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    Passing through town


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    Passing through town Empty Passing through town

    Post by Nero 5th October 2017, 5:59 am

    Job Info ::

    Job Title: Tag!
    Rank: D Rank
    Player Requirements: Any Rank any amount of players
    Job Requirements: 500 words minimum PER PLAYER (+200 per player beyond the 2nd)
    Job Location: Magnolia, East Garden
    Job Description: Some kids have asked you to play tag with them, so... go play tag.

    Reward: None.

    Johann was walking down the main road of Magnolia. He was fascinated with the city, filled to the brim with magic and life. Everything seemed to be dynamic and in motion, it was truly amazing. There appeared to be some kind of festivity going on since shops had set up all along the road and people flooded the streets. Music came from every corner and people seemed to be in a great mood, and Johann more or less adopted the feeling. It was a good day and there was no reason to be all serious, so might as well.

    The reason he came to Magnolia was not for shopping or for party however. He had been travelling for some time now and he had set his sights on the provisional end of his journeys, Divide Island. He was certain the West Fiore Trading Company would have work for him now that he was ready to settle down and start a real career, especially now that he had acquired new skills. He was a little lost in his thoughts and just kept walking down the road.

    After a little while he realized something. He didn't even know where to go. He wanted to take the train from Magnolia to Hargeon Town and a ship to Divide Island, but for that he had to find the train station first. He let out a brief sigh. He had to be a little creative, maybe ask some locals. He found himself in a small park area, but it didn't seem like there were too many people around. It seemed like everyone was in the more busy street area of the town and, in fact, there was only a small group of kids playing tag. It didn't matter too much, he went over to ask them for directions.

    "Hello, my young friends, may I ask the three of you a question ? You don't happen to know the way to the train station, do you ?"

    The oldest of the group, or that's what Johann guessed, came forward and answered the man :"Yeah, I know the way. But I'm not gonna tell you unless you play tag with us, grandpa". Johann was a little offended by the boys manners, but he couldn't blame him. He was 46, but looked older than he actually was. Normally, he would have declined, but accepted the boys request for two reasons : He felt a little insulted by the boys comment and tag was the one game he wouldn't lose ever. "Very well" he responded to the kid and instantly got tagged. "You're it" exclaimed the one who had tagged him and all three of them started to run away.

    The air around Johann started to flicker, and a light grey aura surrounded him. They had no idea that they had no chance of winning. He kneeled down for his sprinting stance and shouted "SONIC SLASH" while the air magic that he explosively released launched him forward at inhuman speeds. It took less than a second to tag all three of them and then he slowed down. He had proven his point. "Well, now please, would you kindly tell me the way" Johann grinned at the boy. With a rather disappointed face the boy described the way and, a short while later, Johann arrived at the train station.

    Word Count: 559


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