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    Miss Cooper's Guardian Empty Miss Cooper's Guardian

    Post by Mifune 17th September 2019, 2:05 pm

    The clack of wooden sandals on cobblestone resonated on the street of Oak as the man from Midi strode through town.  His bandaged hand rested upon a black hilted Katana tightly fastened to his side and his white tattered Kimono bestowed a ghostly appearance upon the Samurai.  His face was concealed by a long blue scarf wrapped around the lower half of his face and a wide straw hat that concealed the top half.  Onlookers did not think to give the foreigner a second look however as he was doing nothing to draw attention to himself but passing through.  Suddenly he stopped and peered upwards toward a tree that grew behind a white picket fence in front of a humble home surrounded by beautiful gardens.   Upon the tree was perched a Raven.  The Samurai glared at the Raven for some time and it glared back at him and squaked loudly as a passing breeze swept by.  

    The familiar omen did not go unrecognized by the Samurai, and removed his hand from its rest and clutched his scabbard.  He peered down towards the Garden in front of the home and noticed that there was a woman, who hadn't even noticed the Foreigner, who was digging in her garden and planting violet flowers.  The Raven squaked again more loudly.  "You better move along stranger."  A voice called out to the Samurai.  He turned to face the man who'd called out to him from the opposite side of the street.  He was dressed in loose black clothing and the lower half of his face was covered by a red bandana and at his side a katana was tucked under his belt.

    The foreigner did not speak, instead he simply placed his hand upon the hilt of his sword.  The Raven squaked.  "That nosey neighbor must have tipped you off that I was coming.  Figures she'd find some mercenary to get in the way.  I'll have to do her in too after this is done, loose ends and all.  Tell you what, I'll give you one last chance to walk away."  The stranger drew his katana and clutched it with both hands, eyeing up the foreigner who would not move.  "don't say I didn't warn you idiot!"  The stranger charged the man from Midi, raising his Katana in to the air.  

    The man from Midi tilted his head up, raising the straw hat enough so that the stranger could peer in to the hollow eye sockets of the dead man, from which a blinding light overcame him and  he saw horrific visions wherein he was being helplessly tortured by monstrous entities bearing the faces of his vicitms.  The hell that he witnessed for only a split second felt like a lifetime and when he returned to reality he'd forgotten his place in the world and before he even realized, the Samurai had drawn his blade, slashed the stranger five times and was slowly placing his blade back in his scabbard.  The assassin stood dumbfounded, terrified and dying and as soon as the Samurai's katana clicked back in to his scabbard, the Assassin succumbed to his wounds and fell on to the street, dead.  The foreigner turned and continued on with his journey through town, and so ended the attempted assassination of Miss Cooper, the flower Champion.  


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