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    Fan-tastic Escort Pt 3


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    Fan-tastic Escort Pt 3 Empty Fan-tastic Escort Pt 3

    Post by LibertyGear 2nd July 2019, 7:51 am

    Kara finished the autograph session with a smile and with advice to the girls.

    "Careful. You better not piss off the good mage here. She might use magic on you just for kicks.", she said, making the girls stop jumping, and look scared at Libbier, at which point Kara laughed, "Ahahah. Just kidding. She wouldn't bully anyone, for no good reason, right?", she asked Libbier.

    The girls felt relieved for the fact, that it was a joke, at least until Libbier replied.

    "Why not? If someone annoys me, I'm sure I can have some fun with him or her.", the girls face became grim again, "But I'm sure I won't have a reason to do so, right? It's not like this little girls are going to run around to her friends, to rub your signature on their faces, and then telling them where we are going. At least not until tomorrow, ain't I right girls?"

    The girls quickly nodded in fear.

    "Well, let's finish this shopping thing, so I can go rest. And you girls can go on your way, just don't tell anyone about this until tomorrow, cause otherwise, I will find you, and I will... well you know."

    Libbier turned her back and headed the way the girls had pointed out before. Kara, who had been awestruck the entire time, ran up to her and walked by her side. The crew followed close as always, but even they were surprised. Although it seemed Kara did not believe what Libbier had said.

    "Oh, that was just mean. Scaring the girls like that. They actually thought you were serious."

    "What makes you think I wasn't?"

    "Oh, come on. I could see it in your eyes. You enjoyed watching their faces in horror. Admit it. You would never do anything that you said. It would be... what was your word for it? Annoying? Yes. It would be annoying to just go find them if they did tell their friends."

    Libbier smirked.

    "Maybe I teased them a little."

    Libbier sure felt more relaxed after venting a little.

    "Sure... a little.", said Kara to no one, actually enjoying her bodyguard actions as well, "Either way. I can't wait to get to the store. I'm sure I will be able to find something nice there before going to the next one."

    "Next one?"

    "Of course. You didn't think I would shop only in one store, did you?"

    On that moment, Libbier saw her day become even longer.

    The group did not encounter any trouble on their way to the store. And Libbier was pleased to find that the store was high ranked on not only the prices, but client service as well, as while inside the store, there were no problems to be found, as even after the clerks immediately recognizing Kara, and start some good old fashioned bootlicking so she bought more stuff, neither the staff nor the other clients made much of a fuss. Which probably meant that this store's clients were all either very wealthy or famous or both considering the prices.

    "I love this place. I should have come here before.", said Kara, "I'm sure I will return here every time I need more clothes."

    This remark places a very big smile on the nearby staff.

    "Good for you. I wish you and your next bodyguard luck with that endeavor.", replied Libbier.

    "Oh, come on. Don't tell me you aren't enjoying the attention."

    Ever since Kara was recognized, every member of the group who was not recognized as part of Kara's crew had been receiving the attention of the store's staff. Which meant, Libbier was being constantly pestered about trying some items on. And every time she told them away, Kara would secretly say to them that Libbier was playing hard to get and that if they tried harder she would possibly buy something.

    "I'm not. But you certainly enjoy being a pain in my ass don't you?", replied Libbier, who had long ago noticed the reason the staff kept insisting with her.

    "I have no idea of what you are talking about.", said Kara playful smile, "I'm just here buying stuff to wear, nothing more."

    "You don't even try to hide it do you?"

    Libbier just hoped this wouldn't take long. She just did not understand how other women seemed to enjoy shopping for clothes so much. If it was sweet, then it was obvious.

    Libbier looked around. There was a good amount of people inside that store, but none seemed to take notice of them, or if they did, they did not care for their presence. Good for her assignment, but Libbier felt like she was purposely being ignored like she wasn't even worth noticing. That annoyed her, even though she expected that from such an "exquisite" store. At least the staff had given up on trying to get her to buy stuff. Although, that also made the clerks ignore her like she wasn't even there to begin with.

    That situation was stressful, but nothing Libbier could do about it. At least, there was no immediate danger of Kara being overrun by fans. So Libbier decided to do to the entrance, in order to assess the situation outside. She also needed the fresh air, as being inside a building, for too long doing nothing, felt boring.

    "Where are you going?", asked a member of Kara's staff.

    "Going to do my job.", replied Libbier.

    "Isn't your job to stay close to me to protect me?", Kara asked while trying to decide what to try next, between two dresses in front of a mirror.

    "You seem safe enough in here. But like you said, this won't be your only stop. So I need to see how things are going outside, and plan an escape route in case I no longer consider this place safe enough."

    "Wow. You really take your job seriously, don't you?"

    "I don't like doing my assignments in a half-assed manner. Either I commit fully or I don't commit at all."

    Once Libbier got to the entrance, she began looking out for signs of trouble. Hopefully, there wouldn't be anything worse than the encounter with those three earlier.

    As Libbier stood there in the entrance, she noticed a large group approaching. Some people in it seemed somewhat familiar, so it was easy to assume that it might be a group of fans from the train station. It was exactly this kind of situation that Libbier did not want at the moment, as if she could recognize them, there was a good chance that someone from the group could recognize her as well. As a mean to pass unnoticed, Libbier made her way inside, slowly and naturally beginning browsing the clothes. It took awhile for her to realize she was looking at underwear, as she was more focused on seeing if either the group had passed by or they had taken notice of her.

    Regardless, Libbier began planning for the worst case scenario. Since this was one of those stores for rich people, there was a good chance that the staff would try to prevent such a large group to enter and create a ruckus. Still, that also meant that the group could take a peek inside and try to see if they could find Kara. So an alternative route was necessary. Hopefully, these stores always have a backdoor so that the staff can get in and out without interacting with the customers, or at least Libbier hoped they were that cliché.

    If push came to shove, Libbier could always use force to distract the fans while Kara made a daring escape with her crew.

    A small group of five fans entered the store. This was problematic but not as bad as it could have been if the entire group had been there. Still, Libbier had to do something to contain the situation, otherwise, the group could freak out when they saw Kara and all hell could break loose. Fortunately, Kara was currently semi-isolated, as the VIP treatment she was getting prevented people from getting too close, but that would also draw attention towards her if the group saw all the commotion.

    But that was not the only thing Libbier was concerned about right now, as she noticed a man on the other side of the shop. The man seemed somewhat out of place. It was weird for a man to be alone on a clothing store, without buying anything or even browsing what the store had to offer. Libbier had given close attention to everyone in the store, and besides the male staff, that man was the only one who was not accompanied by a woman. What was even stranger, is that the man also seemed to be interested on the small group of five. That simple fact could mean a lot of things.

    But first thing's first. Libbier had to deal with the small group before they found Kara. The question was. How?

    Libbier decided that taking action would probably draw too much attention, and besides, the fans were certainly there to browse the goods they could afford, and even if they were to go to the most expensive section, where Kara was, the amount of staff around her would prevent them from finding out the identity of the one getting all the attention. Still, Libbier decided to keep track of the fan group, while she prepared to deal with them if necessary. They could also not become a problem at all, Libbier just hoped she did not get the chance to find that out.

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