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    To Earthland and Beyond!

    Vandrad Ragnos
    Vandrad Ragnos

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    To Earthland and Beyond! Empty To Earthland and Beyond!

    Post by Vandrad Ragnos 13th March 2019, 9:07 pm

    Laws exist only for those who cannot live without clinging to them.

    This place is a dump.

    The deep, rumbling voice of the Hell Knight seemed to break the concentration of the young Midian man, Kido. He'd been staring off at a wall for some time, his thoughts more rife with important matters than the complaints and inconsequential observations of the demon within him. He chose not to answer at first, not even bothering to roll his internal eyes, as he resumed his wonder once more.

    Rose Garden. The hell kind of name is that for a place? The demon once against interrupted his thoughts and Kido scoffed.

    "Perhaps if you took a moment to look around, Ogimen, you'd notice the rather flowery designs and consumer-appealing billboards, you would notice it is named to attract. Like bees to pollen," the former royal lord explained easily.


    Kido glanced ahead of him, where the man in front of him had turned to face the source of the seemingly random explanation. He looked at Kido curiously, perhaps wondering if the young man had meant to speak to him.

    He hadn't. "Nothing that interests you, peasant," Kido answered the man's annoying query, turning his gaze away once more.

    The man scoffed. "Peasant... Yeah, right..." A few more mumbling words followed, choice words that would have made a weaker willed man burn with rage.

    But Kido was not one to be easily prodded and poked into emotional turmoil. In fact, he didn't quite understand how emotions truly worked. He believed he experienced certain sensations -- pain, pleasure, attraction and want -- but he he never felt anything beyond those four. Of them all, the last one usually reigned supreme. His father has once compared it to an endless hole that could never be filled, despite how Kido attempted to stuff it full.

    Ilgan had all but confirmed that, though he also assured the man that his strength came from that same emptiness. His desire for anything, everything, would aid him in becoming one of the strongest wizards in all the world. Once that happened, anything he wanted could be his. But to reach that point, that meant passing certain trials...

    Ogimen was one of them. So was getting into Fiore; the movement in front of him brought his attention forward as the grumbling man finally moved up to the next open window. He'd come from Midi but apparently to enter the country, as well as to leave it again, he needed a passport. He couldn't quite use his legal one -- no doubt the authorities had put out alerts on his real name, after all.

    Sure got a lot of thoughts right now, boy, the Hell Knight grumbled within his head.

    Yes he did. Thoughts and plans were already beginning to form in the young man's mind. He barely paid attention as he was called up to window to receive his passport. 'God Oakhi' was the name he took, an anagram of his true royal name. Once he received the stamped book, he pocketed it and left the building without so much as a thank you. No, he had no time for such things.

    There were far more important things to focus on.



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