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    Protect Miss Cooper! [Solo Job]


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    Protect Miss Cooper! [Solo Job] Empty Protect Miss Cooper! [Solo Job]

    Post by Renji 31st July 2020, 12:08 am

    Clouds seemed to have cast a long blanket along the sky, almost like Oak Town decided to take a nap from the sun's scorching rays. As a result, that day was relatively cool for Oak Town despite the fact that it was early afternoon. Renji's eyes watched over the main plaza as he remained perched on a bare balcony. His legs dangled over the railing with his hands propped to both sides of him for balance. He wasn't exactly high from the ground, but two stories would still give some people fear over heights. At that time, Renji had accepted a job to protect an old lady who won a local flower contest.

    An assassin was really the main target for Renji, but there wasn't anything description wise about said assassin. So, the logical thing to do was to follow Miss Cooper around and stay alert. So that was exactly what Renji has been doing. Unfortunately, Miss Cooper decided that today was grocery day, and so she wandered over to the market stalls in the main plaza. Afternoon traffic made it difficult to follow Miss Cooper without breaking eye contact with her. Renji took advantage over the height as he kept a better eye on her and the surrounding area.

    Miss Cooper walked with limp on her left leg towards a stall that sold ears of corn. She carried a basket that contained some other vegetables and a tomato. Renji was positioned some 40 meters or so from the old lady and 5 meters above ground. Time had passed rather uneventfully as there was a clothesline that held up a damp blanket to which shrouded most of his body from the plaza. The alleyway between the buildings Renji was in held a dead end, and it was that direction Renji didn't have to worry about.

    Finally, a particular person made himself as Renji’s target roughly twenty meters away from Miss Cooper. A male with short blonde hair that had an eye tattoo on the left side of his neck. Renji couldn’t be sure exactly how tall the guy was, but Renji discerned the dark hoodie with dark baggy pants. The man’s hands were covered as they were tucked into his pockets, but that made him all the more suspicious to Renji. Moreover, Renji saw that the would-be assassin kept looking over at Miss Cooper’s direction.

    Just in case, Renji dropped from the balcony as he spun around to grab a hold of the balcony. It did not stop him from dropping the ground, but rather Renji brought his lower body half way up with the sudden jerk of his arms. With a solid yet low thud, Renji landed on top of the closed dumpster before he tumbled back. In which case he rolled off from the dumpster, but Renji was quick to land on his feet.

    After the teen dusted himself off as he walked to the end of the alleyway. Renji relocated the culprit who was starting to move closer to Miss Cooper, but Miss Cooper was shambling away from the stalls. He rolled his shoulder before Renji began power walking over to the culprit as neither could effectively run at that point. The guy was so confident about his mark that he wasn’t paying attention to his surroundings. As soon as Renji had a clear line of movement at the assassin’s flank. Renji dashed towards the blonde haired ruffian as he closed the short distance rather quickly. The assassin let out a yelp as Renji hauled him over Renji’s shoulder in a single movement and continued sprinting straight through the narrow alleyway.

    Heads were turned, and confusion rose up among those who witnessed it. However, the assassin struggled as he flailed about.

    ”Lemme go! Where are ye taking me?!” Blondie demanded, but Renji instead turned around the corner and accidentally smacked Blondie’s face against a smelly trash bag. It wasn’t until they arrived upon a small enclosed space that possessed a well at the center and only two entries. One to the north, and one to the south which Renji just came from. By this point, Renji tumbled forward to slam the would-be assassin on the ground while he safely rolled away from the assassin. The man groaned as he was slow to start standing up on his feet, but in the midst of that.

    ”What in the bloody hells did ye do that for?!”

    ”For a very simple reason. You were the one hired to hurt that poor old lady, Miss Cooper, aren’t you?” Renji answered as he stood roughly two meters to the side of the well, and five meters away from the thug. Who hawked a glob of spit over at Renji’s direction, but thankfully it fell short.

    ”Of course there would be a bloody bodyguard! S’pposed to be an easy job for quick cash!” That sounded like a confession to Renji if he ever heard of one. To which Renji shrugged his shoulders with his open hands.

    ”Your client wasn’t exactly subtle or secretive about it. If you want, since you technically haven’t committed anything yet, you can just drop the job and walk away.” It was an offer to ensure things didn’t get violent between them. A frown formed on the thug’s face as he rolled his neck, and the sounds of bone popping could be heard from the motion. With a sprung of his feet, blondie leapt forward to a mean right hook aimed at Renji’s face. In response to the sudden attack, Renji lifted his left arm up to his eye level to protect himself from getting hit on the face. Simultaneously, as Renji pivoted his body with the motion, Renji retaliated with a right jab at the center of the thug’s face. The hook stung Renji as he could feel the struck area on his left forearm throbbed, but it was certainly better than feeling that on his face. Unlike blondie over here as the jab astonished him, Renji opted to capitalize on it.

    With a swift low kick, Renji smacked the side of the thug’s right knee as he alternated between his right to his left punch. Renji pivoted his body along the motions to maximize the effect as he threw his own left hook against the thug’s jaw. The kick made the man buckle his knees, and lost whatever balance the would-be assassin had left. So with the left hook, the blond headed man fell to the ground. To be honest, the assassin wasn’t moving at first albeit still breathing. As Renji didn’t hit the guy that hard!

    Yet even so just as Renji lowered his arms and his stance straightened into a more relaxed and casual demeanor. The thug suddenly scurried up to his feet and before Renji could even truly defend himself. Blondie tackled the wizard with his shoulder, and pushed Renji back a bit. However, that quickly proved to be the thug’s downfall as Renji’s sense of balance and integrity was strong enough not to be knocked down. Additionally, while Renji couldn’t bring his arms up to fully counter, instead the teen wrapped his right arm around the thug’s neck and squeezed with all of his strength. Utilizing his forearm pressed tightly against one of the jugular arteries within the headlock. As soon as blondie realized what was happening, it was too late as Renji kept squeezing even after the thug began thrashing on him. Every second that ticked by the would-be assassin’s strength sapped away until he could barely move.

    Once he could not fight any longer, Renji released the man from the headlock. Again, Renji didn’t seriously wound him, he just cut off the blood flow to the man’s brain until he couldn’t fight. To the assassin however, it felt like the sweet taste of air finally entered his lungs.

    ”Are you done now?” A cold question was directed to the prone man, and non-verbally nodded his head as he continued to lay there. Renji chose to hold this man to his own word, and proceeded to leave the scene while blondie still recovers from the struggle.

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