the Prince asking for help with his own mission or even inviting her on any jobs that he planned on taking. It was him offering something more; he was putting himself out there, saying that he was willing to work with her again. In spite of the anger she had made in him, despite the fact that he was suspicious of who or what she was, there was still enough of a tangible trust and respect for her that he set aside his boorish attitude and extended an olive branch. Friendship – not so much.

    But ally? Well, it seemed he was willing to consider it.

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