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    [Job - Solo] Reverse Assassination

    Perry Bardell
    Perry Bardell

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    [Job - Solo] Reverse Assassination Empty [Job - Solo] Reverse Assassination

    Post by Perry Bardell 7th September 2018, 11:18 am

    Job Specifics:


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    As much as this reminded me of home, I was also reminded of the stupidity that comes with it.
    Vinn kept on exploring Fiore. There was a lot to this new land. Because of that, he decided to stick to exploring towns and cities first and learn the layout of the country. The young man found himself in a vicinity of a town. He didn't see a reason not to pass by and see what it was about. Right after entering the town, Vinn was his with the atmosphere that just breathed history. The architecture of the buildings suggested their age. And yet, it also had it sort rural feel to it. Perhaps it was just Vinn's imagination, but he didn't exactly care. As long as he knew where this town was and what he could find in it; that was all he needed. He noticed a few libraries and magic shops. Vinn wasn't currently in the market for either, so he didn't bother checking them out more thoroughly.

    After wandering around the winding streets for a while, Vinn came across a square, of sorts. It wasn't particularly big, but there were several people sitting about and chatting about what Vinn was sure were just gossips and pointless things. What caught his attention, however, was a wooden board that had 'Requests' sign next to it. /"What kind of 'requests'?"/ Vinn wondered. He could think of several different requests. There was a number of papers stuck to its surface and the young man was curious enough to check it out. Upon closer inspection, it seemed that the little papers had various tasks written on them, along with the author of the task and possible rewards. Some were for various chores and similar things, which Vinn would've considered taking upon himself, if he didn't catch a glimpse of a particularly small paper, tucked away, beneath an another piece of paper. Vinn reached out and pulled out the small paper, reading the writing that was on it. It was a job listing, but quite the peculiar one. The request was to stop a planned assassination on the writer of the said request, which was supposed to be set up by her neighbor, who apparently lost a competition to the lady, who was being the target for assassination. The whole situation sounded like something that would happen back home. Except that the assassination would have already taken place. But the whole debacle reminded him of home in such an amusing way, he had to give it shot. Not to mention that the pay was pretty good, aswell.

    As much as Vinn wanted to resolve the situation by going directly to the neighbor described in the job listing, he wanted to let know to requester that he was accepting the task. The house address written on the paper was located in a residential part of the town. At least it didn't take him awfully long to find it. He knocked on the door of the house that he thought corresponded with the address. Very shortly after the door swung open. There was a middle-aged woman standing behind it, frowning. "What do you want?" Slightly rude. "Nothing, really. Just checking if you are alive." Vinn would reply and wave the paper in front of her face. Her expression suddely lit up. "I see, I see. Well go on ahead, kid. I don't want to deal with sore losers. Especially when they order a damn murder on my head." She said and pointed to her left, higher up the road. "Her house is thataway. Talk her out of it, will ya? I am not ordering a murder in retaliation, just so you know." Yeah yeah, Vinn knew how to read. The young man nodded. "Consider it done." He would reply and stuff the paper into his jeans' back pocket.

    The other house wasn't too far off. It looked like a normal house with a small garden to the side. One would hardly think about the possibility of the person who lived there to be the kind who would order an assassination. And yet, there he was. Vinn stepped up to the door and bashed on it, roughly. There was no answer. As he should have expected. Still, he didn't want to just bust down the door. He was there for just some friendly chit-chat, after all. Vinn bashed on the door again. Still had no answer. He was about to bash for the last time, when the door slowly creaked open. Vinn could make out a part of someone's face, who was peering through the narrow opening. "I don't want whatever you are selling. Go away!" A woman's voice rang. The young man scoffed. "I think you know why I'm here. You call off the assassination." He would say. The head behind the door shook in disagreement. "I don't know what you are talking about! Stop harrassing me! Go away!" The woman wanted to close the door, but Vinn was faster and put his leg into the narrow opening, preventing her from closing it. His calf got squished in the process, but that didn't really matter to him. "I'm only going to say it once. Stop being a sore loser. Your neighbor knows that you have put a bounty on her head. If you don't call off the ordered murder, I will come back and deal with you, personally. And I can assure you, that you will not enjoy it." It saddened Vinn, that he had to resort to threats. He expected a bit more common sense from these people. "W-Wait! She know? How does she know?" Now she made it painfully obvious. "She does. As do you. Now get on it." Vinn growled and removed his leg from the doorway. There would probably be some bruising in a couple of hours. "I... Fine. I'll call it off." That's all he wanted to hear. Vinn didn't feel like bothering with this lady any longer and turned around. "You better."

    After the main task of the job was done, Vinn walked back to the other woman. He gave her a quick report and she was very visibly pleased. Those women surely had nothing better to do in their lives. The young man was just honestly waiting for the moment when the Jewels would enter his hand and he would be on his way. Sadly, he had to listen to the woman's blabber a bit longer, but then she finally handed him the reward Jewels. "Thanks again, young man!" She would say with a laugh and close the door to her house. Vinn could only shake his head at the amount of dumb he had to witness in the last hour.

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