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    To Earthland And Beyond!

    Odhran Aegisbane
    Odhran Aegisbane

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    To Earthland And Beyond! Empty To Earthland And Beyond!

    Post by Odhran Aegisbane 1st December 2019, 5:00 pm

    Rose Garden had a strangely similar feel to it as what Odhran had experienced in his home country of Seven. He had illegally smuggled himself into Fiore, so if he wished to go elsewhere in the world, he would either need to smuggle himself once more or get a passport. Despite his desire to continuing smuggling himself through the borders of the country, Arnaluuk insisted that he simply get a passport. She got on his nerves often, but she was the most long-held Spirit Odhran had, so he could not simply dismiss her words. He had already been ostracized by the people of Hargeon from when he first arrived in Fiore and attempted to join Fairy Tail, so that merely left Rose Garden as the last place to acquire a passport. The city looked beautiful and lightly forested, reminding Odhran of his home. He sighed, taking a deep breath of the city in front of him. Syloria was rested on one shoulder, while Readr perched on his left.

    "Readr, dear Spirit of the holy realm of knowledge, where would one such as myself acquire a passport to permit myself to travel throughout the countries of Earthland?"

    Readr sighed. "Did you really call me to ask such a question-chapu? Very well." Rather than close his eyes like he normally would, Readr tilted his head around the city. "There's a kiosk north of here that hands out passports-chapu. Goodbye-chapu." Readr popped back into the Celestial Spirit Realm, and Syloria whimpered at her companion's disappearance. Odhran patted the Key of the Broken Tooth on the head, reassuring that he was still there. Just as Readr had stated, the kiosk was in plain sight, with a large sign with the words, "Passports Sold Here!" painted in a messy white font. Odhran stood in line, mumbling to himself as he pet Syloria. He had considered calling forth Lupa to distract others so he could cut in line, but he recalled Arnaluuk specifically telling him not to do that, to the word. He sighed, waiting for the line to slowly inch along. When it was finally his turn, he immediately spoke before the attendant could ask for him.

    "Perhaps even mortals such as yourself would be able to hone their minds to know of what I request of you! I am Odhran Aegisbane, a man of Seven! Behold my ears and know that I do not lie to you, as much as you are not worthy of hearing my words! Unfortunately, I seem to have accidentally left my passport from my immigration into this country in the Celestial Spirit Realm, where it was promptly torn apart by Spirits bearing the forms of dragons and bears and...other creatures of that sort. See upon my shoulder the terrifying power of Celestial Spirits! Behold, Syloria! The Key of the Broken Tooth! Look at her magnificent power and know that I am truly a, no, the God of the Celestial Spirit Realm! Therefore, it is your duty as a mortal servant, nay, a herald of my coming, to grant me that which I request, which, in this event, is the legal document you foolish people require of me in order to return to my homeland or to other countries within the realm of Earthland for me to grace their lands with my presence!"

    The attendant handed him a small, leather-bound book. "Here's your passport. Sorry if I spelled your name wrong. Next."

    Odhran laughed as he made his way away from the booth, content with his recent acquisition of the passport.

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