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    Miss Cooper? Miss Cooper! | Ezekiel


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    Miss Cooper? Miss Cooper! | Ezekiel Empty Miss Cooper? Miss Cooper! | Ezekiel

    Post by Zekey 20th November 2019, 10:50 pm

    Job Description:

    Oak town was somewhat a ways away from Ezekiel’s last job, and traveling by train made him unbearably sleepy and nauseous.  Though, a sense of urgency bounced around his stomach, as if he couldn’t get to Oak town fast enough.  According to his mission flyer, an old woman was in danger of assassination.  Why someone would want to kill an elderly woman? Ezekiel could only imagine.  But, the weight on his conscience would be unbearable if he had chosen to pass up a job like this.  The sun was already setting, simmering into the horizon about as fast as the train he was on.  At least this time, the conductor gave him the luxury of a small but private cabin near the exit, with an openable window to view the passing lights.

    Ezekiel was nervous, in short.  Would he have to kill this assassin? or would he simply hand the criminal over to authority? His stomach ran tied itself up in knots at the thought of killing.  He had already killed one too many people, he thought, remembering the man in Oshibana who requested a one-way ticket to Valhalla.  Ezekiel twiddled with his arrows and was so focused on his thoughts that he hadn’t noticed the train stopped until it started moving again.  “What?” he questioned, then soon realized what had happened.  “No, no, no, no…!”

    He climbed up to the roof and steadied himself.  The next train station was on the other side of town, but the train climbed up a bridge, giving him a perfect view of the city.  He quickly armed himself with his bow and searched for suspicious movement where he could.  Down below on the rooftops, a figure dressed in dark purple seemed to be drawing a spell circle, and Ezekiel could see the helpless Miss Cooper in her garden, tending to her flowers.  Ezekiel stabilized himself and pulled back an arrow as far as he could.  The wind picked up, but he felt for gaps in the breeze.  The assassin was about three hundred meters away, though that number was quickly rising.  Ezekiel lined up the tip of the arrow with the assassin’s leg.  The arrow left with a sharp whistle and sailed through the air.  A large oak passed by the bridge, and Ezekiel leapt from the train and into its branches.  Miraculously, he was unhurt, but the assassin had disappeared.

    Ezekiel made his way down, finding himself in a dimly lit alley, but not alone.  A figure limped in the darkness, dressed in purple, and Ezekiel deftly armed himself.  An inky ball of purple struck the Atrophie Bow from his arms, and the figure rushed towards him.  In a bout of fear and panic, Ezekiel plucked an arrow from his quiver and stuck it in between the assassin’s ribs.  Then, when he realized what he had done, Ezekiel picked up his bow and fled to the train station, wanting to catch a ride to the closest town possible.  He passed by Miss Cooper’s house as well, who was very much alive and well.  Ezekiel let out a sigh of relief, and decided that the Oak Town inn would have to do for the night.

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