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    Fan-tastic Escort Pt 5 (Finale)


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    Fan-tastic Escort Pt 5 (Finale) Empty Fan-tastic Escort Pt 5 (Finale)

    Post by LibertyGear 17th August 2019, 5:18 pm

    Lib and Kara walked for a while. The return path Lib had picked was considerably longer than the one they had taken earlier that day, using the alleys deep within the city, to get to the station. The sun had already set was also not making things easier, as the sunlight was already dim on those tiny streets, and the lack of appropriate, or working, artificial lights was an indication of how much that streets were, or should it be said, wasn't used for late-night jogging. Adding to all this, it seemed it was going to be a cold night.

    "Are you sure you know where we are going?", asked Kara still wrapped on Lib's muffler.

    "Yes, I'm sure where we are going, where we are, and where we were.", replied Lib, "I studied the city map just for this job, looking for all 'less' used routes to keep you safe."

    "Oh? Then how come you didn't know about any place good to shop in?"

    "Sorry. Normal maps don't usually take into consideration which business is the best or what it sells, and mine isn't any better at it."

    "What does it show then?"

    "Streets, secret routes, high traffic zones, defendable positions, ambush locations, hiding sp..."

    "Ok, ok, I get it. All combat mumbo jumbo."

    "Glad you understand."

    They were now about halfway thru the route Lib had planned, but there was something wrong. Lib had been getting the feeling that they were being followed. At first, Lib ignored this, thinking it could have been some curious people, but this had been going on for longer than simple curiosity.

    Even if Lib decided to ignore the feeling, it would keep messing with her. Something was wrong, but she could not tell what. Why would anyone be watching them there? Could it be fans? Maybe just some residents that were keeping a watch on them from some cracks. Or in the worst case, someone intending to kidnap Kara. Now that would be annoying as hell. Or would it? Maybe that was just what Lib needed, a way to vent off some steam.

    The problem was Kara. Lib was very capable of handling her own, but there was no way of telling if she would be able to protect her if the number of people coming at them was too high. Regardless, they were close to the crossing anyway, so the chances of being attacked were going down. This, of course, was just Lib's wishful thinking, as she heard a noise coming from ahead of them. Lib stopped in her tracks, and Kara stopped right after.

    "What is it?"

    "Shhh! Be quiet!"

    Lib looked into the distance, and she could see a figure in the shadows. Kara saw it as well, as she began to slowly retreat.

    "What is that?", asked Kara.

    "Dunno, but I intend to find out.", replied Lib before taking a step forward and speaking to the dark figure, "WHO'S THERE? IDENTIFY YOURSELF!"

    Moments passed, and no reply was heard, Lib was preparing to ask again when a voice coming from behind replied.

    "Why we are merely poor people that live here, there is no need for alarm."

    "Is that so? Why then, if I may ask, are you surrounding us?"

    "Oh, you see, as I said, we are poor, so we would like some... ah... donations."

    Kara was going to say something, but Lib stepped in.

    "What if we say no?"

    "Well, in that case, we can't assure that your passage will be safe."

    Lib was already prepared to fight at any moment.

    "Yeah, I guessed as much."

    This was troublesome. Lib was unaware of their true numbers and was sure to be surrounded from both sides. Taking a defensive position with Kara between her and a wall was the best course of action. Even so, without a clear idea of what kind numbers she was facing and what type of weapons they were carrying, it would be hard to fully prevent harm from coming to Kara. But first things first.

    "Kara, stay behind me and walk slowly to the wall.", whispered Lib.

    Kara for once did not even question or responded in any way, she simply reacted. Lib was sure that Kara was scared, but right now there was not much she could do to help in that regard. Taking care of these goons was a priority, and for that, she equipped her shield.

    The effect of the shield leaving Lib's tattoo astonished Kara, but had a surprising effect on the assailants tho, as instead of hesitating in front of a weapon they did not expect, they actually began arguing who would keep the weapon once they were done. Now Lib was sure that simply escaping was not an option. But how to defend oneself from the unknown? Simple. Use magic. And if that doesn't work, use bigger magic.

    Lib's eyes began to glow as she activated Left Eye of the Dragon, and with this, she became able to see in the dark, and take a look at her opponents.

    Their numbers seemed to consist of a few dozens, mostly armed with chains, knives, some even carrying a club or a pipe, and finally, she saw the man who was talking to her, which even if just a glimpse, it was more than enough for her to recognize him amidst the, soon to be, body pile.

    Being surrounded was not a strange situation for Lib, as she would usually place herself in such situations to take full advantage of her magic's strengths. However, this was not a usual situation, since she couldn't just storm into her foes to cleave them down to the ground. This was the first time Lib actually felt at such a disadvantage against numbers of strength lower than her own.

    This became clear as she allowed one to approach from behind, getting too close to Kara without Lib noticing him. All could have been thrown into chaos if it was not for a mystery person who appeared out of nowhere, just to land on top of the sneaky goon.

    "KYA!", shrieked Kara from surprise.

    The large figure that had just crushed the would-be assailant stood up, and Lib could easily recognize him even despite the black fur in this dark alley.

    "Nero. What are you doing here?", Lib asked with an annoyed tone.

    "Well.", Nero replied while scratching his head, his smoking pipe letting out smoke as it had been recently lit, "Its the first time you took a job on your own so I could say I was both worried and interested in how it would go. And after taking a quick look, it's obvious that you could use a hand."

    It's true that Lib didn't expect one of her only true friends to come out of nowhere considering the situation. Still, Lib could not but feel ashamed for allowing not one but two individuals to get this close. But those thoughts have to be for another time, as that entrance had completely destroyed the standoff, and now, all the goons attacked at the same time.

    "If you want to help, then don't let them get close to Kara!", ordered Lib, and before jumping into the midst of enemies she added, "If she gets hurt I will punch you next.", to which Nero replied with a mock salute.

    With her natural agility, Lib leaped around her enemies, but instead of using magic to turn them to smithereens, she was instead using her shields has a hammer, using them to break bones instead of dusting them. It would have been too problematic if she killed this many 'thieves'.

    Despite their numbers, these thugs had little advantage and offered nearly no challenge. Still, if they were to get a hold of Kara, it could turn into a hostage situation, and that would be a pain. So Lib was always keeping an eye on Kara and the Nero who was protecting her. Even if Lib thought Kara was a pain in the ass, she had grown to 'tolerate' her, and it would be annoying if anything were to happen to her.

    Seeing that Kara was indeed being perfectly protected by Nero, Lib was able to focus entirely on defeating the thugs, although the focus was more needed to not kill anyone than actually defeating them. And just like Lib predicted, they were all a bunch of weaklings that could be easily be dealt with by herself, however, the one protecting Kara was also not doing a bad job either.

    It all took but a minute before the thugs realized they were way over their heads and decided to retreat.

    "WE WILL REMEMBER THIS! MARK MY WORDS! WE WILL GET YOU NEXT TIME!", screamed the leader as he was being dragged away for being unable to stand.

    With this, Lib repacked her shields and made her way to Kara.

    "Are you injured?", asked Lib.

    "No, I am fine. This fine gentleman protected me pretty well.", replied Kara.

    "That is why I was asking him and not you."

    "What? How Rude!", said Kara while puffing her cheeks.

    Lib repeated the question, "So are you hurt or not?"

    Nero looked at his own body, did some stretches a finally replied.

    "Hmm. I think I'm a little sore from the landing but that's about it.", He replied jokingly.

    "So then, can you explain to me why did you feel the need to follow me here?"

    "Well, as I said, it was your first job on your own, so I thought it best to keep an eye out... you know, in case of any... eventuality."

    "*Sight* Well. You did what you wanted to do so you can leave now and let me finish the job on my own?"

    "Don't be rude to the gentleman, Lib.", said Kara as she approached, "If you are to treat someone who helped you like this, you won't make any friends.", then turning to the man, "I'm Kara, and this little ray of sunshine is Lib, and she's my bodyguard... and your name's Nero is it? I should have a good talk with the old man when I return to reward you appropriately."

    "Ahahah.", Nero laughed at how straight forward he was spoken to, "Yeah, I know who you are, and I also know who she is since despite how it looks, we are good friends."

    Ignoring the jaw-dropping sound of Kara's surprise from learning that Lib had friends, Lib looked up and saw a small trail of smoke, where once was a rope which Nero used to descend from the rooftops.

    "Taking into consideration the way you came down here, I would have assumed that you would have used your wings, but seems you didn't for some reason. Regardless, we should make our way to..."

    "Wings? Wait! YOU'RE AN EXCEED! WOW!", shrieked an enthusiastic Kara, as she finally noticed the true nature of Nero despite how dark it was, "And you are so big! How can you fly? Are your wings bigger than normal exceed? How abOUCH!", she added before being interrupted by a finger flick on the head from Lib, "What was that for?"

    Lib ignored her question and continued.

    "Like I was saying. We should make our way to the train station. It's late, and the little girl needs to catch her train."

    "Understood. And what about the flood of fans?", Nero asked.

    "Yes, I'm aware of that.", replied Lib, "However, since there are only three of us now, and Kara is currently wearing my muffler, they shouldn't be able to identify her until we are already entering the train. Still, shall they do realize who she is, we can just make a run to the train."

    "Hey. I'm not some heartless star who cares nothing for her fans. I want to give some autographs to the fans at the train station.", complained Kara, and when Lib gave her an annoyed look she added, "Besides, I now have two bodyguards, while you alone managed to keep me safe most of the day, what can go wrong?"

    That was not what Lib wanted to hear, but she couldn't really go against her employer's wish if it didn't affect the purpose of being a bodyguard.

    "Fine. But only if there are only a handful, and ONLY for 5 mins."

    "I can work with that.", agreed Kara.

    "Let's go then. We don't want to be late.", said Lib to the other two.

    They were close to the crossroad they used earlier that day, and after that, reaching the train station would be easy and fast.

    Of course, now that Kara had another person to talk to, furthermore, someone who knew Lib, she couldn't help but ask questions.

    "Sooo...", Kara started slowly as she turned her head towards Nero, "How did you two meet?"

    Nero and Lib traded glances, and Lib only shrugged as if saying 'Go ahead'. So Nero turned back to Kara.

    "Well. We have been together for about ten or so years-"

    "YOU'VE KNOWN HER FOR TEN YEARS?", Kara interrupted.

    "Erm... yeah. As I was saying, I know her for a long time."

    "But how did you two meet?"

    "I was getting there...", Nero answered a little exasperated, while Lib was holding her laughter from seeing Nero deal with what she had to deal, "We met in Seven, I was trying to find some people and we kinda crossed paths, found out we were looking for the same people and helped each other out. This and that happened and we became friends. That's about it."

    "Ehhhh.", Kara said with a blank expression, "Yeah, that is totally not just about it. You skipped way too much. Like for example, how did you manage to get her to... you know..."

    "Know what?"

    "Not be an ass?"

    "Hey, I'm right here you know. I can ear you.", Lib cut in, seriously annoyed.

    "So sorry you don't like to hear the truth.", Kara replied while sticking her tongue out.

    "Ahahaha.", Nero laughed at how well Kara managed to get around Lib, "Its was simple actually, I guess in part, I had to do what you are doing in a way."

    "What's that exactly?"

    "Keep at it, no matter how much she tried to complain."

    "Enough chit that, we are here.", Lib said in a hurry, annoyed and with clear embarrassment all over her face.

    From the crossroad, arriving at the train station was fast and easy. Once Lib and the other two arrived, all was as expected. There were fans at the entry, and there would be more inside for certain. As such it was best to go in the same way they had arrived, the back door. For that purpose, Lib leads the group around the loading area.

    "Come. We will enter the same way we got out.", mentioned Lib.

    It was dark on the loading dock, but that made it easier to sneak Kara in. Even if any of the men working the nightshift knew Kara, they wouldn't even notice it was her or what she was wearing in this darkness. The inside was only slightly busier than it was earlier that day, but it made no difference. At this point, Kara made the mistake of taking out the muffler from her head.

    "I wonder if there are that many waiting for me inside the train station.", she said to no one in particular.

    "I wish there wasn't, you better put the muffler around your head again."

    "Why? It's not that cold in here, and besides, it's not like we are going to get overrun by fans in here."

    The girl's naivety amazed Lib to no end, but it was pointless to argue at this point. From the look of some of the night shifters, Kara's identity had been blown wide open already. Might as well speed her up by not arguing. Unfortunately, as they were about to leave the staff area, someone called out to them, or more precisely, Kara.

    "Excuse me!", the voice from behind said, "You are Kara right? The supermodel?"

    Lib turned and saw a relatively young man to be the source, and that Kara was indeed the one he was calling out for.

    "Yes. Yes, I am.", replied Kara with a smile.

    "Would you mind giving me an autograph?", he said as he handed her a piece of paper and a pen, "I'm a big fan."

    "Of course! Anything for my fans."

    And so it began. It would have been fine if there was only one, but the moment they were stopped, people began to form a single line almost immediately, all to get an autograph. At least they were organized, definitely not some random diehard fans. Night shift workers grabbing a chance to meet with a VIP, for sure.

    Lib sighed, before turning to Nero.

    "Keep an eye on her for a second. I'm going to check out the station."

    Not waiting for a reply, Lib went to the door and inspected the path to the train. It seemed all clear, as most fans were between the front entry and the train and not between the train and the loading area. The train itself was ready to leave, it was only waiting for Kara to get aboard before departing. It would be simple to sneak Kara into the train and get it to leave before the fans even realized anything. Or so Lib thought, as when she inspected the group of fans she noticed something odd. There seemed to be someone with a staff uniform approaching them. Lib could not believe it, it could even be said that Lib prayed it not to be true, but when that same person pointed towards her direction, there was no doubt. They had been found out.

    Running back with all her might, Lib grabbed Kara by the pulse and pulled her off the staff area.

    "Hey! What gives?", asked Kara who was already used to being manhandled by Lib, "You said I could give autographs to my fans."

    "Well. Time is up. We have been found."

    At this point, Kara noticed the flood of fans running in their direction. Fortunately, the train was halfway between them. Still, Lib didn't take chances, as when she saw a member of Kara's crew near a window, she ordered loudly.

    "GET THE TRAIN MOVING!", before turning to Nero and pointing to the wave of incoming fans, "Slow that group somehow!", to which Nero replied by turning around and standing in from of the incoming mob.

    Nero looked at the rushing tide that he was asked to face.

    "And how do you expect me to do that?", he asked incredulously.

    "You are the one that wanted to help, then help."

    "You are a real slave driver, you know that?"

    The train began its march almost immediately. IT seemed luck was on their side for once, as one of the engine crew's was outside taking a smoke when he saw the trio making a run for it.

    Nero turned around at this point, and while taking advantage of his bestial looks, he ran towards the incoming crowd, looking as menacingly as possible.

    Still running, Lib didn't even think twice, as she simply grabbed Kara and threw her into the cart, through the open window where the crew member had been before.

    At this point, Lib slowed down and watched as the train began to gain distance, when suddenly, Kara appeared on the window.

    "You forgot this!", she said while holding Lib's muffler, and as she threw it she added bashfully, "I wouldn't want you to catch a cold on this chilly night."

    Lib managed to catch the muffler before it reached the ground and then watched as the train made its way into the horizon.

    Even in the distance, Lib was still able to hear Kara screaming.


    Lib was relieved for being finally free from this babysitting job, and yet, she couldn't but smile as she recalled all the talking that Kara did. Regardless, her job was done, and she had to go home. But first things first. As the fans ran past here, pointlessly trying to catch up to the train, Lib approached Nero.

    "I have to admit. If it wasn't for you, this day would have been way longer than it already was."

    "Eh, what are friends for? Besides, it was fun!", Nero answered with a laugh.

    "So... can you tell me why are we running?", Lib asked, as since had turned to back, she had seen Nero run towards her and pick her up before she could say anything.

    "Well, I guess they might have thought that we are kidnappers and want to take their 'goddess' back, but when I saw their faces, I decided not to stay to ask."

    The group running after them had a seriously zealous look to it as they ran fists high up screaming profanities.

    "Well, shall we return?", Lib asked as they ran towards the exit.

    (word count: 3526)


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