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    To Earthland...and Beyond! (Job)


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    To Earthland...and Beyond! (Job) Empty To Earthland...and Beyond! (Job)

    Post by Mina 9th January 2016, 12:10 pm

    “Crowds! Why does there always have to be crowds?!” Hargeon Town was filled to the brim today with people of all shapes and sizes and if there was one thing that Mina hated the most was being around large crowds. All the strange looks and uneasy feelings that people gave her made it even harder for her to withstand the fact that she couldn’t just keep going over the borders illegally anymore. Sure Mina was able to fly everywhere and being a doll made it easy for her to pass off as luggage for another party but she had noticed in recent days that security had gotten stronger along the borders and figured that it was time for her to finally get a passport. Only problem: Everyone else seemed to want to get a passport as well.

    The line for obtaining a passport was horrendous as it seemed to stretch for practically half way down the docks. One sign Mina noticed said that it would be close to a two hour wait just to be seen. ‘I must stay calm…I must stay calm…I must stay…calm…’ If she had the ability to sweat then she would most likely be drenched right now as she stood in line waiting amongst the crowd. Her body seemed to be shaking and she could feel the staring eyes of the people both in front and behind her. Even the little kids that were with their parents seemed to had taken an interest in her strange looking body and were starting to poke and prod at her wooden hands only causing the anxiety to rise even higher.

    An hour and half felt more like days to Mina as she watched the line slowly shrink in front of her. As she came upon another sign she got a little worried about her situation. “Please have all guild information and passport paperwork properly ready for a quicker process.” Mina took a closer look at her paperwork and noticed the spot for the guild information. ‘But I don’t have a guild…what do I do?’ She quickly looked around trying to sneak a peek at the other people around her. A mere glance at some of the papers in people’s hands gave her enough information to put down what she thought was one of Fiore’s legal guilds. Her only hope was that the person doing the passport didn’t need to actually see the stamp for approval.

    The last half an hour seemed to have rushed by as Mina didn’t even notice the line moving. By the time she did a grumpy, irritated, tired looking attendant was standing behind the window staring at Mina with a questioning look. He grabbed her paperwork and scanned over it before looking at Mina and back at the paperwork a couple more times. “Alright…everything seems to be in order here. That’ll be five thousand jewels please.” Mina reached into her pockets and pulled out the money slowly pushing it towards the window. With the sound of the cash register dinging and the pounding of stamps, Mina was quickly on her way with a new passport in hand. She didn’t even wait to leave the cramped space before she lifted off the ground and blasted out of the door leaving behind even more strange looks.

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