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    Miss Cooper


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    Completed Miss Cooper

    Post by Corey 30th December 2018, 4:06 pm

    A wonderful evening for Oak Town. Mostly everything was at rest and the birds could be heard singing melodic, calming tune. However, for the Fiore Mage, the soothing scenery wasn't his primary focus. He wasn't even tempted to peep the scenery as it might catch his attention, and every second right now was invaluable for his situation. What situation you're asking? Well, the reason Kai can't catch his breath is because he's been running all throughout the beautiful town to reach his mission. It's a tough situation right now due to the risk it brings. Unlike his first mission which was... cool in a way, this situation involves an assassination attempt, and he has to reach the house before the assassin does, or his career will be ruined. Kai reviewed his mission briefing countless times, reading it off in his mind. It seemed like he couldn't find the house which started to agitate his mood. Where the hell does this lady live, he thought, sweat running down his forehead. If he screwed this mission over, he wouldn't even return to his guild, as Johann told him, which repeatedly ran through his head,

    "The Company is a well-oiled machine, and every little loose screw could damage the spotless reputation we hold."

    But he decided to calm his thoughts since they were worse than the beautiful scenery. In a flash, he leaped into the air and began air-walking over the town, which he should've done awhile ago. Analyzing the whole town, in the corner of his right eye, a moving shadow appeared. He turned his head to the mysterious thing, and it was a person covered in dark robes transitioning from numerous roofs before he stopped at a roof that had it's own garden. Kai, flashily, air-walked over to the roof before he floated down. The mysterious figure spotted the sage, keeping his face covered under his oddly large hoodie. Kai landed in a kneel, and arose in a prideful posture, his guild tattoo located directly on his forehead. The mysterious figure softly mumbled, in a smile, "What brings you here?" Kai inserted his hands into his warm robe pockets, and stepped abit closer to the figure who was stepping directly into the alluring garden. "As the hired bodyguard for Miss Cooper, I must ask you to leave this premises," He paused, the wind blowing over the stop before he resumed, "Unless you desire aggressive force."

    The two stood silent for awhile, before the figure spoke in a menacing laugh. "You don't even have a magical presence, and you're trying to intimidate me," He questioned Kai who remained silent. Promptly after, the figure clasped his cold hands, "Take this bastard!" He ferociously blew at his fingers which produced a flamethrower directed towards the silent man. However, Kai acted in milliseconds, bursting into the air and watching the roof set ablaze by the mage. I actually wasn't sure until now but this has to be my target, he thought in mid-air, reviewing his briefing one last time. The figure stood on the roof encircled by fire. A stench of burning premature flowers laid in the air. Residents around watched the fire below, wondering about it. With innocent spectators, the sage understood his situation, and knew he had to defeat the assassin quickly before it turned into something far worse. He slowly dropped down into the ring of fire, and shouted, "The West Fiore Company shall not be defeated!" The mysterious assassin smiled at the prideful man, unsheathing his hidden blade. Kai got into an orthodox fighting stance, and the battle shifted into a standstill.

    With the winds blowing, and the area slowly losing ground because of the fire, Kai had become impatient and upset. "I don't have time for these child games," He mumbled under his breath, only loud enough to be audible by the assassin. With a haste shift of his foot, he burst forth toward his opponent who flailed onward with his blade. As they reached each other, the assassin swung his blade at the Fiore Mage's vulnerable neck, but in an instant, he vanished. The assassin was confused until he released a loud groan. Kai was behind him with his fist connected to the assassin's neck. The assassin was dazed which caused him to drop his blade and faceplant the warm floor. Kai shook his head with a sigh, inserting his hands into his white robe's pockets. The assassin has been defeated. He looked down upon his opponent and had the intention to murder him, but he knew the strict moral code of his guild. All he could do with the assassin was take him to the nearest authority, and let them decide his consequences. However, if it was his decision, he would've forcefully removed the man's heart.

    [1 Hour Later]

    Handing the barely conscious man to authority, Kai nodded and bowed. "Thank you for dealing with this scum for ole Miss Nosey Neighbor," The authority said with pleasure. "We'll find out what we'll do with him during his trial," He continued, "But that was honorary, and we'll find out your reward soon," he ended, tilting his hat at the mage. Kai walked off in a mumble, "You guys owe it all to the West Fiore Trading Company."


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