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    Fan-tastic Escort Pt 4


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    Fan-tastic Escort Pt 4 Empty Fan-tastic Escort Pt 4

    Post by LibertyGear 2nd July 2019, 12:15 pm

    Libbier waited for Kara to finish her shopping on that store, and for the fan group to leave the store before Kara did so. But hours passed and none seemed to be going to happen soon. Libbier was surprised by how long Kara was taking to get the shopping down, after all, she did mention she wanted to shop elsewhere, but at this rhythm, her next destination would be the train. It was even more surprising that the fan group was also still inside the store. It might feel normal for a regular woman, but to Libbier it all felt an absurd waste of time. Why wouldn't they just buy something and leave? They were just doing the same thing as Kara, trying stuff out one after the other, only difference was that Kara was creating a buy pile of incredibly expensive stuff.

    A few more hours passed, and Libbier was really becoming bored now. The good news was that the group of fans had just finished paying for something they had finally decided to buy. The danger was about to pass, and everything had gone without a hitch. The fans were heading to the door, when.

    "HEY! LIBBIER! GET OVER HERE! I NEED YOUR OPINION ABOUT SOMETHING!", screamed a voice so loudly that made Libbier's heart skip a beat from surprise.

    Libbier looked for the source, only to see Kara, waving her arm as she called her over. Libbier quickly looked to the fan group, and her worst fears were confirmed. The fans were about to hit overdrive with excitement, and part of the group ran out of the store god knows where to, although Libbier could easily guess that they would return in a much greater number. Libbier ran to Kara.

    "I hope you are ready, cause we are leaving."

    "Wait. I didn't hear your opinion yet. Should I pick the green or the red one?", asked Kara while balancing a dress in each hand as if trying to weigh which one was better.

    "The red one.", said Libbier without looking as she turned to Kara's crew, "Get these things paid and get ready to move."

    Libbier turned back to Kara, as to explain what was the situation, only to find her happily signing some autographs for the fans that had remained. Libbier could not believe how close this situation was from never happening, it was just so frustrating. Turning to the crew again Libbier add.

    "New plan. You guys get this to the train. I will take Kara around a longer route to try and lose our soon to arrive pursuers.", Libbier ran to Kara, as she just finished signing something, and grabbed her arm, "I'm glad you are finished because we are going to run for it right now."

    "What? But I was about to t..."

    Kara was interrupted by the sudden pull Libbier gave has she was almost dragged out of the store. The station was to the right, so Libbier turned left as she left the store. She needed to give time for the crew to arrive safely to the train.

    Libbier dragged Kara as far as possible from the fans, taking a very long detour around town to the station. They had come from the station to the shop district in a fairly straight line, using the alleys as an alternative to the busy streets. However, to get to the alleys that reached the station, the same ones used before, Libbier would have to cross most of the shopping district, which should be filled with crazed fans right about now, so it was not an option.

    "Ouch. You are hurting me.", complained Kara before Libbier stopped pulling her and looked around for trouble, "Where are you taking me anyway?"

    "We can't go directly to the station, as there will be fans looking for you on that route for sure."

    "What? The station? But I wanted to check other stores first."

    Libbier silently pointed upwards and allowed Kara to figure it out by herself. Of course, Kara was confused at first but when she finally looked at the sky, she saw that the sun had almost gone, and it was already very dark, although the street lights made it hard to tell.

    "Oh! I guess I was so distracted I didn't keep track of time."

    "You think?"

    "Well, it was fun anyway, so no regrets."

    "Sure thing. Now let us keep going, I wouldn't want you to be late for the departure."

    "Nah. They wouldn't leave without me anyway."

    "If you say so."

    Kara seemed bored now, as Libbier was too focused on the surrounding area, and hardly even paying attention to her, so she decided to tease Libbier a little.

    "Wait. Don't tell me you want to take me to someplace where we can be alone."

    "Well, that's the idea.", answered Libbier, unaware of the true meaning behind Kara's words.

    "You and me alone, where no one can see us and we can do anything without fear of being seen."

    "Yeah, hopefully we won't find anyone that can rat us out.", said Libbier while choosing which turn to do next.

    "Honestly, I never thought that my bodyguard would be this forceful. To think that the one protecting me, would be the one I needed to fear the most."

    "What?", asked Libbier, confused my Kara's line of thought, "What are you talking about?"

    "I mean, I'm not really into that kind of stuff. But I guess if you really want to, I could actually try some of that girl on girl action, just please be gentle."

    Libbier didn't really understand at first, but as it slowly sank in, her face started to turn red, almost as a sign of how much she had finally realized what was being said.

    "Wh-wh-wh-WHAT? NO! I mean... No... Just... No! No, No, No."

    At this point, Kara was laughing so hard, she was almost unable to stand up. On the other hand, Libbier's face was turning into a more deep red, as she realized she had just been played.

    Kara couldn't stop laughing, as she and Libbier walked through the alleys towards the train station. Libbier was red from anger and embarrassment, walking with a heavy stride, trying to clear her head. Especially since part of her kinda wanted it to be true.

    "I couldn't believe how shy and gullible you were.", said Kara in between breaths, "I was almost impossible for me to recognize you when you made that face."

    "Just move your ass. I want to get to the station before it's completely dark. Already had to defend you from fans, don't want to have to protect you from thugs on the same day."

    "Oh, don't be like that. I was just having good fun. Can't you take a joke."

    Libbier's response was some very loud muttering, and Kara would probably guess right if she were to think Libbier was cursing her. Still, Libbier had a job to finish, and no matter how annoyed she felt, she would see it completed. Regardless, the question of how to get to the station while avoiding the main streets was unavoidable, as she would still need to at least cross that very same shopping district street to at least get to the alleys that lead to the station. Hopefully, by then the fans would have done farther into the district and would be way away from them when the time to get across arrived. For now, they needed to go around some rather large building thru the back streets.

    The walk was long, and the alleys were dark. Soon enough Kara started to become apprehensive. With good reason, since those alleys were not usually utilized by more than a few people, who used to get to the back doors of their establishments. Dumpsters and a few rodents, some of the considerable size, were a fairly normal sight for Libbier, who was used to this kind of shortcuts to avoid major city arteries. However, it was not so for Kara, who was used to live good and have other people throw out her trash.

    "Do we really have to go thru here? It's getting cold."

    "What? Weren't you all fun and games just now? Yes, we have to go through here to get to the station safely, deal with it."

    Kara did not reply to Libbier's statement, which surprised Libbier since she had been quite chatty and talked back the entire day. So Libbier looked back, and saw Kara clearly uncomfortable, quickly and continuously looking around her surroundings, as if expecting to see something jump out at her. At first, Libbier felt like it was revenge from earlier, but she quickly began feeling sorry for Kara.

    "Here.", said Libbier as she took off her muffler, "Wear this, it will keep you warm."

    "Thanks.", replied Kara as she immediately wrapped herself in the muffler, then with a timid smile she repeated "Thanks."

    Libbier said nothing and continued leading the way... it was getting a bit chilly tho.

    (word count: 1506)


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