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    Assassination of Miss Cooper


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    Assassination of Miss Cooper Empty Assassination of Miss Cooper

    Post by Azreal 6th July 2017, 9:57 pm

    Just the day before, Azrael arrived into a small quiet town; "Oak Town". Most of the time Azrael spent his time at Oak Towns small tavern, just outside of the towns walls. Sitting in the far corner of the tavern, facing the main entrance of the tavern. After sometime a few locals from the farms comes inside. Thinking to himself "Seems it's getting late into the day already."; just as Azrael thought this a cool, damp gust of wind howled through the opening of the tavern, and quickly hushed as the door was slammed shut. Azrael looks at his drink he's holding and a grin splits his face from ear to ear, his red eyes with a glint in them.

    Muttering to himself "Perfect"; standing up from his dark corner, Azrael starts to head out of the small tavern, but not before taking a jewel and flicking it over his shoulder onto the taverns bar.

    Azrael turns his attention to the darkening storm headed towards Oak Town. Turning around he walks into through the gates of Oak Town for this was now his "Hunting Grounds" and his Prey a contract that he taken to devour his prey. His Prey was none other than this years winner of the Gardening Contest; Miss Cooper.


    [color:e7a7=00ff00]"Will that be all, Miss Cooper?" asked the cashier, at a local gardening store. "[color:e7a7=00ff00]Miss Cooper? Are you okay?" the cashier asked once more. Miss Cooper looking out of the store fronts main window at the upcoming storm. Shaking her head slightly with a slight smile while turning to the cashier; " Oh, I'm so sorry deary. Yes this will be all." she replied back to the young cashier.

    "Very well, your total comes to 35 jewels, however for all the bussiness you do with us and for winning the Gardening Contest recently it will come out to only 25 jewels" said the cashier towards Miss Cooper, who once again had her attention outwards on the storm. Coming back from her thoughts she quickly paid for her supplies and hurried out of the store as the storm was apporaching..

    The soft pitter patter of rain, started to softly fall about her as she hurried off to her little home. Once again her she was lost in her thoughts "This seems like it's going to be a bad storm" she thought to herself.

    Few minutes later Miss Cooper arrived at her doorstep. Setting down her supplies she just bought, she reached into her purse and procured her house keys. As she fumbled about with it, a shiver went down her spine; stopping and looking around to see if anyone, or anything was nearby. Sensing nothing she finally manages to unlock the wooden door to her house quickly shutting it behind her.


    Azrael was walking through the streets of the town, looking for his Prey by scouting the local gardening stores in chance she might be at one of them. As he walked past a general store, he heard from inside "Will that be all, Miss Cooper?". Turning to his right, he saw a middle aged woman standing at the register for the store looking out of the window with a blank look on her face. A grin splitting from ear to ear emerged on his face seeing his Prey.

    The rain around Azrael started to fall heavily around him and thunder rumbled over head and lightning lit up the dark sky. Walking down a nearby alley way Azrael stood leaning on the corner of the nearby building both hands in his pockets, looking over his shoulder at his Prey dwelling.

    Several hours passed with Azrael continuing to stalk his Prey, unknown to the circumstances that will soon unfold in her very home. Finally the time came and Azrael with hands still in pocket started his stroll towards his Preys dwelling.

    Standing in front of the wooden door, Azrael examined to see how sturdy it could be. Figuring it couldn't have been no more than an inch or inch and half thick; he pulls out his right hand. Drawing it back with a quick motion towards the door... Azrael knocked on the door waiting for Miss Cooper to hopefully open the door so he might enjoy some of this Hunt before its over.

    The wooden door, creaked and groaned as it slowly opened, a small ray of light breaking into the darkness of the storm about. Miss Cooper peering out of crack of the door saying "Hello? How can I help you?"; noticing the figure of a large muscluar man at her door step. Azrael places his left hand on the door and pushes it open easily against the restraining Miss Cooper. With nothing more than a grin on his face, Azrael bends down some and steps into the doorway. Using his left hand shutting the door behind him..

    Miss Cooper, staring at the large man towering over her who barged into her home. "I don't have much, but please take whatever you want and leave me be." she stammered out. Azrael just looking at his Prey, weak and fragile just waiting to be devoured. There was no Thrill there wasn't nothing but fear in the eyes of his Prey.

    Looking around the room, it was very spacious with a nearby fire roaring nearby giving a good amount of warmth to the room. Azrael walks over towards a table with a single chair pulling it towards the front of the door. Turning it facing his Prey, Azrael flips his trench coat around the chair as he sits down in it.

    With nothing more than grin and a deathly stare, Miss Cooper starts to shiver wondering "Who is this man and why is he here." and "Why Me!? What have I ever done!?" finally trying to gather the courage to say or do something she manages to squeak out "Who are you?.

    Azrael grin finally subsides and replies back "Azrael.". Something in his voice sent shivers down her spine just by hearing this mans name. Azrael growing bored finally decides it's time to end this and off to his next Prey. Standing up Azrael makes his way towards Miss Cooper.

    Finally sensing pure danger from this man, Miss Cooper screams and starts to run off towards the rear of the house. Azrael quickly Moves in front of her once again the grin is on his face. Miss Cooper shocked and scared falls down. Looking to her right she noticed the fire poker left in it's stand. Quickly grabbing it and swinging it right towards Azrael.

    Azrael steps into the swing of the fire poker, allowing on a minor bit of the force to hit him. Looking down at Miss Cooper with complete fear in her eyes at what just happened, starts to slowly back up. Before she can make a sound or movement, a large hand wrapped itself around her face, this was all she last knew.

    Azrael quickly slamming her face first into her floor, with a loud thud. Azrael lets out a snort at how easily she went down. Moving towards the door and chair. Azrael moves the chair towards the center of the room. Picking up Miss Cooper limp body and placing it in the chair until she recovered from being knocked out.


    Miss Cooper started to stir, letting out a low moan and groaning. Looking around the room through hazy eyes; pain could be felt everywhere on her face. The room was dark the fire seemed to have long gone out; with that moment a flash of lightning flashed outside and the large figure of the man could be seen leaning against the wall. Shocked and scared trying to scream finding nothing coming out as Azrael walked towards her.

    Azrael bored of his Prey and the Thrill of the Hunt gone, was ready to finish his task and devour his Prey. With a deft movement he quickly wraps his large forearm around her neck and starts to squeeze tighter and tighter. Miss Cooper frantic and scared reaching up and starts to claw at the massive forearm as her world starts to once again slowly go black as the life is taken out of her.

    Azrael feeling her body go limp in his arms, takes the body in both hands picking her above his head. Taking the body and slams in towards the ground, as he brings his right knee up towards the middle back of Miss Cooper limp body. a loud 'pop' is heard in the dead quick home as the lifeless and broken body of Miss Cooper lies there.

    Azrael walks to a table and grabs one of the kitchen knives of the late Miss Cooper and heads back to her corpse. Kneeling down next to her Azrael places the knife on her forearm and carves an 'A' into it....

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