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    Scare the Bully


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    Scare the Bully Empty Scare the Bully

    Post by Admin 22nd April 2019, 8:05 pm

    Job: Scare the Bully
    Rank: D
    Player Requirements: D-Rank and above.
    Job Requirements: Minimum of 750 words for a solo mage. Must ensure that the bully is dealt with one way or another.
    Job Location: Magnolia
    Job Description:  A kid is having problems dealing with bullies at school and has been collecting pocket change. He doesn't have much to pay but hoped it would be enough to hire some help. The job is to scare the bully away so that the kid can have a decent life. He wants the bully to be scared and will get in trouble if the aggressor is found beaten or dead. However, Dark mages could choose to forgo the monetary reward and go straight to the extreme.
    Reward: D-Rank EXP and 100 Jewels, or none if the bully gets hurt.

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