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    Fan-tastic Escort Pt 1


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    Fan-tastic Escort Pt 1 Empty Fan-tastic Escort Pt 1

    Post by LibertyGear 14th April 2019, 4:44 am

    (Part 1)
    Libbier was not used to ride the train but considering 'urgency' of the job she had just been given, it was the fastest way of transportation she had access to, and besides, it was a welcomed change of pace considering all the landscape she was able to see from a different perspective. Her job was simple, but something she had ever done before, although, she had to start somewhere right? And the job seemed easy enough. Guard a female celebrity, while she roams the city in order to do some shopping. Still, considering Libbier had never heard of that same celebrity before, it was weird that she would require a random mage protection to go on a shopping spree. But it was not Libbier's place to question her job, all she wanted was to complete them fast and flawlessly in order to not have Nero complain and go explore some more.

    "For some reason, this job required a female only escort so Nero had to stay behind. The way he said that it was a good learning experience for me was rather annoying tho. It was almost as if he expected me to fail this job by myself.", Libbier pouted as she thought about the events before entering the train to reach this place.

    Wearing her usual combat outfit, Libbier got out of the train at Onibas Station. She was to wait there for the arrival of her 'client' and serve as a bodyguard from there onward until the 'client' returned to the station and departed from that town. Again, it seemed easy enough, at least until Libbier began to overhear some teenagers almost screaming from the excitement of being so close to touching their idol.

    "Touch?", thought Libbier to herself, "These guys must be real fanatics about whomever they are talking about."

    Libbier just hoped her 'client' and this idol was not the same person, otherwise, the seemingly easy assignment could turn out to be a hellish job instead. Unfortunately, as the train, in which her 'client' was in, arrived, all the fans began pushing and pulling, all to get if only by one foot, closer to their idol. It was at this point that Libbier had her fears confirmed.

    The mob rushed to the train. Libbier could already hear Nero screaming at her inside her head, as the human flood tried to get inside the train. Fortunately, the crew of the wagons was smart enough not to open the doors. At least that gave Libbier time to think. The fans could not get in, but the 'client' could not get out either, which was an annoying impasse. What to do? Pull back the crowd somehow? Maybe escape with the client through an alternative exit. Both doable, but both also were troublesome. Either way, first thing's first. Libbier had to get in contact with the client.

    Jumping on top of the train, Libbier looked for an open hatch and entered the wagon. Surprisingly enough, what she thought would be a hard job finding the client, turned out to be quite the opposite. The moment Libbier landed on the floor, she hears a girl screaming orders around.

    "What are you all doing? Wouldn't it be easier to just open the doors and make a run for it?", the girl said.

    "If we do that, the train will be overrun and leaving will be impossible.", replied an elder voice, "And if can't leave, we can't shop, can we?"

    "No. I guess not... Didn't you hire bodyguards? When will they arrive? Those slowpokes."

    The voice was her client was one of those for sure, and regardless of how annoying to do something like this, Libbier had to answer. So, raising her hand, Libbier replied in a way that she would be heard.

    "My name is Libbier Geer. And I'm the slowpoke in charge of your protection, I guess.", Libbier replied with a smile.

    The people around, surprised for how Libbier seemed to have appeared out of thin air, made way so that the client could see her. It was then that Libbier realized that the client, was a simple looking blue eyed blonde teenager with tanned skin, and was wearing a rather plain outfit, consisting of a pair of jean shorts and a red top, who she quickly recognized from the cover of one of the few magazines she had read in the recent past. If Libbier recalled correctly, her name was Kara, and she was one of the most famous supermodels of the current times.

    "This will be fun!", thought Libbier, already realizing how hard it would be to do this 'little' shopping run.

    "Finally!", said Kara before turning to her staff, "Get things ready. Maps, shortcuts, everything. I want to go to every single clothing shop in this city."

    Libbier approached the client, while every single member of the staff began to discuss which shop they should go to first and what to go next and the one after that. It seemed they would have all planned out in moments. Libbier began to inquire about the reason for that shopping trip as soon as she got next to her client.

    "I see everything seems to be taken cared of. Why don't you have them do the shopping for you? Wouldn't that be easier?", Libbier asked confused.

    "Good heavens no. Why would I buy things without seeing them and hand pick them myself?", replied Kara before introducing herself, "I don't believe we met. My name is Kara, and I'm a-"

    "A famous model from a certain magazine. Yes, I know who you are.", Libbier interrupted the girl that introduced herself has Kara, then added, "One more reason why you should let your staff do this without you. It only complicates things if you come along."

    "One the more reason why I must go. I can't walk around dressed with stuff other people bought for me without seeing it first. Besides, if I did that, there would be no reason for you to be here in the first place."

    "My point exactly. I have better things to do other than babysit a celebrity.", Libbier thought as she imagined all the places she could be going to explore at this time.

    The bluntness in which Libbier said it, caused the entire wagon to go silent in shock. Kara, on the other hand, was both surprised and amused.

    "So you'd rather do what? Clean the floor of your guild, other than being here for instance?"

    "That would be a little extreme!", Libbier complained, "Hell if I would clean the entire guild floor!"

    Kara laughed her heart out. You could clearly see small tears in the corner of her eyes as she laughed. It took a few seconds for her to be able to talk again.

    "I like you. Your attitude is a welcome change to all the ass kissers I'm surrounded with. I think we will get along just fine. By the way, any ideas about how to get out of the train?"

    Libbier looked at Kara. She figured that regardless of the job, the fact that the client seems to be friendly gives a major boost to her will to do the job right. So Libbier went to one of the side windows, saw the fans through a small gap on the curtain and promptly closed it.

    "Hmm. Maybe I do.", replied Libbier, while having a lot of fun ideas on how to deal with the present situation.

    Libbier turned to the crew and divided it into small groups. Being sure to have a blonde on every group using one of Kara's dresses. She wasn't sure she agreed with the idea at first, but Kara eventually was convinced she did not need her entire crew to stay by her side. Libbier told everyone to avoid drawing too much attention, hiding their blonde in the middle of the group. If they got surrounded they were to show that they were not Kara's group as to avoid any crazy fan stampede.

    Suddenly Libbier realized it seemed quieter outside, and took a peek, noticing that the fans were running away for some reason.

    "Ok. This is going to be as good of a chance as we are ever going to get.", shouted Libbier, "Kara. You and your group are with me. The rest of you do as you wish."

    "Just think of this a group day off guys.", said Kara.

    Everyone began to leave, at a hastened pace, going for every possible exit that did not have fans. While the last group, consisting of Libbier her client and the crew she picked, went through the station staff area, where Libbier was sure no fan would be. Or at least she hoped there would be no one there.

    "This is so exciting. I feel like a thief sneaking around like this.", Kara said excitedly.

    "Just be sure not to try to act like one thou, or I would have to call the cops.", Libbier replied.

    "Party pooper.", Kara pouted.

    (word count:1502)


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