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    Protect Miss Cooper!

    Mai Stormschild
    Mai Stormschild

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    Protect Miss Cooper! Empty Protect Miss Cooper!

    Post by Mai Stormschild 14th July 2019, 8:20 pm

    Stopping an assassination certainly was not something Mai had expected to do right away, but it was one of the D-Rank jobs, so she had few other choices. When she was with Papa, they rarely went to see different towns, so this was a new experience for the child God Slayer. Oak Town certain was a place full of sights, filled with history of great magic and greater wizards. Mai was fully entranced in the rustic town, though she was quickly pulled from it when she remembered she had work to do. She pouted to herself, following the request board to where the requester of the job told her to wait.

    Once she arrived there, she saw a thin, lanky man in a black hood looking nervously around.

    "Hiya, mister!" Mai cheerily said, an inkling in the back of her mind this was her target. "What'cha doin' there?"

    "J-just enjoying the town, yeah yeah yeah!" he hastily responded in shock.

    Mai frowned. "Are you sure you're not doing something bad?"

    He looked around nervously once again. "Look here, missy, yeah yeah yeah. You run along home, 'kay? Yeah yeah yeah!"

    Mai pouted. "I knew it! You are a bad guy! I bet you're the meanie this request was talking about!"

    She held up the job notice, which the man hastily grabbed, scanning it over quickly. "Th-this brat is a guild wizard?" he suddenly shouted.

    He held out a hand, launching a small spark of lightning at Mai. It crashed against her. It had been a while since Mai had a meal of magic lightning. She ate up the spark, savoring the unique taste.

    "Wh-what the hell?" he shouted, stumbling backwards. "What are you?"

    He panicked, firing out even more sparks. Just as before, Mai continued to eat up the sparks, fully recharging the energy she had lost from a long journey from Sabertooth to Oak Town. Finally, he simply charged at Mai, futilely attempting to kick her in the face. Mai easily dodged out of the way.

    "Lightningstrike Talons!" she roared.

    Her hands were engulfed in a light layer of black thunderclouds, Mai feeling the power coursing through her. She rushed at the would-be assassin, laying a flurry of swift punches, crashing him into a pile of barrels. He slowly got up, firing off even more sparks of electricity, to no avail as Mai ate them up.

    "Storm God's Cry!" Mai roared.

    She cupped her cloud-cloaked hands, blowing out a black cloud mist, which completely engulfed the ruffian. When it dissipated, he was only on a knee, gasping for air, clearly in rough shape.

    "That's it!" he yelled, still fully panicked. "If lightning won't work, then I'll have to rely on water! Desperation Stream!"

    He lunged his hand out, firing a stream of high-pressure water, which crashed against Mai. However, just like had happened with the electricity, Mai simply ate up the water. It was much less tasty than lightning, Mai thought, but it was still filling nonetheless. When the water had completely dissipated, Mai slowly walked over to the assassin, giving him once last punch in the face to send him crumbling onto the ground. Mai turned away from the carnage she had caused, skipping her way to the marketplace in search of various sweets and other souvenirs to bring back to the guild.

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