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    Passing and Porting

    Mythal Ragnos
    Mythal Ragnos

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    Passing and Porting Empty Passing and Porting

    Post by Mythal Ragnos Mon 19 Nov 2018 - 1:59


    I've been out there and seen the things she's made

    "Wait, what am I doing here again?

    It all seemed like a wet, smelly fog at this point. Ironically it reeked of the same alcohol he had been guzzling down the night... day... some point of time before. Mythal took a moment to blink away the confusion and then lifted his right arm up, exposing his armpit. A new plume of stench came slithering out from underneath the protection of his flesh, meeting his nostrils before he even bent down to take a whiff. He grimaced and groaned, waving his other hand in at his pit in a meager attempt to fan the smell away. He didn't seem to care that he was essentially funneling it towards the other people behind him in line.

    "Excuse me? Sir?" A concerned voice tried to catch Mythal's attention from in front of him. Its source was a meager looking man with an official looking hat and uniform. Given that he was planted behind the copper grated window, it was an easy deduction that he was the official in charge. Mythal didn't hear him at first, still trying to rid himself of the aura of smelliness that had attached itself to him. Apparently whatever he drank last night was so potent, it had quite literally infected his sweat and the gland they came from. What a horrifying thought; now he had to go the rest of the day smelling like booze and not being able to afford more. That was just cruel mockery.

    A neat fifteen seconds later, Mythal looked forward and saw the concerned man, unsure how to get the mage's attention without yelling. Mythal realized that if he could see the man, that meant no one was ahead of him in line. Why was he in line again? He glanced up at the message board above the station, searching for a clue on what had pulled his attention in here. Passport..? Was that what it was? He hadn't been planning on traveling anytime soon.

    But he did intend to travel once he had the jewel to leave, didn't he? That must have been why; to take care of a step far in the future in the present. Or... something like. Mythal shrugged to himself and walked up to the window, planting his elbow down on the wooden sill and resting his chin on it. "Hey pal, I need one of them... passports," he said, gesturing to the pile of neatly stacked blank passports.

    "Certainly. I just need your completed form stating your personal information and your guild affiliation," the man responded, eyeing Mythal curiously. He wasn't sure what to make of the man, though he smelled like he had slept in a brewery.

    "Right... the form," Mythal grumbled, suddenly concerned. He hadn't grabbed a form, had he? He glanced over his shoulder at the long line he had apparently been standing in for quite some time. Each one of the people standing there had a piece of paper, having done the decent thing and written out the proper means of obtaining a passport. He hadn't, as far as he could tell. And he certainly didn't want to go get one and then get back in at the end of the line. Apparently his efficacious attempt was all for naught.

    But then something caught his eye; a piece of paper hanging out of the back pocket of his pants. He snatched it up and unfolded it quickly, his eyes scanning over its front. "Here. Forgot where I put it," he slammed the paper down. As the man took, Mythal's brows knitted together in confusion. Had that been in his back pocket the entire time? How much did he drink last night after all?

    "Fairy Tail, huh? That must be exciting," the man said nonchalantly, apparently trying to make small talk.

    "Wha?" Mythal half-asked, only partly listening.

    "Your guild is listed as Fairy Tail," came the response.

    "Oh... yeah. Sorry, still waking up," grumbled Mythal, now even more confused. Fairy Tail? Had he really put that down?

    "It's... one in the afternoon, sir."

    "I didn't ask for the time," Mythal shot the man a look, metaphorically cutting through the man's snide remark and apparent displeasure. "Can you just... get on with it?" Being around this moron and the rest of the people in this building was beginning to make him itch. How he hated people.

    "Of course, sir... let me just finish one final touch and... alright, you are all set," the man said with a grin as he pushed the finished passport through the slot. "Congratulations on your passport. I hope you make good use of it."

    "Yeah... totally." It took him long enough. Mythal snatched the passport and shoved it in his back pocket.  He had taken care of one thing but added an entirely new chore to his list. Fairy Tail as his apparent guild...

    Well. Perhaps he should go check it out.

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