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    Granny Duty [Protect Miss Cooper]

    Digit v2
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    Granny Duty [Protect Miss Cooper] Empty Granny Duty [Protect Miss Cooper]

    Post by Digit v2 9th January 2020, 11:30 am

    A hired assassin was out to kill someone. That someone was a gardening old lady who had probably not hurt anyone deliberately. Someone had discovered the plot, and had put out a call for help to save the old lady without letting her know there was a bounty on her head. And somebody had responded to the call. It all had the trappings of a hero story... except that the hero was no strapping young man with a chiseled body structure, or a determined athletic beauty who was worthy of the adulation of the people. Nope, this somebody was a deformed creature missing an arm.

    For the most part, she tried to stay unseen, because most people tended to freak out when they saw her. A very few ignored her, and fewer still pitied her. For some reason, Levinia hated all those reactions. Thus, she made it a point of duty to always stay concealed beneath her bandages. That way, people would gave her a suspicious glance, but eventually lose interest and move on.

    Levinia had been monitoring the old Miss Cooper for a while now, keeping tabs on any strange persons who sought to do her in. It was likely this assassin would be unknown by the target, and seeing as the mission was a D ranked mission, the assassin would attempt stealth, unless the person was a fool, in which case Levinia might not have any work to do at all. The old woman was at work in her garden, and since the beautiful patch of flowers and veggies was such an open space, any assassin with a working brain would probably try to ambush her indoors. Levinia was more invested in watching the house, though every now and then, she would check to ensure that the old woman was still alive and well. In order to stay discreet, she had taken a job manicuring plants close by. The secateurs she worked with were small enough to be grasped with one hand, so she could achieve that task.

    She noticed someone in a black cloak climb the low fence and furtively dash into the old woman's house. No one needed to tell her to investigate the issue. So, she followed quietly, managing not to draw any attention to herself as she entered the house through another means. As she stepped over the threshold, someone moved from behind the door, grasping her face with a glowing hand. Levinia, although surprised, took action instantly. Her mask protected her from whatever ill effect the glowing hand caused, and she stepped forward and rammed her knee into the person's stomach. Then, she grabbed the assassin's hand and pulled it off her masked face. The assassin set their second hand aglow, but Levinia quickly butted them in the face, which was only protected by a handkerchief on their lower face, and forced their own glowing hand onto them. The assassin shuddered violently, then fell to the ground.

    Levinia quickly found a rope, and tied the assassin securely, then dragged them out the same way she had come in. She went over to the house of Miss Nosey, and dropped the assassin on her porch, to the surprise and delight of the lady. She then unmasked the assassin to find herself looking at the unconscious form of a woman older than she was by maybe ten years. Miss Nosey had never seen such a person before, so Levinia advised her to contact the authorities, and find a way to expose the one who had hired the assassin. Miss Nosey thanked her profusely and paid her her wages.

    with that out of the way, Levinia returned to her manicuring work and completed it, then left the old city. Maybe doing things like this more would cause people to think of her in a more positive light.

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